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Ordering Information

How to enjoy online baby shopping at Nature’s Child

Here is a short guide to our online shopping features that make our website easy to use. Online baby shopping is a lot of fun and there are great bargains to be found.

Below you can read about:

How to navigate our site and enjoy online shopping
Our Guarantee
Your Account
Bulk Buy
Order and Return Policy
Shipping & Delivery Time
Loyalty Points
Privacy Policy
Payment Methods
Secure shopping on-line
Gift Wrapping
International Orders
How to give us Feedback

How to navigate our site and enjoy online shopping

The quickest way to shop is by using our search feature. If your item is not found, please check the spelling or try an associated term. Eg: Baby Wraps will show you all brands of baby wrap.

If you prefer to browse and see what catagories of products are available, select a Major Category from the top navigation bar. Eg pregnancy, baby, tween etc.

A list of sub categories will be displayed either in a drop down menu or in the sub menu once you have click on the above word.

You can scroll through all products from this page or refine your search further by click on the sub category again.

Once you have found the products you need, choose the quantity, size and colour of the item you like at the shop, then click the ‘add to cart’ button. The information will immediately display in the right hand navigation column so you can keep track of your items. Once you have finished shopping, simply click on the checkout’ button on the right hand navigation column.

Once you are at the checkout, you can choose to send your order to us with instant credit card or paypal. Alternatively, you can phone or direct debit your payment. If you have any questions when baby shopping at any time, please phone us or live chat during business hours 9 – 5, 6 days a week on 1300 555 632

Our Guarantee

Nature’s Child provides quality, eco-friendly products for natural pregnancy, babies and children. Our products are made from the heart, care for the earth and encourage individuality, self-esteem, trust and creativity. We sell consumables that are both convenient and earth-friendly. Our products contain ingredients and/or intentions that respect the above.

Products are also chosen personally by our owner as being useful and practical and SAFE for our babies. We seek out eco-friendly manufacturers of high quality and eco-friendly business principles. We look for eco-friendly products that can be reused and recycled by friends and relatives when the product is no longer useful to you. If there is any accidental fault with any product, please return it to Nature’s Child so we can replace the product. We send most of our parcels through Australia Post in non-city areas as they deliver to every town in Australia. We ship by courier where possible as this is quick, efficient and traceable. If your courier does not give you fast, efficient service, please let us know so we can talk to the company on your behalf. We are only interested in using friendly, quick delivering service providers. We appreciate feedback on delivery from our customers.

My Account

My Account is a convenient place where you can view new and old orders. Every order you place with Natures Child is stored in “My Account”. You can do the following with the “My Account” Feature.

  1. Orders:
    Access and view your present and past orders with ease.
  2. Reorder:
    This is ideal if you order the same product regularly. Simply Click My orders to view orders and then click Reorder for order you wish to repeat. You can still add other items to your shopping cart when using this feature.
  3. Addresses:
    You can set up multiple addresses and name them. Eg: mums house, work address
  4. Personal Information:
    You can update your own personal information. Moving house? New password or new email? Just click on personal details to update.
  5. Vouchers:
    If you have a promo or Gift Voucher to use, simply click here to view
  6. Wishlist:
    Set up one or multiple wishlists and access them anytime next time you visit Nature’s Child, simply log in to your account.

Bulk Buy

Our Bulk Buy category is a place where you can get permanent bargains and bundled packages from our suppliers. Please check this section regularly as it will change and short term offers will be available there.

Order and Return Policy

We hope you are delighted with your purchase but if you are not, here’s what you can do…

Mistakes and faults…. Some things are our responsibility!

We check all of our goods before they leave our premises so faults and wrong items are unlikely to occur. However, due to natural error of human error sometimes mistakes are made. If we have made an error, please let us know so we can fix it. We can offer you a reply paid address so an exchange can happen at no cost to you. Please phone us on 1300 555 632 for this information.

Step 1: Please check your receipt and order carefully in case the error was at your end.

Step 2: Phone or email customer service on 1300 555 632 and

If it is not our error, here are your refund and exchange options.:

Refund – 14 days from date of purchase

You can request a refund if you change your mind or receive an incorrect item.

