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BREECH BIRTH - Safe Stories of Joy

I remember seeing a film 20 yrs ago about midwives in Mexico who were confused about why western midwives were making such a big deal about breech birth. It was a powerful moment.


Loving the Eco Friendly Features of this pram, it was really helpful to come across this review on BABYOLOGY that helped us decide to stock it for its practical, lightweight and user friendly values as well.



The day has come when your precious baby arrives...but hang on a second, what is that rash? What are those pimples? What happened to the perfect idea of fresh skin on my newborn? Skin conditions that are very common in newborn babies and in most case there is no need to worry. If you are concerned, check with your baby health care nurse or doctor. 

Q: A sheepskin for my baby?

Q: A sheepskin for my baby?

Lets get something important stated first. Our sheepskins have not been chemically tanned! This is the Nature's Child Standard for your baby.

Who are Nature's Child?

Who are Nature's Child?

  • We are not your typical baby store. Welcome. We are the shelter from the storm of internet overwhelm. Take a breathe and start cutting back on your baby shopping research because there is so much out there to tease you about that you simply don't need. 
5 Easy Habits to Prevent Nappy Rash

5 Easy Habits to Prevent Nappy Rash

Plus 3 bonus tips if your baby has nappy rash right now!

Have you come across those parents who say that their baby has never had nappy rash? Have you wondered how and why?

To avoid nappy rash, you need to keep babies bottoms dry and avoid friction that can cause a chafing rash around the bottom and leg area from skin and fabric rubbing together. This can happen in ways that you least expect. The good news is it is simple to avoid nappy rash if you know these tips.

We know lots of parents who say their baby never got nappy rash and this is what they did.

Certified Organic Baby Skincare

Certified Organic Baby Skincare

Dear Reader, correct me if I am wrong but I’m pinching myself as I write this but I think we may be the first company in the world to create a 100% ACO certified baby range - please write to me and correct me if you do know one dear reader, thank you. 

Our Skincare Launch by Nature's Child

This is an excerpt of a lovely article written by Common Ground when we launched our skincare in 2016. The original article on their website is called Love Your Little Ones, Naturally. The Link to their website and the full article is below.LOVE YOUR LITTLE ONES NATURALLY

Nappy Free also known as Elimination Communication BY Dr Sarah Buckley GP

I saw my first baby pee on a potty when it was only 10 days old. It was a beautiful clay pot and the mother held the baby effortlessly in a squat as the baby eliminated. It opened my eyes to a whole new simple way of being nappy free with our children. This article was written by Sarah Buckley and I thank her for her permission to share with you all.

Our Gold Medal Win for the Best Flat Cloth Nappy in Australia 2016

Our Gold Medal Win for the Best Flat Cloth Nappy in Australia 2016

Lurking in the nappy stash of most cloth nappy users is the original cloth nappy currently known affectionately as “The Flat"

Once considered old fashioned but more appropriately named ‘original’ the humble flat has been making a comeback. 

What Client Says

“Thank you so much for letting me know how to qualify for the free sample bag. It is fantastic!!!! It has been a pleasure ordering from your company & your customer service is fantastic! I’ve been recommending you to friends & family. Thanks again,"


“I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing bag of goodies! I was completely blown-away by your generosity… honestly, I felt like it was christmas day I was so excited!!! My little boy had so much fun too and loves the rubber duck: ) Many of the things I had on my ‘buy for baby’ list have been crossed off and that is such a relief. Once again, Thank you!! Have a beautiful day"


“Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate the care you have given to this gift. With kind regards and many thanks Louise P.S It was such a pleasant experience dealing with you and ‘Natures Child’. I wish your business every success.""


“I really appreciate the information, the products and the underlying message that was so evident in all your education. As an expecting mum, this pregnancy for me has literally been the basis for me to rebirth my own self again along with my connection to life, simple truths that hold so strong in all of our hearts regardless of how far we may have strayed from them, and of course our connection to our beautiful planet. Having well researched products so readily available (and so affordable)..."


Byron Bay

“Loved your workshops! They provided an informative and experiential journey back into creating time, space, and earth connection from my own heart to my child. Happiness and love abounds from that space and we have made space for it to exist and flourish again. So, so, so  appreciated the information, the products and the underlying message that was so evident in all that was presented and discussed. THANK YOU from both of us."

John & Bronwyn