Tri Nature ALPHA PLUS Laundry Powder 2kg
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Tri Nature ALPHA PLUS Laundry Powder 2kg

This bulk buy will lasts 4 months. Eco-Friendly, Award Winning, Australian Made. Great Results with this high quality detergent. Because of the low salt content, this product is suitable for grey water. This bucket will last 3 months for a family of 4. Details below. View the full Tri Nature, OZ made Cleaning Range here


$ 49.95

Both the Tri Nature 2kg bucket and 2kg refill packet will last you 3 months for a family of 4! So adapt this to the amount of people in your family. This means on average 50 less pieces of packaging as well as a huge financial saving.

Did we mention time saving, less energy used, less transport costs and shopping?

Available Sizes:

  • Bucket (includes a scoop) $49.95
  • Refill Pkt $45.00
  • Sample 50ml $3.00

Purchase the bucket first time around. Save your bucket and purchase the refill pack, save money and packaging!

Environmental and ethical consideration: Contains no polluting phosphates or nutrients to disturb the ecological balance. Not tested on animals.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for hot or cold washing
  • Safe for septic tanks.
  • Vegetable based surfactant that delivers powerful, heavy duty performance on grease and grime
  • Non-toxic to the eco-system
  • Readily biodegradable and ecologically compatible
  • Carbohydrates (starch), coconut and palm oil, sugar esters and corn, wheat and maize derivatives create a truly ‘close to nature’ product
  • Mint Balm and Burdock assist bacteriological control with natural antiseptic and rinsing properties
  • Natural olive and caster oils extend performance in greasy loads
  • Petrochemical-free laundry concentrate
  • No ethylene oxide or other associated materials are used in manufacture
  • Low alkalinity formula
  • No caustic substances, phosphates, heavy alkalies or inorganic salts 2. Gentle on fabrics – tough on grime
  • Efficient, grey-water friendly formula
  • Mild PH level and grey-water compatible ingredients creates minimal impact on effluent and water recycling systems
  • Water from wash can be used for grey water with minimum treatment 3. Low-foaming formula ensures suitability for all types of machine 4. Solubility in water is immediate and complete


Directions for use:

Light soiling/Front Loader: 15 - 25gm
Heavy soiling/Top Loader: 25 - 50gm 1 scoop = 25gm.

Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Citrate, Capryl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside, Sodium Gluconate, EDDS, Optical Brightener, Sodium Polyacrylate, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Extract of Soapwort, Extract of Devil’s Bit, Fragrance.

Note: Reduce usage quantity by up to 50% in soft water areas.


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