Please return the unused, packaged goods in excellent condition for resale WITHIN 14 DAYS at your expense to the address below.

Goods received after 14 days of sale will not be eligible for a refund, but can be exchanged.

Goods not in resale condition will be partly refunded.

Faults – 3 months from date of purchase

Nature’s Child will happily assist you with a faulty product if the fault occurs within 3 months of purchase. Each manufacturer has their own guarantee system so please contact us BEFORE you return goods to us, as we may have to direct you to the manufacturer.

Nature’s Child will assist you at every stage to ensure satisfaction is promptly received with any product faults. We cannot assist you with any faults that occur 3 months after purchase but we can try if you feel you still wish to speak to us.

Please understand that Nature’s Child cannot be held responsible for every product fault, however, we shall always do our best to assess each situation and assist communication with the manufacturer.

Not all faults that occur within 3 months can be assisted, individual circumstances always apply but we can assure you will be go out of our way as much as possible to assist. We can only do our best!

Exchange A – 21 days. New condition only

1. Yes! You can change the size, colour, style or item. Our only condition is that you MUST return the unused, unwashed item in resale condition within 21 days of purchase. Packaging in good condition must also be returned. All exchanges are at your own expense unless it is a Nature’s Child processing error. An additional postal charge for the new item will be charged before being sent. Exchanges that meet the above conditions within 21 days of purchase will receive an exchange to the full amount of the cost of the original item, excluding postage.

Exchange B – Extended Limit – 6 months. New condition only

2. We understand that some items are purchased during your pregnancy and may be unsuitable once your baby arrives. Please check your date of purchase carefully before contacting us because we do not exchange at all after 6 months from date of purchase.

3. Proof of purchase is essential for any goods to be exchanged. All your invoices are stored in your “My Account” section on line so can be easily found.

4. If you return goods without packaging, that have been used or marked in storage, we trust you understand that a full credit will not be possible. Items which have been used or laundered cannot be refunded in full. A resale value price will be offered to you in the instance. THIS OFFER ONLY APPLIES T0 GOODS PURCHASED WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF RETURN. We regret we are unable to assist you after this time.

PLEASE PHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE ON 1300 555 632 for assistance with all returns and exchanges. Returned items of any standard may not be eligible for echange without prior communication.

Shipping & Delivery

Australian Postage Charges FLAT RATES from Nature’s Child
$9.95 Flat Rate (Most Areas)
$14.95 Express Delivery (Most Areas)
$7 Remote Distance Charge (Tas, SA, WA, NT, Vic)
$8 Large Parcel Charge over 5kgs

International Orders
$10 USA Customs Security Charge

Most products will be shipped within 48 hours of receiving your order in Australia. This means you will receive your parcel within 4 – 7 days, depending on where you live. If there is any reason your parcel cannot leave promptly, we will contact you via phone or email immediately to explain why.

Within Australia you can select from standard postage – up to 7 days or express postage – 1-2 days delivery. Express Post to SA and WA can take 5 days as we are posting from a Regional Area. Please choose the best option for you at the check out.

Loyalty Points

We appreciate you choosing Nature’s Child as your preferred online baby shopping site so we love to say thank you with loyalty points. We reward you for every dollar you spend with us. 1 Loyalty Point is applied for every $25 spent with us. Loyalty Points can only be redeemed with on-line orders only. Loyalty Points are applied within 24 hours of your successful payment on-line, and will then be ready to redeem. Let them bank up or use them as you go.


We understand that baby shopping requires research so we encourage you to consider your purchases carefully which is why we have created a wishlist.

You need to create an account to use your wishlist. Do this by simply clicking the word wishlist on the right hand navigation column and this will take you to a page to register. Once you are registered, take note of your password as you will use this every time you shop with us. It is very easy to add and remove items from your wishlist at any time. This is a private list that you can refer back to from time to time until you are ready to order or share with friends.

Once you are registered, take note of your password as you will use this every time you shop with us. It is very easy to add and remove items from your wishlist at any time. This is a private list that you can refer back to from time to time until you are ready to order or share with friends.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and hold your personal information confidentially. We do not sell, rent or exchange our customer’s names. Your account and sales history can only be accessed by yourself or any family you give your online password to.

