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Why get an Organic Mattress for your Baby?

Your baby will be lying on a mattress  anywhere from 12-16 hours per day (hopefully sleeping!) One of the many reasons newborns sleep so many hours in the early months is that their lungs are still developing and continue to do so into infancy.  Its so easy to get caught up in the cost of a mattress as a big investment – that’s because it is. Our breath is fundamental to life. Investing in a quality, organic cotton or natural wool mattress is one of the best investments for your child as they start life.

When new parents expecting a baby research a mattress, terms like the following can sometimes sound impressive and safe. “allergy safe synthetic fabric” “dust mite free”  “fire retardants”. The truth in my view, is that these chemicals can create toxic off-gassing that can expose your family to dangerous levels of chemicals while they sleep.

Petroleum based chemicals are found in foam, plastics and flame retardants. Just using your instinct, do these manufacturing processes sound or feel safe? Now do the research…that instinct of yours is about to be backed up! It is widely believed that these chemicals are not stable and continue to evaporate into the air, enhaled by us when we sleep. This can be compounded by the mattress protector or pillow you sleep with. According to “chem-tox” (look them up on your search engine!) research is now available proving this statement above. Chem tox says that “some of these are documented carcinogenic and mutagenic compounds”.

Personally, I would prefer to avoid potential health problems by prevention. There are a wide range of chemical free mattress produced both in Australia and oversaeas now. An organic or natural wool mattress for adults will cost between $2500 – $5000 dollars. This is a standard price of chemically produced so called “quality brands” so you may already be suprised that you would not be paying that much extra. In some cases, less! An organic and natural baby mattress at Nature’s Child ranges between  $199 – $450 depending on the construction, materials and place of manufacture. Our research shows that chemically produced mattress for babies range between $150 for a foam mattress to $1200 for a so called quality, brand name mattress. So again, chemical free is cheaper in most cases!

So cost is not a factor in our view. Cost is there anyway, its a choice of where you give your dollars. If this is out of your price range, get together with friends or family while you are pregnant and let them know you are raising funds for an organic mattress. Tell them why! And you will easily have them on side.

If these prices are still looking a little high, you can get creative by investing in a Tetra Tea Tree Bed or a Nido Mattress Topper. These are temporary additions to your existing bedding and cost a lot less. View the Mattress Toppers  here.


View the Tetra Tea Tree Bed here.

Your own bed is just as important. For your health and lets face it…for the many hours that your children will spend sleeping in your bed! If the cost is prohibitive for you, look our for the interest free specials at some major department stores that now also offer Organic, Wool and Bamboo bedding options. But do your research! There are lots of eco-scammers out there.

You will own your organic mattress for 10 – 15yrs. Take the time to do the research so that when its time to purchase, you are 100% satisfied you have made the healthiest choice for your family.

View our organic mattress and bedding options from Nature’s Child here.


The Wilderness Society

Its been on my to do list for a while. To update my bank account details for a direct deposit to continue with  The Wilderness Society. I found it just sat there in my tray, in the to do pile. Then today, I “did” it. As I completed the form for posting, with our monthly donation firmly decided, it occurred to me that this “administration” task was of such vital importance to our country,to my own life, to your life, that I was suddenly embaressed that I had relegated this to “to do”. Their VISION is so simple and yet so vital to all of us. Officially “Our vision is for a vibrant continent that supports the long-term health of our land, water, people and wildlife”  It is so easy to read this in a detached way. To put this on the to do list. What are you doing today that is a “to do” that is actually THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for your own family?


I am natures child Organic Baby Singlets

When I got this photo today from Karen, one of our eco-friendly customers who we know via facebook, My heart melted. When I see a baby wearing the Nature’s Child Organic Cotton Baby Singlet, it makes my world sing. I want every baby to be a Natures Child. Not because i want business world domination, but because every baby born as the right to clean air, clean water, clean chemical free clothing and to live in a fair trade world. It really does not seem like a lot to ask?

So to all you wonderful parents that keep natures child ticking along, thank you. You are doing more for our world and more for our children than you can possibly know. Every purchase you make at Nature’s Child has a direct impact on a farmer and producer in the world who can conduct a chemical free safe business for their own families. I love this natures child singlet, because of images like these and because of the amazing fact that there is one organic manufacturing facility in Sydney and we can make these beautiful singlets there for you. Thank you everyone. Thank you beautiful babies.


Nappies hanging on the line

I have always loved the look of my cloth nappies hanging on the line. Blowing in the wind. They dry fast, they look beautiful and are ready to wear. What a glorious sight.

