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Here’s Why Reusable Baby Swimmers are better than Disposable Swimmers

Baby Swimmers for Baby Swim


Are wondering if they’re worth the investment? Here’s the brief rundown on why they’re cheaper – cuter – better 🌏✔️

We sell 3 brands of swim nappies for you to choose from including Baby Beehinds, Seedling Baby and Itti Bitti but we particularly love this inspiration from Seedling Baby.

Let’s say a one-size-fits-most reusable swim nappy (like seedling Paddle Pants) sets you back $25 and you go swimming with your bub once a week at the local swim centre, all year round. That’s 48 cents for each wear during the first 12 months.

Add to that the extra 18 months of weekly lessons you’ll get out of this swim nappy and the cost per wear comes down to 19 cents. Now that makes baby swim more affordable!

Add to that all the other times you go swimming with bub throughout the summer months and your cost per wear drops even further when you use reusable baby swimmers.

On the other hand, a disposable swim nappy will set you back around 1.37 every time. Over two and half years of weekly lessons, that’s $178. (Average price of premium brand disposable swim nappies across 3 sizes)

The difference between $25 and $178 is a delightful $153.

It is also the satisfaction of knowing you’ve saved over 130 single use products heading to landfill over the first two and half years of your child’s life.

This is great for your wallet, great for your baby and great for our environment 🌿🌏🌈


Very impressed with the Paddle Pants. My daughter has worn it now for over 6 months. It is so fantastic that the nappy can be adjusted to fit her quickly growing body. The quality is fantastic and looks just as good now as it did brand new.

Hayley, Newcastle

I used the swim nappy (Paddle Pants) for the first time yesterday. My boy’s allergies have been playing up big time, so nappies have been a shocker, to the point I almost considered disposables! I had no idea he had a major poo until I took the swim nappy off. It wasn’t even on the gussets!

Shelley, Nowra

Mr 23 months is just off to the pool to show off his Paddle Pants again. Love, love, love them!

Lorna, Sydney

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Baby Swim, Sunscreen and Fun in Summer

Baby Swimming is part of our culture in Australia. We have the weather, environment and the pools to make it easy and fun. It is still really important to be aware of basic swim safety precautions that will help you to minimise the risks for your baby.

Here are our 5 Top Tips for Safe Baby Swimming

1 – Talk to your children about swim safety.  Babies know and understand more than we realise so this simple awareness from talking about the ocean and the pool to normalise safe behaviour is one of the best things a parent or carer can do.

2 – FUN: While we all want our kids to be safe, the main reason to spend time in the water is to have fun and cool off! So be sure  to talk about safety and act safe with all  sensible precautions but have fun! A qualified swim teacher teaches babies to swim with games to ensure fun and safety always go together

3 – CONFIDENCE: We are not all meant to be olympic swimmers. Gaining confidence in being buoyant and keeping heads above water is the first step while enjoying themselves.

4- SWIMMERS: All pools require a baby to wear a swim nappy. Reusable swim nappies are environmentally sustainable, simple to use and economically sound. Avoid disposables completely if possible by being organised in advance with a good pair of cute swimmers that you enjoy dressing your baby in. Again, it’s about fun and good design. Grab a wet bag as well as swimmers to ensure wet items are separated in your nappy bag.

5 – SKIN SAFETY: The Aussie sun can be harsh but so can standard sunscreens. What is safer? Getting burnt in the sun or placing chemical based sunscreens on our skin? Luckily we don’t have to choose. Safe Baby Sunscreens that are just as good for the whole family, not just babies! Made by Australian Companies are easily available here.

If  you are looking for a Baby Swim Teacher in Australia. Try your local swimming pool or this useful website for qualified teachers.

Baby Swim Australia

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Spring Arrivals at Nature’s Child Organic Baby Store 2019

Here are 5 New Products at Nature’s Child Organic Baby Store this Spring 2019

Zkin Organic & Natural Skincare has arrived at Nature’s Child this Spring along with New Organic Tea brands for pregnancy, new mums and all sensitive skin types.

  1. Zkin Organics Calming Cream Cleanser A non-lathering, alcohol-free gentle cleansing cream designed especially to leave the most sensitive or eczema prone skin feeling nourished and soothed. This calming cleanser embraces unique “oil-to-milk” technology where oils are transformed to “milk” upon contact with water leaving skin feeling refreshed and silky.
  2. Zkin Organics Relief Moisturiser  Designed by a mother with pregnancy and motherhood in mind. This is a time in our lives when organic is more important than ever.  The sensitive formula is ideal for anyone experiencing chronically dry and itchy skin at any stage in life when our hormones are playing up.
  3. Zkin Organics  Soothing Hand Cream The perfect rescue product with its clinically proven key ingredients to help repair the skin’s barrier layer and lock in moisture, relief the itch and provide a protective shield.
  4. Bodhi Organic Tea Mothers Milk 100% Certified Organic Herbs  believed to enhance breast milk production.
  5. Raspberry Leaf Tea A digestive and herbal tonic for women in late pregnancy and after birth.