Payment Methods


International Orders

Payment for your purchase may be made on line using Visa, Mastercard or American express using Paypal. You can also use direct credit card payments with Visa or Mastercard. We can also accept international money orders but we do not accept personal cheques. Thank you.

Secure Shopping

On-line Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology ensures information is safely encrypted (or scrambled). This means SSL encrypts your order including your credit card number prior to sending them to the online retailer. This sophisticated encryption process ensures that prying eyes are unable to decode your personal data when it travels from your computer to us and ensures your privacy & the integrity of your order. SSL is the system that is used by all reputable online retailers. It is compatible with all internet browsers. Check the bottom right of the screen to ensure you see the padlock symbol which guarantees SSL shopping on any website.


The most cost efficient way to ship is in satchels provided by Australia Post and Courier Companies. These companies now use. Number 4 Plastic which can be recycled by most councils. Please check your council recycle guide to ensure you can discard this plastic in your recycling.

If you order a bottle or Jar from us, our first choice at Nature’s Child will be to pack it in shredded paper in a box. If you receive it in Plastic bubble wrap instead, it will be because someone has sent me bubble wrap and I prefer to recycle it instead of throw it away. Please do the same. Please re-use any other packaging that arrives to you from us.

If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our packaging to be more earth-friendly, we would love to hear from you. And I know that some of my manufactures are struggling to come up with more sustainable ideas for their product packaging and would love to hear from you too! That goes for any suggestions you can help us with to make us honourably earth-friendly!

Meeting consumer demands of packaging and quality control is still challenging for some manufacturers of eco-friendly products. Some products are still arriving to us in plastic packaging because they see little alternative at the present for protecting their product in the post or for merchandising at present. In such cases, they have made efforts to use bags that can be recycled – so if you receive a product in a plastic bag, please recycle by re-using these bags for as long as possible.

Gift Wrapping

You will be offered the option to select gift wrapping at our check out at the small cost of $3.95. It’s that simple. And remember, if you can’t decide what to buy, choose a gift voucher.

Your Opinion Counts and we welcome your feedback.

Please visit our contact us page

We want to know what you think! Please send any comments, ideas for products we should add or suggestions for improvements:

Thank You!

We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with the best selection of natural and organic baby products on the Internet.

Nature’s Child copyright @ 2015 Po box 1040 Byron Bay NSW 2481 Australia 1300 555 632

“One purchase cannot change the world’s environmental crisis, but one purchase can influence human behaviour enough to impact a series of events that can. For our future survival, we must seek and offer sustainable solutions, the heart of which involves re-cycling more, eliminating chemical use and wasting less.” Jannine Barron, Founder: Nature’s Child

Thank you for baby shopping with Nature’s Child online organic baby store.

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International Stockists

Australian Stores | Australian Online Stockists | International Stockists

New Zealand | Malaysia | USA

New Zealand

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# Store Address Website
Sprouts San Francisco 1828 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 359-9205
Mon – Sat: 10 – 7
Sunday & Holidays: 11 – 5
Sprouts – Mill Valley 12 Miller Ave
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 389-1312
Mon – Sat: 10 – 6
Sunday & Holidays: 11 – 5
Sprouts – Palo Alto Town & Country Village
855 El Camino Real #11
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Mon – Sat: 10 – 7
Sun & Holidays: 11 – 5
Sprouts – Chicago 1943 W. Division Street @ Damen
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 489-0009
Mon – Sat: 10 – 6
Sunday & Holidays: 11 – 5
Sprouts – Brooklyn 376 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 488-8200
Mon – Sat: 10 – 7
(Winter Hours: 10 – 6)
Sun & Holidays: 11 – 5
Sprouts – Salt Lake City Showroom Visit by appointment.
Salt Lake City, Utah
(877) 388-9205
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Why Organic

Why Is Organic Cotton Better?

– The fabric lasts longer
– The fabric is more absorbent
– No bleaching or Harsh chemical have been used AT ALL on this product.

