• Using Cloth Nappies out of the House

       Easy Tips for Using Cloth Nappies When Out and About! Take a reusable waterproof nappy bag for wet nappies when you are out. Or use brown paper bags or biodegradable cellophane nappy bags to store used nappies. These can be washed, reused or composted. Wotnot bags and other brands are biodegradable if you prefer […]

  • HOW TO GET YOUR CHILD TO BEG TO GO TO BED by Margaret Saunders

    As you know, it is not always easy getting your child to go to bed, let alone staying there and then falling asleep. Your child may be the “stay-up late, no matter what” type. You know, its ten o’clock and you’re bleary eyed but he is wide awake and bushy tailed. Or its 3 a.m. […]

  • Aware Parenting – it may work for you!

    Aware Parenting – What is it? Will it work for me? Parents drawn to Aware Parenting are attracted to the idea of listening to their baby’s feelings.  They believe that holding and being “present” when their babies cry, allow a baby to be fully heard and accepted. Parents who practice this, report great healing, joy […]

  • A new way to think about babies crying?

    A different way of looking at crying by Marion Badenoch Rose Often crying is seen at face value, a child cries when put in his car seat, or when picked up.  This is interpreted as “he doesn’t like the car seat,” or “he doesn’t like to be cuddled.”  But what these other parenting options suggest […]

  • What is Aware Parenting by Marion Badenoch Rose

    AWARE PARENTING – A Brief Introduction The first key is self-awareness and self-responsibility.  If we are stressed, then our children will probably be stressed too.  Finding out what we are telling ourselves, what we need, what we are feeling, and doing our own healing; all of these are essential when we want to be “Aware […]

  • Attachment Parenting and Babywearing

    Extract from longer article by Hugabub Owner Suzanne Shahar (childbirth educator, Doula, and mother of 4) In our culture, there is currently a resurgence of an ancient practice called attachment parenting. Still widely practiced, mostly in non-western countries, attachment style parenting is an instinctive way of raising an infant where the baby is carried close […]

  • 10 Facts About Chlorine and 10 Things you can do about it now!

    FACT 1: Dioxin is  a chemical by-product of the manufacturing of chlorine-bleached paper, is believed to be the single most carcinogenic chemical known to science. ACTION: 1 – Do not buy any products for your family that uses chlorine bleach. Just check the packet before you buy. 2 – Start planning now if you want […]

  • How To Choose A Nappy That Is Right For You?

    How to choose a nappy? This is a short article designed to be an overview of the different styles of nappies available for Australian Babies. There are 5 criteria to help you decide what nappy you need. 1.      Convenience: It needs to be easy to use 2.      Price: It needs to suit your budget 3.      […]

  • Babies – Temperature and Clothing

    Until a child is at least 14, they should not be left unaided to make choices in how warmly they dress according to Lisa Romero, Anthroposophical Healer and Teacher. Romero recommends Children need to be thought of as ONIONS! They need LOTS of LAYERS. A baby is born without physical protection; they begin their life […]

  • Redirection the best way… Creative Discipline

    'Creative Discipline' is a bag of useful tools for those trying moments that naturally occur with all young children. Redirection is one of eight 'Creative Discipline' techniques that can positively transform challenging moments; whilst parent and child remain connected together. Isolate the 'action' a child is displaying and redirect the 'action' into a safe and […]

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Your baby will be lying on a mattress  anywhere from 12-16 hours per day (hopefully sleeping!) One of the many...

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ANTAR - Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation

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Nature's Child Bottom Balm 50ml

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