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Birthdays at Christmas Time

Birthdays at Christmas How

5 Ways to Make Birthdays at Christmas Time Special

I’m currently awaiting the arrival of a baby due this week on December 22. The parents are  planning a home birth in Nimbin, Northern NSW and it is my privilege  to support them as  Doula.

 Now we all know it could be on Christmas Day or New Year, or any other public holiday so we are stacking up with baby goods and mama needs so we don’t get caught out. Especially Breast Pads and Nipple Balm for mama!  It making me think of all the Christmas babies out there, do you have a child with a birthday around Christmas Time? What are your top tips for Christmas & New Year Birthdays being special?

Here are the some of the Tips people have shared with me this week

1- Plan Ahead: If you are giving birth at this time of year, be well stocked with medicine or creams that you won’t be able to grab at the last minute. I gave birth to my son in November but it was close enough to still get Mastitis on Christmas Day! Lucky I knew the signs and could call the hospital and was able to avoid antibiotics which  are essential if you don’t get on top of it quickly.

2 – Don’t double up  on Gifts, or at least check in with  the receiver if you are tempted.  The most common complaint was, here is a combined Christmas and birthday gift! This might work when they are teenagers or adults wanting cash for some but it seems this did not work for most people I spoke to. “Someone always does it” Abbey told me. She hated it but Dave said he loved it, he just got bigger, more expensive things than his sibling.

3 – Don’t Use Wrapping Paper with Christmas Themes – Have your coloured birthday wrapping paper in the holiday section. Don’t skimp on the wrapping or card

4 –  Parties: This can be tricky if people really want a party on their actual birthday! Adults love it and say its easier if you don’t have kids but kids love parties so be sure to plan one out of school holiday time. People who had this experience had mixed reactions. Some told me it never felt as special but others loved the extra gifts and celebrations!  Be  sure  to  have a family party  and invite friends if possible on Christmas Day. If  you are not a religious Christian,  this is easier to do.

5 – Make December 25 extra special and enjoy the lengthy celebrations. My sister in law has a birthday on Christmas Day. The family has always celebrated her birthday  first thing in the morning before there is any mention of Christmas gifts. They have cake for breakfast and make a grand fuss.  She loves the extra attention and extra gifts on Christmas day and says she loves it.  The week before she would have a party so she has always felt like her birthday  goes longer than most peoples. She loves it

We would love to know what you do or how you feel about your  Christmas birthday? It would  be  a great help to others reading this. What is your best tip?

If you are ordering a toy or new mother for someone special from us at Nature’s Child at this time of year, be sure to tell u s in the comments box  if this is a birthday gift so  we  don’t add  Christmas Wrapping!

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