The conventional cultivation of cotton leads to massive environmental and health problems. Around the world, more toxic insecticides are used on cotton than on any other crop. A sustainable alternative is the certified organic cultivation.

So serious are the negative impacts of chemical-intensive agricultural production, that momentum for change has grown considerably in recent years. The trend toward more environmentally friendly production methods is supported by a variety of interests including farmers wanting to escape the chemical treadmill, enlightened companies under pressure of increased environmental regulation and competition, and informed consumers calling for greater social and environmental accountability.

People like YOU can be thanked for the growth in the organic cotton industry. YOU have been prepared to put your dollars where your thoughts are and this has allowed the industry to be economically viable for farmers.

Organic cotton is produced in organic agricultural systems that produce food and fibre according to clearly established standards. Organic agriculture prohibits the use of toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers, as well as genetically modified organisms. It seeks to build biologically diverse agricultural systems, replenish and maintain soil fertility, and promote a healthy environment.

Certification of Organic Cotton

Our Organic Cotton is Ceritified by GOTS. see  for more details. By only using certified organic cotton, you can be assured of our integrity and the integrity of the product.

Certification is a system which sets standards, ensures that organic standards are met and communicates compliance to consumers through appropriate labelling. When a grower or processor is “certified organic,” an independent organisation has verified that the company meets or exceeds defined organic standards. Certified organic farms are inspected regularly and must maintain comprehensive records of their production methods.

Certification programmes and standards vary, especially in response to regional differences, although there are general underlying concepts. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) has produced Basic Standards covering organic production and also textile processing which provide a minimum basis upon which standards in many countries have been based. The International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS) also exists to accredit certification systems. There are many certification agencies worldwide for organic cotton production but far fewer for certifying cotton processing to assure reduced health and environmental impacts. Several sets of processing standards exist in Europe (KRAV and GOTS for example), and others are being developed in Europe and in the United States, Australia and most countries now.

The Expanding Organic Cotton Market

Organic cotton is now grown in 18 countries but still represents only a tiny fraction of the total global cotton production – less than 0.1%. The biggest producers in 2001 were Turkey, the United States, India and Peru. Smaller experimental projects are also expanding in size and numbers.

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Our Certification

Nature’s Child Skincare is proudly Certified by ACO. Australian Certified Organic. This is an internationally recognised certification of the highest quality.

ACO’s certification program and protocols are approved and accredited with the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources, the US Department of Agriculture, IOAS, Japan’s Minister for Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries, Korea’s NQAS’s and SAI Global. 

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce and has over 1500 operators within its certification system. ACO is a not for profit fully-owned subsidiary of Australia Organic Ltd.

ACO provides certification services to operators from all sectors of the organic industry. Certification ensures compliance with national production standards and allows trace back of all products to their origin.

The Organic Bud is found on an estimated 80% of certified organic products in the Australian marketplace.

Nature’s Child Organic Cotton Breast Pads, Baby Wipes, Face Wipes

Nature’s Child GOTS certification is one of the highest standards of international organic certification.  SKAL – our former certification body has changed its name and broadened its appeal by merging with Controlled Union. This has been a great  development.

Our new GOTS standard for NATURE’S CHILD ORGANIC BABY ESSENTIALS covers the production, processing, manufacturing,  packaging, labeling, exportation, importation and distribution of all natural fibres. The final products may include, but are not limited to fibre products, yarns, fabrics and clothes.

This means that every processing step must meet certain compulsory criteria. The criteria for the production process are laid down in the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). They encompass every process-step of textile production (spinning, weaving, washing, etc) and for every step it is laid down which processing aids may (not) be used, in order to gain as much environmental profit as possible.

FAIR TRADE is also a fundamental part of the GOTS certification. The Social and Fair Trade Certificate guarantees that disadvantaged producers in the developing world in the entire supply chain get a better deal by covering the producer’s cost of sustainable production and establishing a Fairtrade Premium which is invested in social, economic or environmental improvement projects.

Our accreditations and recognitions ensure that your organic product and systems have the highest possible integrity.

Ingeo™ Ingenious materials from plants not oil (information below taken from )

Sourcing Ingeo Raw Materials – Is not made from oil.  Uses dextrose (sugar) from field corn as the primary feedstock, but can be made from any abundantly available sugar. Does not require gentically modified (GM) feedstock.