Just the meditation of hanging them out is so lovely and see all my cloth nappies hanging there in the morning makes me feel great!


The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society (TWS) is a national, community-based, environmental advocacy organisation whose purpose is to protect, promote and restore wilderness and natural processes across Australia for the survival and ongoing evolution of life on Earth.


Public education and empowerment, advocacy and negotiation, as well as desk and field research are important daily actions that help all of us worldwide to have a safe and clean environment.


Since we don't have time to volunteer, Nature's Child donates monthly to support Wilderness Society operations and campaigns. The passion that drives supporters of the Wilderness Society is – the power and ability of people to make change.

Almost 40 years old, The Wilderness Society is one of Australia's oldest not-for-profit, non-government organisations that is funded by memberships, donations, public fundraising and our retail operations. The wilderness society undertakes research, policy development, community outreach and campaigning activities to fulfill their purpose.


If you have the interest, energy and some spare time, do the planet a favour and visit your local Wilderness Society Campaign Centre – they'll give you a warm welcome! For more information, please contact: Freecall 1800 030 641 | Email:

You Are Perfect

Have you ever said to your child, your husband or even yourself – You are PERFECT just the way you are?


I remember saying it to my children and my Mum and Dad a little while ago. In each case a contented smile came over their face. You could almost see their bodies relaxing. Each of them looked back at me and I felt they were saying thank you for seeing me for who I am. These days it seems the aim of the game is to ensure that our children fit into the system. Achieving good marks at school, competing at sports. Each child wanting to be better than another child.


In guiding our children we seem to have lost connection with the fact that each human being, every child, has a unique set of qualities that make up who they are. I believe life is not about competing with someone else. It is about acknowledging who we are and the things we love doing. Expressing ourselves in the best way we know how. Learning from our experiences. Evolving and growing, every day, every week, every year. It is about challenging ourself, within, to do our best. And acknowledging others for doing the same.


Imagine a world where we no longer compare ourselves. Where everyone celebrates their unique gifts. Where each person loves their unique qualities, even though they are a little different to what others have to offer. When I imagine a world like this, I imagine a peaceful world. One where people are celebrated for being themselves.

So as you go about your day remember to say:

* You are perfect just the way you are

* Say it to your children You are perfect just the way you are.

Take a break from the all the things that need doing. Sit on a step beside them. Look into their eyes and just say it.

* Say it in your mind

* When you are walking past someone in the street.

* Say it to your family and friends

* Often we say I love you. Maybe you can say 'You are Perfect just the way you are' instead.

* Say it in an argument

* OK there is someone that you don't get on with or you don't understand. Try saying it in your mind or out loud to them too.

* Say it to yourself

* And most importantly, look in the mirror and say it to yourself. When I do it my body goes tingly all over and I feel content and happy within.


You are PERFECT just the way you are Courtesy

Nurture House is the culmination of Karin de Vos’ journey as the mother of two sons whose multiple health needs, along with her own depression, taught her how to successfully straddle the allopathic (medical doctors) and complementary models of health and healing.

20 Top Parenting Tips from a Mum of Adult Children

First things first…

1. There is no such thing as a PERFECT PARENT

2. No parent can truthfully claim to have all the answers

3. There’s no single “right way” to parenting.


Whilst children are trying to learn how to grow, parents are trying to learn how to teach them. Plenty of people have written books and made useful parenting suggestions throughout the ages, but I don’t believe any parent has ever been fortunate enough to leave the hospital with their new-born baby in one hand and the rule book, pre-read and understood by the baby, in the other hand. Every parent makes mistakes. Why? Because every child is an individual and parenting has new twists and challenges at every turn of the journey.


Whilst over time, parents build up a library of references based on experiences, there’s always bound to be “one from left field”  that leaves a parent wondering “how the **** do I deal with this one?”

At the most basic level, children need to feel loved and safe. They need to be fed, clothed, educated, and have their health needs met. They are dependent on their parents for this. If these basics are being met and the children are happy then I believe you are succeeding, to the best of your ability, in the world’s most difficult yet rewarding job.


Below is “My Top 20″. I have made them up based on 20+ years of trying to get this parenting thing right, and trust me; I’m still no “Wonder Mum”. However, my 4 children have all turned out to be happy, successful adults who make a contribution to society, so I must have done something right along the way. I hope these “words of wisdom” might also assist you.


