Nature Keeps You Guessing - Card Game
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Nature Keeps You Guessing - Card Game

Kids love cards! Your 7 - 12 yr old will love this guessing game. One person gets to ask questions, the other guess the answer. The Game Can even be played alone. This is like a trivial pursuit of the nature kingdom.

$ 24.95

A great game for the car as well as at home, find the animal or plant hidden within the clues.

Each Card Set is printed on recylced cardboard and is part of the Bioviva Range.

Apart from having a range focused on a better understanding of the environment, they walk the talk in terms of how their games are manufactured.


  • 100% recycled materials in the packaging
  • Sustainable practices and recycling in the printing process
  • Wood sourced from sustainable forests
  • Certified organic cotton from fair-trade suppliers
  • Vegetable based inks
  • Low volatility thinners
  • 100% recycled papers
  • 100% production wastes recovered
  • Ecological bleaching

With there being a strong re-focus on the environment at the moment, don’t forget the amazing range from Bioviva. They have been making environmentally focused games for over 10 years now. In fact the principals of Bioviva now run a very successful business in Europe advising multi-national companies how to organise their business’ to minimize their ecological footprint.

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