We Choose GMO FREE Ingeo Material – Ingeo is made from dextrose (sugar) that is derived from field corn already grown for many industrial & functional end-uses.  In North America, corn has been used first because it is the most economically feasible source of plant starches. The process does not require corn, we only need a sugar source.  This could include sugar beets, sugar cane, wheat and more.

If you are still reading when you get to this sentence then I would like to personally thank you for being educated and happy to pay a little more to be assured that you have certified organic products that are safe for you, your family and the environment. T H A N K   Y O U   Jannine Barron – Founder

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Email or phone to book or phone 1300 555 632

Learn the 4 BASICS of eco-parenting that will transform your life !

This is a highly practical and joyful workshop series that will open the flood gates to a deeper understanding of yourself and discovering how you want to parent.

Connect with your baby and your planet with daily mindfulness for a better future for our kids.

Presented by The Natural Baby Planner – Jannine Barron

When your baby is born, there are a few things that will happen strait away.


Your baby will be held.

Your baby will feed.

Your baby will Poo.

Your baby will sleep. …. usually in this order!

And that’s just the first hour……..there are months and years of this routine.

The way you approach these basics will affect your hormones BeTheChange_Advert1and your happiness!


… but can be the most stressful and distant without the right preparation. Now this next bit may surprise you but its true….most new parents don’t focus on these things! When I say Focus, I mean really tune in to the lessons and communication that occur in these recurring basic care routines. Many people distance themselves in these practical routines that the 4 basics require. They don’t even know they are doing it! This affects their parenting and even long term relationships with their children and other family members. We will reveal the truth about how your daily routine affects your relationships with your children. More importantly, how they affect family cohesion. I call it eco- parenting because connecting with our children is the same practice as connecting with our planet. This transformative way to parent will connect you to your environment in a way that is so natural and effortless that our long term environment will be affected. When you take this philosophical approach to your baby care routine, you ensure post-natal stress can be minimised and maybe even avoided! So lets get together and make a plan for success! It is going to really surprise you how!

I call them the 4 BASICS





I see so many people exploring prams, cots, toys, skincare,outfits, car seats and childcare when these 4 very basic things are often the left to last. We need to FLIP our priorities as new parents! HERE is WHY in a nutshell. You and Your baby will be healthier, happier and more rested if you focus on the 4 basics in the way that I can show you.It’s True!! That’s It! What is the Number One Issue for new parents? Sleep!!!!!!!!! Next? Time, Balance, Stress…… see a theme happening here? What if you could prepare to ensure these stresses were minimised? What if you focused on connecting with your baby? Understanding their cues? Creating a Haven for Hormonal and Family Balance.

You and Your baby will be healthier, happier and more rested if you learn to be present with the 4 basics. Now let’s read that again…because it’s a pretty powerful statement. You and Your baby will be healthier, happier and more rested if you learn to be present with the 4 basics!!!!!!! There are so many ways we prepare with products and ideas but the bottom line is that these fundamental 4 BASIC behaviours will happen. So lets start right here, make them the most important! And then, you can still get car seats and prams when the time is right but you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars up front and fill a room with things that may not be needed yet! or at all! Look at this definition of Nursery. I just LOVE IT!!! Can you see what I see? The most important line in this definition is …..for planting elsewhere. That is the end game that I think of when you start parenting.

Now don’t get me wrong, its lots of fun shopping for prams and car seats when the time is right. They are big expenses and they are necessary sooner than later for some families. I’m not saying don’t get them. I’m saying…don’t get them all so soon! They are NOT the most important things for your family. Let me share with you WHEN the time is right for those things and how your thinking around them is creating a focus on your parenting routine. Those items distance you from your child, not bring you closer. Lets Get Close First! Then the practicality is so much easier! I would rather tell you that 50% of new parents hate the first pram they buy and end up getting another! Id like to tell you how to avoid this and why it happens!

I want to save you money. I want you to have the best possible start for you and your baby.

Would it be worth dedicating 6 hours over one month, in 4 workshops to find out how?

