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  • Using Cloth Nappies out of the House

       Easy Tips for Using Cloth Nappies When Out and About! Take a reusable waterproof nappy bag for wet nappies when you are out. Or use brown paper bags or biodegradable cellophane nappy bags to store used nappies. These can be washed, reused or composted. Wotnot bags and other brands are biodegradable if you prefer […]

  • How To Choose A Nappy That Is Right For You?

    How to choose a nappy? This is a short article designed to be an overview of the different styles of nappies available for Australian Babies. There are 5 criteria to help you decide what nappy you need. 1.      Convenience: It needs to be easy to use 2.      Price: It needs to suit your budget 3.      […]

  • The Story of Bottom Balm

    I remember our first jar of bottom balm. It was my personal formulation. I chose the richest and most healing ingredients I could imagine but had no idea how to blend it together. A colleague of ours, Christine showed me how to blend and cook it all up. It was so exciting! It seemed so […]

  • 5 Criteria for Choosing a Nappy

    There are 5 criteria to help you decide what nappy you need. 1. Convenience: It needs to be easy to use 2. Price: It needs to suit your budget 3. Environmental Issues: It needs to take care of our earth 4. Health Issues: It needs to be good for your baby 5. Washing Needs: It […]

  • An introduction to Elimination Communication

    A GREAT ARTICLE IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING NAPPY FREE!   Mothering, Mindfulness and a Baby’s Bottom The full text of this article is Published in The Mother magazine, UK issue number 3, autumn 2002 ( Elimination Communication (EC)- also known as Infant Potty Training (IPT), Elimination Timing (ET), Going Diaperless and Natural Infant Hygeine- is […]

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Why get an Organic Mattress for your Baby?

Your baby will be lying on a mattress  anywhere from 12-16 hours per day (hopefully sleeping!) One of the many...

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Babies - Temperature and Clothing

Until a child is at least 14, they should not be left unaided to make choices in how warmly they dress according to...

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Nature's Child Bottom Balm 50ml

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