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It’s Never Too Late to Start Using Cloth Nappies

Start Using Cloth Nappies at any age

Whether your baby is 6 months, 18 months, 24 months or just 4 weeks, there are no rules about when you can start using cloth nappies. Just Starting is half the fun! You can use Cloth Nappies at any age. Below we give you tips for each age!

If this is your  first time reading about Cloth Nappies, we recommend you read our Ultimate Guide to Cloth Nappies which is a long but very comprehensive article with excellent research that is one of the most read articles on the internet on this topic.

This short article below is also worth a read and helpful for any parent, beginner or experienced that needs some support or inspiration.

If you had good intentions to use cloth nappies but have not started yet, it’s not too late.

Remember the reason WHY you even considered it.

Without this WHY, it’s hard to start at all!

Was your reason cost or environment?

Today we help you get back in touch with your Inner Eco and get your Cloth nappy Mojo On!

Here are five good ages to start cloth nappies and the reasons why.

  1. Newborn Baby: It’s a great feeling being 100% cloth and never having to use disposables but not everyone is perfect. Starting at Newborn gets you in a great habit from day one. But there is a lot to get your head around with a newborn so nappies can feel like an extra for some. For me personally, it was half the fun! I loved it! But we are all different so if you getting overwhelmed. Pop them in the draw for another week until you feel ready.
  2. 6 weeks Old Baby: This is a natural time when parents are taking their first breath and thinking okay, we can do this baby parenting thing! If you purchased newborn nappies or size specific under 3 months, there is still plenty of time to get them out and enjoy them. If you purchased newborn nappies, they may not fit already depending on how much growing that beautiful baby has been doing.
  3. 3 – 6mths old baby: Did you purchase one size fits all like these gorgeous baby behinds or Nature’s Child Flats? Then you will absolutely love this age for using your cloth nappies. Your baby’s body has filled out and all nappies are starting to look snug and hold in all they are supposed to. If you have been using these nappies since birth, then you have been very patient. You may also be amazed at how quickly you can get a snug fit. You may also find that the nappy cover needs updating which is why we offer 4 sizes here. The medium size will tend to fit beautifully from 6 – 18mths and sometimes beyond but the small size is gold if you re starting at 6- 12 weeks. You can compromise on a nappy being a little big but not with a nappy cover. They must be snug and the correct size to serve their purpose well. If you are finding the nappy cover is not quite doing it’s job overnight, then this is a sign that you need to move to a wool cover. This is an easy time think  you may need disposables at night time but you  don’t with the right equipment. Use a Night Nappy as pictured above and a Wool Cover and it’s a perfect solution.
  4. 12 months plus: If you made it this far and still have not tackled cloth nappies, the cost and the stinking bins will be a big motivating factor right now to start. We suggest investing in a good value packs found in our bulk buy section. The extra savings are excellent with free nappies and free products to keep you well stocked. If you are not sure yet, then purchase a TRIAL PACK on the BULK BUY PAGE to try the nappies first.
  5. 2yrs plus: This age is preferred if parents are seeing no sign of toilet training yet! Most babies should be showing interest in the toilet by now. If they are too comfortable in their training nappies and absorbent disposable comfort, this is a good time to get them a little uncomfortable and highly motivated to change. This is true as much for you as the parent, not just your toddler. We suggest the Night Nappies for day and night to ensure good absorbency.

Change is rarely easy when you have a  routine so the most  important advice is to be patient for a few days.  You will get the hang of cloth nappies much quicker than  you may think on  your first try.  Leaks happen in disposable nappies as well so keep practicing. Try different brands  until you fall in love. If you are not happy with  any brands  we offer, we encourage you to explore reputable Australian Mother run companies. You can find a list of them on the Australian Nappy Association Page.

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