I can’t wait to meet you and have these discussions. Ring me now on 1300 555 632 to book in. Just leave a message if we are not there! The answering machine is there 24/7 so don’t delay!

So I invite you to our ECO-PARENTING workshop series to discover just what you need, just what you don’t, and just how you can make this very, very special time in your life the magic bubble that it can be.


Book Before Feb 20 to get your FREE GIFT for DADS! Click here to view

Email or phone to book or phone 1300 555 632



EAT CHANGE SLEEP PLAY While you can choose to attend one session only, we strongly recommend attending the whole series as it will become clear how they are all interconnected!

Book the Full Series to receive your FREE SAMPLE BAG of organic baby products.

3 March

SLEEP– Looking for Sleeping Cues, Establishing a Family Routine….or not! A Healthy Mattress, Co-sleeping, Bedding Options and Clothing will be covered. This will be one of the most powerful and potentially life altering sessions you will explore with us. Sleep is the most fundamental behaviour affecting our own health as well as our babies.


10 march

CHANGE – Nappies can cost up to $5000 without some planning. Learn about cloth nappy options, hybrid nappies, eco-disposables, standard disposables. All benefits and costs explained. Products Covered: Nappies, Bathing, Skincare. This is a really fun, hands on workshop where you get to play with all types of nappies and ask all the questions that will arise. Super Practical!


17 March

EAT – Food is life. It is the foundation of all your personal energy and moods. It is responsible for your vitality! Food affects your sleep patterns, your mental health, your healing and physical wellbeing. This workshop is as much about you as it is about baby. What diet will you follow as a new parent? How will you be supported to be the healthiest you can be so that this transfers to the whole family. Breast, bottle, food, formula, teeth cleaning, dental care, teething. The food you eat makes a big difference to your environmental impact. This session will be an opportunity to reflect on our workshop journey so far. Like all our topics, this is about tuning into and following your intuition.

24 March

PLAY Babywearing, family culture, toys, swings, screen-time. This session is perfectly timed to wrap up all our above themes. You will be truly prepared to face this topic after completing the above three. Play is where we lose track or stay on track. Once the first year is over, life is all about play for kids so this is a really important session allowing you to plan and share as a family what your culture around celebration and play will be.


VENUE: Red Tent Yoga Space

10/21-23 Tasman Way, (Cnr Tasman and Wollongbar) in Byron Arts & I Estate Byron Bay NSW 2481
DATES: 3 , 10, 17, 24 March 2015
Attend Individual Workshops or the Full Series
TIME: 6 – 7:30pm


The Nappy Workshop on March 10 can be attended for FREE. Ask me How.

Single: $80 for the 4 series or $25 per workshop

Couple: $100 for the series or $35 per workshop

Email or phone to book or phone 1300 555 632

If you attend the first workshop and love it so much you can see the value in returning for the remaining three, you can upgrade with ease for the cost of the full series with no disadvantage 🙂

Learn the 4 BASICS of eco-parenting that will transform your life!!

This is a highly practical and joyful workshop series that will open the flood gates to a deeper understanding of yourself and discovering how you want to parent.

Eco-parenting connects us with our children and our planet. This transformative way to parent will connect you to your environment in a way that is so natural and effortless.

You will leave this workshop series feeling:

  1. Empowered and Ready to Eco-Parent your child
  2. Clear: On the same page as your partner to ensure family cohesion
  3. Confident: Of how to really tune in to the lessons and communication that occur during baby care
  4. Happy: That routine does not have to be boring or inflexible
  5. Enlightened: How eco-parenting affects your long term relationships with your children and family.
  6. Relieved: To have a post natal plan for reduced stress
  7. Peaceful: With a Deep and Practical Understanding of family rhythm
  8. Knowledgeable: That you are able to create a Haven for Hormonal and Family Balance.
  9. Focused: On connecting with your baby and how to understand their cues from day one.


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Eco Parenting

Eco Parenting is about consciously creating a life of wellness for you and your family. One that is deeply connected to our environment. It is about aligning our work, education, spirit and happiness with the needs of our planet. In doing so, it is how we align ourselves. The key word is conscious because the mainstream world of parenting is dominated by corporate players who can potentially create and control your children’s entertainment, information input, device use, diet and social norms.

