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The Most Popular Baby Toy for 55 yrs!

The Most Popular Baby Toy for 55 yrs!

Remember these? We all had one for good reason. Shape Sorters  are fun for all of us so we are happy to get down on the floor and play with our kids. Here are some of the more educational benefits of the humble shape sorter.  

Babies Sleep Best in Merino Wool?

Babies Sleep Best in Merino Wool?

Yes! The Research is in, what our grandparents have always told us is true! WOOL best regulates our temperature and helps us sleep more. 

Next Cloth Nappy Workshop in Byron Bay

Next Cloth Nappy Workshop in Byron Bay

Learn all about nappies and other eco-friendly products in this fun and inspired workshop with us! A Generous Product Sample Bag for All Participants that pay in advance.

Common Pregnancy Naturopathic Questions Answered

What relieves heartburn? When do I drink Raspberry leaf tea? What oil is safe to use for massage? Our Naturopath answers these questions and more.

Raising Children Consciously

As I once told a group of environmentalists, "You can save a forest today, but if we don't raise children consciously, it will be cut down by those children tomorrow." 

Attachment Parenting and Babywearing

Social conditioning has led parents to believe that if a baby is held or carried too much they will be ‘spoilt’, ‘clingy’ or ‘demanding'. Modern research reveals quite the opposite.

A New Way to Think About Babies Crying

A New Way to Think About Babies Crying

A different way of looking at crying may help flip your understanding of what is really going on for your baby and therefore help calm you down.

How To Choose A Nappy That Is Right For You?

How to choose a nappy? This is a short article designed to be an overview of the different styles of nappies available for Australian Babies.

Free Downloads

Here at Nature’s Child we like to assist our customers in any way we can. Please take full advantage of our knowledge by accessing our free downloads.

The Ultimate Guide to Cloth Nappies

The Ultimate Guide to Cloth Nappies

Are you looking for one straight talking article with independent research that will cover all the aspects of Cloth Nappy Research that you need without trying to sell you their brand?

This article will help you to consider all the aspects of understanding and choosing the best Cloth Nappy before you purchase.

What Client Says

“Thank you so much for letting me know how to qualify for the free sample bag. It is fantastic!!!! It has been a pleasure ordering from your company & your customer service is fantastic! I’ve been recommending you to friends & family. Thanks again,"


“I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing bag of goodies! I was completely blown-away by your generosity… honestly, I felt like it was christmas day I was so excited!!! My little boy had so much fun too and loves the rubber duck: ) Many of the things I had on my ‘buy for baby’ list have been crossed off and that is such a relief. Once again, Thank you!! Have a beautiful day"


“Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate the care you have given to this gift. With kind regards and many thanks Louise P.S It was such a pleasant experience dealing with you and ‘Natures Child’. I wish your business every success.""


“I really appreciate the information, the products and the underlying message that was so evident in all your education. As an expecting mum, this pregnancy for me has literally been the basis for me to rebirth my own self again along with my connection to life, simple truths that hold so strong in all of our hearts regardless of how far we may have strayed from them, and of course our connection to our beautiful planet. Having well researched products so readily available (and so affordable)..."


Byron Bay

“Loved your workshops! They provided an informative and experiential journey back into creating time, space, and earth connection from my own heart to my child. Happiness and love abounds from that space and we have made space for it to exist and flourish again. So, so, so  appreciated the information, the products and the underlying message that was so evident in all that was presented and discussed. THANK YOU from both of us."

John & Bronwyn

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