Amber Anklet/Bracelet for Baby Nature's Child
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Amber Anklet/Bracelet for Baby Nature's Child

Indivisually Knotted beads on the anklet/bracelet. Approx 14 cm long. (minor size variation with each bracelet) An amber bracelet can be worn by your baby as soon as soon as you feel ready, it will fit as young as 2 months old on some babies. The screw clasp requires a parent to attach and remove the bracelet. A child is unlikely to be able to remove the bracelet by themselves.

$ 19.95

 Amber necklaces and bracelets have been popular in Australia since 2005.


Parents should:

  • always supervise their infant child when wearing the anklet/bracelet
  • Remove the anklet/bracelet when their child is asleep or unattended
  • Do not allow their child to chew the anklet/bracelet
Wiktoria. the bracelet is percfet and oh so sweet. i love it on sweet audrey's wrist. i must order one for my little ali. and speaking of accessories, where did you buy audrey's hair clip? ali is just now starting to get enough hair that i think (cross my fingers) that i might be able to put a little clip in her hair.

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