As parents, our role is to view these sources through adults eyes, assess their value to our own family and to include or exclude them. It is knowing YOU ARE IN CONTROL of this that is the most important step. It is an exciting and empowering path to take for your family.

The World exists in its current form only by our co-operation with the corporate machine. Parents are therefore, perfectly placed to be the quiet revolutionaries. It is our decisions about where to put our dollar, what to feed our kids, what products to use and what social, educational and spiritual input they have that influence the people they will become. The people who will make the decisions of the future. The very people who will decide if we live alongside or separate to our environment.

Our busy-ness, our exhaustion, our stress, our ill-health and our financial restrictions completely cut most of us off from exploring these ideas and allowing change. How do we take time out to have this conversation as parents? How can we be bothered? When are we not too tired to have a conversation about the fundamentals?

Pregnancy is the perfect time to have this conversation. Change is upon us in the biggest and brightest form that life has offered. It is the exact, perfect moment to stop and think, what kind of family do I want to have? What environment and lifestyle do I want to create for them? These questions have much bigger answers than a geographical or career answer. But they can start in small steps such as changing how you eat, how you shop, what products you embrace or reject in your life.

Our Intellectual, Spiritual and Physical health are directly connected to the health of our planet. The two realms co-exist. When one is out of balance, it shows up in the other. We sense this imbalance all the time whether we are conscious or not. It shows up in our health, our tiredness, our frustration. It determines how satisfied and loved we feel in the long term.  It is at the very core of our Mental Health.

Bruce Lipton says it beautifully when he says “Since organisms exist as a physical complement of their environments, the loss of the environment means the loss of the complementary organisms.  As we destroy our environment, we destroy our selves! Bruce H Lipton

The good news is that we have the power to correct this. So if you want to know more and be a part of the eco parenting revolution. Please follow these writings and share your thoughts back with us.

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One of my mummy friends this week proudly told me how this Christmas, she would be doing only eco-friendly presents and asked my advice for ideas. This is one of my favourite questions and easiest answers. Read our TOP 10 ideas for an Eco-Friendly and Personal Christmas.

Christmas is a great time to establish habits and traditions. Think carefully about how you want your Christmas time to be in your family. Your child will learn from you how to establish a Christmas tradition and will develop expectations based on the Christmas culture you created while they are young. Each year, no matter how old my boys become, they love to set up the Christmas tree with me and hear the stories I have told every year since they were little. They pull out all the handmade angels, the new ones that we made each year when they were younger. I love the look on their faces when they recognise this precious tradition.

1 – Wrapping: There is nothing more delightful than paper that is decorated with your own children’s paint and drawings. Here is a wonderful solution if like most of us; you are running out of places to stash the mountains of drawings and paintings that your child produces. Put those extra drawings to use as birthday wrapping all year round. Your family and friends will be delighted by the personal touch. If you need something more upmarket, brown paper is making a comeback in eco circles and you can still decorate it with your favourite coloured ribbon for eco-chic.

2 – Gifts: We can spend hours trying to pick the “right gift” for a friend or relative but if you think about the time when you got the most heart-warming reaction from a gift, the answer is something personal and homemade every time. Gift buying should be fun, not quick and stressful! Homemade cakes, chocolates or biscuits are always a favourite in our neighbourhood. Wrap them in a tea towel or fabric offcuts for a personal touch, tie with a ribbon and make a hand-made card.

3 – Cards: Homemade cards are getting sophisticated, ambitious and more personal in eco-friendly circles. Think carefully about the person you are giving to; what is their passion? Make it really personal with photos and images of their favourite hobbies.

4 – For the gardener: Put some seeds in the card, wrapped in fabric. Include a one-paragraph story on why you chose these seeds for their garden in particular. Do the same with a pot plant if that words better. A pot of herbs goes down well if they don’t have a garden yet.

5 – For the Cook: Include your favourite recipe and perhaps a gift voucher from your local organic store for the ingredients. Even better, why not purchase all the ingredients and add the recipe to go with it! Perhaps the kids can write the recipe out or decorate the recipe card.