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Organic Consumer Choice Awards 2019

We’re Excited! You can vote for us in the Organic Consumer Choice Awards 2019

Voting gives you a chance to win a bundle of Organic Products for your home when you VOTE in the Organic Consumer Choice Awards 2019

Choose the Link Below to Cast Your Vote.  It is a very short, 30 second voting process.

To vote for Natures’ Child – Select   Organic Online Store

To vote for Zkin  – Select  Organic Product of the Year

Entry is Free and Every Vote put’s you in the draw to win fantastic organic prizes. Vote below for your chance to win Organic Products for your home.

Public voting starts on 9 September and ends on 8 October 2019 on the NOW website. Award winners will be announced on Monday 28 October 2019.

Good luck in the awards. We hope you are a winner as well as us!

It’s that time of the year again..

The annual Organic Consumer Choice Awards 2019 are here and we are very excited to announce that we are nominated so we would LOVE your support by voting for us.

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5 Things Dad wants on Father’s Day

We have an office of all women here at Nature’s Child so when having a discussion today about what we’ll  do for Fathers Day,  we got some surprising responses. There is a general agreement that on Mother’s Day, we want a day off to be pampered and just sleep, rest and play. But when it comes to fathers day traditionally, it’s been the opposite. The tradition went more like this, “here you are, it’s fathers day, spend time with your kids. This attitude was more a result of the traditional father working, mother at home story.  This does not apply to millennial fathers as much as previous generations. These days, fathers are often doing just as much as mums so look forward to a day off too.

Being a Byron Bay Brand, we  have to mention one of our fave Fathers Chris Hemsworth. He recently impressed one of our team when he said in an interview, something along the lines that ‘ his wife Elsa Patakay was a great help with the kids’ It felt like a real millennial moment to hear a dad talk like this.

All the studies are telling us that Working Mums Still do more than Working Dads when it comes to housework. But that was not the feeling in our office! So we all came up with 5 fabulous things that we would all do on Fathers Day. We hope you love one of them and get inspired!

Before we get to that list, here’s a quick nod to the traditional handmade craft gift. Our top pick was the mobile phone holder. It is simple to make and leaves lots of room for personalising. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

5 Things Dad wants on Father’s Day

Acknowledgement for his dad super power.

We all need a little thanks and acknowledgement so we agreed the first thing to make sure Dad gets on Father’s Day is a thank you. Not just for being a great dad which is a bit general. Have a think about the very specific reasons you love your dad and make sure you put them on that card or in that speech you will make.

The Father’s Day Sleep In

Every day, one parent gets up for the kids while one gets to sleep in. Father’s Day should definitely be the day that dad gets to sleep in. If he is not the sleeping kind, then just make it clear that whatever time he wakes that will make him happy is one of his Father’s Day Gifts.

Get Together with  Friends & Family

Finishing a day knowing you had fun and laughter is a wonderful feeling. Why not plan ahead for a picnic or lunchtime dinner and games with a few other families, maybe even your own siblings, parents or cousins if they are nearby

A Walk in Nature for Father’s Day

There is something about a walk in Nature that makes connecting with your family all the more special. Nature Walks ground us and connect us to our hearts and bodies in a unique way. As a great songwriter once said, the best things in life are free!

Spending the day with his favourite hobby

One of the things we all give up as a parent is our favourite hobby. We certainly do it less if we don’t entirely give it up. How about purchasing a gift voucher for their favourite thing they have not done for a long time. Or Just carving out some time to make sure dad gets a surf or whatever his favourite fun time thing he deserves. Doing great things we love help us all feel connected to our sense of self. Make sure Dad knows that you know what he loves on Father’s Day.

We hope we have given you some great idea’s. If you looking for a gift for a new dad or dad to be, then we can recommend these personal favourites from  Nature’s Child.

If  you have a New Dad in your life and would like to buy him a special gift, visit our  5 Top Gifts for New Dads List Here

Ultimate Guide to Cloth Nappies




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5 Baby Gifts for a New Dad you know in 2019

Original Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier

5 Baby Gifts for a New Dad  you know this Fathers Day

Baby Gifts are traditionally focused on what a new mother would need or like. But what if the special person in your life  that was about to become a dad was your son, your brother, your husband, your colleague or your friend? If  you would like to get a New Dad in your lif a special gift that  he would particularly love. Here are 5 great ideas and the reasons  why.


  1. The Organic Cotton Baby Carrier: A New Dad will love a baby carriers. It helps them feel the closeness that a mum naturally feels in pregnancy. The more a dad gets to hold his baby,  the more involved he gets in daily caring roles. Keep that in mind this father’s  day.
  2. Grandparents Memory Book: This is a practical task that allows dads to connect with their child’s grandparents and create a lasting keepsake for their child.
  3. Baby Record Book: Our Baby Journal has no gender constraints so you can create a very personalised record that does not mention mum or dad unless you want to use these words.  Printed on recycled stock, this will help a new dad create a precious book of memories, milestones and firsts.
  4. Baby Swimmers &  Sunscreen: Give a gift that dad can look forward to using with his  baby. Baby Swimming is the perfect new dad activity
  5. Classic Eco Friendly Baby Toys: A mother rightly has all the attention in the early months so giving a new dad a toy is a fun way to welcome him to fatherhood and all the playtimes to come.

