Birth Stories

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  • A happy hospital delivery

    My name is Niki and I would like to share my birth story with you. Mum = Niki, Dad = Peter, Brother = Logan 16th March 2001, Bubby = Charlie Stephen. I had a pretty good pregnancy other then the sickness I suffered from 8:30pm of a night time for the first 13 weeks, once […]

  • Mentally, Physically and Spiritually Prepared

    After 9 months of a wondrous vibrant and fit pregnancy, and now weeks after the incredulous birthing event, I share with you our story of welcome: Friday 21st. The winter solstice saw the start of minor 'expansions' (contractions) that evening.   The movements of preparation gently prepared me for the days to follow… Saturday 22nd […]

  • A Scheduled Cesarean Birth

    THIS STORY GIVES GOOD DETAIL OF THE PROCESS OF A CESAREAN   There was something very reassuring about knowing exactly what was going to happen, and when it was going to happen. I had discussed the birth with my obstetrician, and he had recommended I have another c-section. Ned was born after days of home […]

  • JOSEPH – arrived breech by caesarian

    A GREAT STORY WITH A POSITIVE APPROACH TO THE SUPRISING NEWS AT 38 WEEKS OF A BREECH BIRTH   On 29 December 2003, John and I went for our routine 37½ week obstetrician visit where we were told that our baby was still in the breech position. If nothing changed, and provided I didn’t go […]

  • Waiting for Scout – A Natural Induction

    THIS IS A GREAT STORY IF YOU ARE FEELING PRESSURE TO INDUCE YOUR BABY AFTER 40 WEEKS – But still don’t want to but are willing to explore “Natural” Ways of Inducing your baby.   What must carry the most weight in Scout’s birth story is not the birth itself, as that was quite short […]

  • Birth in Water at Home

    A LOVELY STORY IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING WATERBIRTH AT HOME OR BIRTH CENTRE   After finding out I was pregnant I immediately began researching everything I could about birth and pregnancy, because I knew absolutely nothing! I looked at all sorts of options, including hospital birth, waterbirth and birthing centres. After finding that the local […]

  • Born Breech At Home

    Well, I am not sure where to start. Having had one very problem and stress free homebirth in London with my first daughter, Grace, the midwife turned up at the same time as Grace did, I really didn’t have much doubt that I would have my next baby at home. However having moved back to […]

  • Kaia Rose (A mother’s story) by Alyssa Rainier

    I had an amazing birth experience. I know there are many mothers who probably feel the same way but I also know there are many who have regrets or who were not happy with some aspect of their birthing days. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing. My husband, David, and I […]

  • Kaia Rose (A father’s story) by Dave

    Alyssa was about 12 days past due and had felt ready for the labour for all of the 12 days. We had tried everything that was recommended to us to help ignite the labour but all to no avail. The curries didn’t work but were thoroughly enjoyed, ditto for the sex. Then when scary movies […]

  • Childbirth Videos

    UNSURE ON WHETHER WATCHING A CHILDBIRTH DVD IS FOR YOU? READ ON   Watching a child birth video can be one of the most informative and rewarding experiences of your pregnancy. Child Birth Videos inform, encourage, and empower. While every birth is different, every birth story has a message that can help you discover something […]

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