6 – For the musician: Put together some music tracks you think they will love and make a homemade label for the CD. Give it a personal name, like Jannine’s Party favourites, Xmas 2014!

7 – For the wine lover: make your own wine label, include a photo and a Merry Christmas message, this will be appreciated for more than just a bottle of wine.

8 – For the teenager: Money is the most coveted gift with most teenagers, so you have to be creative with how you give this one. The eco-friendly way to satisfy this need that I use is this. Some cash for them, and a voucher for a charity with their name on the certificate. I’ve tired the certificate only, but it does not quite have the same impact as doing both. They are more likely to ‘get’ the lesson if you do both. Especially if you choose a local ‘youth off the streets’ or other youth – related charity.

9 – For the home owner: for the budding home owner or new baby, there is no better gift than their first land to own Go to to buy some land starting from $25 that counts for the planet.

10 – Charity: There is a selection of amazing charity sites now that allow you to give in a specific way. I gave my brother who lives in Indonesia a charity gift of supporting a local school in his area. One year, my staff gave me the gift of supporting a midwife in a third world country. It was one of the best gifts I could ever get. Personalise the charity for the personality, rather than a general one that matters only to you. Here are some websites to get you started, but be open to exploring the search engines for a specific charity.

The most important eco-friendly thing you can do this Christmas, is to help make Christmas more personal and community-orientated. Choose at least one neighbour and invite them over for a drink or make them some Xmas cookie treats and deliver them. Enjoy the delight on their face and the connection that can be made from this simple action.

Have an eco-friendly Christmas!  Visit our site to see a few simple and delightful toy ideas for babies and toddlers here

Love Jannine x x

Wooden Endless Pounder

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Congratulations on the launch of the recent AUSTRALIAN NAPPY ASSOCIATION (ANA) last month. Known for their love of Cloth Nappies, the business women behind this launch are now officially the greatest Cloth Nappy Changers in Australia.

Look out for their members parading around in Orange Capes as The Cloth Nappy Crusaders at Baby Expo’s and in retail stores near you! Stop and say Hello when you see the orange badge of the ANA at an event or drop an email to any nappy website who are members! Here is the badge to look out for!

You can immediately benefit from the ANA by downloading lots of FREE resources such as the FACT SHEETS and their informative WEEKLY BLOGS.

If you know a local parent group, community organisation or sustainability officer at your local council who would be interested in purchasing a GET INTO CLOTH KIT to help educate your local community about cloth nappies, head on over the the ANA website to purchase the first of many awesome educational kits

Nature’s Child are proud to be founding members of the ANA and thank fellow members for the years of planning and service that led to its creation. You are the true Nappy Changers!

The ANA believes in supporting families through education and resources, the provision of cloth nappy services and products, and empowering families with the ability to save money through the use of cloth.

The ANA also values sustainability and the environment, advocating the use of reusable cloth nappies, and environmentally-friendly processes and products.

If you believe that we can Change the World, One Nappy at a time, recommend your friends and local baby shop owner to visit and join the ANA

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Every woman plans to breastfeed but not every woman can. It is clearly the best option for both mum and baby with mountains of research supporting this view. If you cannot breastfeed, its good to know that you can still get all the benefits from bottle feeding with the right support and right products.

When we came across MINBIE teats recently, I have to say we were extremely impressed. That someone had understood the importance of breastfeeding as much as the importance of alternatives to mimic breastfeeding felt like a really special discovery.

Speaking to the lovely family about their 13yrs of research on this product confirmed my intuition that this product was a true revolution for newborns who needed a bottle full time or even part time.

With Minbie, babies can feed intuitively with the technique that is developmentally right for them and that helps release digestive enzymes for proper digestion of the milk

For these reasons, I am proud to offer Minbie in the Nature’s Child Organic Baby Range. We do not add new products lightly around here. Our entire philosophy is about supporting natural parenting and avoiding unnecessary products that get in the way of bonding and Natural Physiological Functions. Minbie meets this criteria and I am thrilled for the new parents out there who can take advantage of this product. Click here to discover all that we did about Minbie.