Parenting 2 – 10

We hope your enjoy reading our articles on parenting for children between the ages of two and ten… We encourage your feedback, please let us know of any topics you would be interested in reading more about!

  • HOW TO GET YOUR CHILD TO BEG TO GO TO BED by Margaret Saunders

    As you know, it is not always easy getting your child to go to bed, let alone staying there and then falling asleep. Your child may be the “stay-up late, no matter what” type. You know, its ten o’clock and you’re bleary eyed but he is wide awake and bushy tailed. Or its 3 a.m. […]

  • Babies – Temperature and Clothing

    Until a child is at least 14, they should not be left unaided to make choices in how warmly they dress according to Lisa Romero, Anthroposophical Healer and Teacher. Romero recommends Children need to be thought of as ONIONS! They need LOTS of LAYERS. A baby is born without physical protection; they begin their life […]

  • Redirection the best way… Creative Discipline

    'Creative Discipline' is a bag of useful tools for those trying moments that naturally occur with all young children. Redirection is one of eight 'Creative Discipline' techniques that can positively transform challenging moments; whilst parent and child remain connected together. Isolate the 'action' a child is displaying and redirect the 'action' into a safe and […]

  • Frightful Witches and Kissable Toads…Why Folktales? by Jenni Cargill

    As a professional storyteller, I have to confess my prejudices. I am totally and passionately in love with the genre of folktales. Yes, there are folktales that are boring or overly violent or model terrible values. These are the toad stories and yes, sometimes one has to kiss a few toads in the process of […]

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