Please support one of  our valued Retailers such as Biome who Provide an even larger range of Eco Friendly Goodies for Dads and be sure to start with one of  our best selling Certified Organic Skincare Products for  his new baby.

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Claim Your Free Organic Moisturiser from Zkin at Nature’s Child

Zkin Organics Relief Moisturiser GIVEAWAY

JUST PLACE YOUR ORDER FOR $100 AND WE WILL SEND A FREE  Organic Moisturiser value $45 WHEN YOU spend over $100 in our Nature’s Child
Shop $100 minimum in the Nature’s Child Store for any baby, Zk’in or green cleaning products you need. 

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Plastic Free Collection

Nature’s Child is committed to removing all plastic from our packaging. We believe this should be a fundamental goal for eco-friendly baby companies.

Removing unnecessary plastics is a priority for us. Over the years, our customers expect Nature’s Child to set the standard in eco friendly baby products. Here are some of the milestones we have pioneered to date.

  1. Australia’s First Organic Baby Store in 2000
  2. Australia’s First Organic Cotton Cloth Nappies 2004
  3. Australia’s Baby Business to sell Cloth Nappies commercially to mainstream baby stores 2008
  4. Australia’s First range of Organic Baby Range of Mother & Baby Essentials 2005 – 2008
  5. Australia’s First Baby Brand to offer Non-Disposable essentials for every day use 2003
  6. Australia’s First Certified Organic Baby Skincare Range – 100% of the range. ACO
  7. Australia’s First Baby Company to commit to 100% Plastic Free Packaging

We will continue to be an industry leader for eco-friendly baby products standards. It is what our customers have come to expect and it is certainly what we have come to expect from ourselves. Over the next few years we’ll be removing unnecessary packaging where we can and introducing alternative packaging materials. Our ultimate aim is to eliminate unnecessary plastic and make all our own-brand packaging reusable or home-compostable material by 2021.

We’ve made great progress already, with over 90% of our own-brand packaging now meeting our recyclable, reusable or home recycling goal. But we know there’s more we need to do, and that’s why in 2018 we made the decision to aim for a 100% plastic free packaging.

All our products are plastic free and reusable but packaging has always been a challenge. When we started selling our organic cotton baby and mother products in 2005 such as breast pads and baby wipes, it was a standard expectation from retailers that the product would be ‘protected’ in a plastic baby inside the box. Now you have to remember that back in 2005, plastic free  was not a phrase. Just using recycled cardboard for our packaging was a major step.

In recent years, we have engaged with our key retailers, customers and distributers with a plastic free conversation and are pleased to announced a 100% acceptance of our plastic free goal with packaging.

Reusable Baby Wipes

Here are the 4 products that are already 100% Plastic Free. You simple open the box and your reusable product is ready to use and the box can go strait into the recycling. The packaging is the only rubbish is the only waste that will result from our products. Compare this to a packet of disposable baby wipes or breast pads that are used and discarded weekly. Actually, it’s such a beautiful box, we usually recommend cutting out the beautiful image on the front and making a gift card with it. We have seen many delighted customers enjoy our home made gift cards.

100% Plastic Free Products so far

  1. Breast Pads Regular – Cardboard box with die cut so you can see the lovely fabric but no plastic!
  2. Baby Wipes Box of 8 – Cardbox box with die cut so you can see the lovely fabric but no plastic!
  3. Amber Necklace – Cardboard Hanger with eye catching display
  4. Amber Bracelet/Anklet – Cardboard Hanger with eye catching display


Here are the next two products that will be Plastic Free by 2020

  1. Breast Pads Large
  2. Breast Pads Light &Discreet

95% Plastic Free Products 

  1. Organic Baby Wash
  2. Organic Baby Massage Oil
  3. Organic Baby Powder
  4. Organic Bottom Balm
  5. Organic Wonder Balm
  6. Organic Cotton Face Wipes
  7. Organic Cotton Towelling Nappies

Current Organic Baby Skincare Packaging

Glass Bottles with plastic lids

Our gorgeous organic baby skincare is proudly packaged in glass but we still have plastic lids. We are working on a lid solution. The only lids that are designed to work on our bottles are made from plastic! So this project will take longer as we will need to change our bottles in order to change our lids. The good news is that all our plastic lids are hard BPA free plastic so you can recycle them in the meantime. The good news is that your product has minimal or no contact with the plastic before and after use.

organic baby products by natures child

We look forward to updating you further later this year and look forward to celebrating every milestone with you our valued customers.

Love from – The Nature’s Child Team x x