1. Tell your children you love them, & love them for who they are, no strings attached

2. Don’t fight their battles for them, but help them pick up the pieces now & then

3. “Stick up for them”, always let them know you’re on their side, & support as many of their decisions as you can. Whilst you may not always agree, guide them don’t dictate to them

4. Provide a solid, nurturing foundation on which your children can build their own person. Include underpinning values like love, trust, patience, honesty, respect, determination, assertiveness, courage, & the desire to “just give it a go”

5. Ask questions, listen to advice & suggestions, then make your own decisions

6. Don’t push your children into pursuits they are not interested in

7. Discipline your children & be consistent in your approach. All children need boundaries, & they will try to stretch those boundaries along the way – always keep firm & consistent

8. Be involved in their life, education & interests but don’t smother them

9. Get to know their friends & welcome them into your world

10. Never forget where you came from. Put yourself at their level occasionally & try to remember what it feels like to be a young individual finding their way in life. Remember, as a child you probably did to your parents what your children are now doing to you

11. Be patient. Sometimes all you need do is listen, while at other times you might have to step in and take action – be tuned in to knowing the difference

12. Use positive reinforcement rather than negative criticism

13. Pick your battles & save “the war” for the big things

14. Use kisses, hugs & calm words to soothe cuts, bruises & disappointments

15. Keep communication lines open – talk lots about all things

16. Be prepared for when everything will be all your fault & they tell you they hate you

17. Remember, you can never put old heads on young shoulders

18. Never close your eyes to the wonderment of children for they can teach you so much

19. Hold on to your sense of humour

20. You will need to learn when to let go.


At some point in their lives, your children will want to put into practice everything you have taught them along the way, & believe me, they will undoubtedly have all the answers! It is hard to let go, but the important thing to remember at this time is that whilst you are letting go of their hands & stepping back from the teaching, you will always hold their hearts, their love & their thanks.


Tips by Cole-Sinclair, A Paramedic in Victoria

Tell Your Friends and Family if you only want organic! Don’t Be Shy, they need to know.

When you have a baby, everyone wants to buy you gifts. It's a wonderful time of giving. Your dearest friends and family will all ask you, what do you want? When you have a passion for only getting the best and purest for your baby, our advice is don't buy shy! This is one of the first lessons of parenting, be clear and consistent to all your family and friends about how you want to parent your child.


If you are clear that you only want organic clothing, organic food, wooden toys and more natural baby products, then tell everyone – " I only want to use Natural Baby Products" – "I want to dress my newborn in organic clothing only for the first year" or whichever phrase, in your own words, expresses your need and desire for natural baby products for your family. The reason we stress this is that people love to give, and they actually want to give you exactly what you want. There is no use having your Aunty knit you a lovely polyester or acrylic blanket if you know you will never use it. That Aunty wants to do something special and personal for you so ask for Organic Wool so she can proudly enjoy seeing you use it all the time. She may think you are a little picky at first but she will be proudly telling everyone else about her niece who only wants natural baby products.


I meet many customers who are disappointed with an array of useless gifts such as personal care from a supermarket, acrylic knits from relatives, plastic toys and polyester sheets. Every time I ask them, why didn't you let everyone know what you wanted? They answer because they were shy. In this situation, the givers end up more disappointed than if you were "fussy" in the first place. The joy of someone seeing an outfit or a toy used that you love, will amaze you. It is really important to friends and family around you that they give you what you need and what makes you happy. So are you practicing yet … "we only want natural baby products".


Tell them all you want organic and natural – and that is what you will get! They might think you are a bit funny at first, but they will get used to this and enjoy looking for special unique items for many years to come.

Please visit our Gift Registry Page at Nature's Child or suggest a Gift Voucher from our on line store to help make organic choices easy for friends and family.


The Healthy Skin Diet

Every product  at Nature's Child is hand picked by me personally, then tested and researched by myself or mums. With this in mind, I embarked on the Healthy Skin Diet this year for 10 weeks, as the book suggests. And wow….it was just what I needed. 10kg lighter, with more energy and better sleeping, I can highly recommend this for anyone who is overtired, a little stressed or not sleeping well. I did not have skin issues, but I did have a little morning pain which seemed like it may be arthritis.

This pain is now gone!!!  My energy levels were transformed. I have since learned of people with Excema, Rosacea, Rashes and itches that have vanished in 3-5 weeks of this diet. If you stick to the diet and don't revert back to old habits (which is easy once you have experienced the change, wow!!) you can keep your skin clean permanently. My workload has not changed, but I have more life and vibrancy. I wake up, and I feel good. I go to sleep, and I sleep.

The rules are very simple in this book. It is based on the principle of Alkaline, Acid body balance and I am truly amazed how effective and radical it has been for me. I can highly recommend this book. In fact, I want to shout from the rooftops about this book!!!


Jannine Barron. Owner, Nature's Child.