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Bellamy’s Organic proudly produce a wonderful range of family-friendly cereals, pastas, milk drinks and snacks.

Bellamy’s supports sustainable and ethical farming practices – a philosophy shared by all of our organic partners who believe in preserving our valuable natural resources while providing good food which appeals to everyone’s health and well-being.

Bellamies holds a community committment to increasing the awareness of the link between the quality of food we eat and our general health and wellbeing. Evidence is growing of the harmful effects of chemicals in our food, particularly on the health of our children. The rise in the incidence of asthma, eczema, allergies and hyperactivity has been linked to additives and chemicals in food.

Children, because they are smaller in size, consume larger percentages per body weight of what is considered a safe level of chemicals in our food. Also, babies and toddlers eat fewer food types but far more of them, especially fruit and vegetables.

Chemicals so widely used by modern farming technique are commonly present in these products. Feeding young, developing bodies with such affected foods, at a time when they are least able to deal with them, is a damaging practice. Bellamy’s Organic babyfoods are grown without the use of chemical additives.

All products are certified organic and meet the highest possible standards of production in the country. By using natural planting, growing, ripening and harvesting methods, organic food is also more likely to be better for your family’s health because it has retained maximum levels of vitamins and minerals essential for healthy development.

Organic food is simply the best choice for your growing baby and your family.


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