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Nature’s Child Bottom Balm Helps With Nappy Rash

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Bottom Balm by Natures Child

Bottom Balm was invented by us here at Nature’s Child back in 2005 because we needed a little Nappy Rash Helper!  It is still the most popular product in our whole organic baby range. There have been lots of baby brands create products and use our name Bottom Balm and we are flattered! But our Certified Organic Baby Balm remains the original and the very best, the purest nappy cream at 99% Certified Organic since 2005.

Our label has only changed once in 15 years but the packaging has always been the same. Ahead of our time, as usual, we knew back then that glass was best for product purity and recycled packaging. Sustainability has been at the core of all our product development and packaging at Nature’s Child since 2000.

Why is Bottom Balm so Good?

Bottom Balm works! From the moment you smooth it on to suffering skin, you should feel relief and see signs of soothing. Bottom Balm has a very quick effect to soothe and calm skin. Bottom Balm has a gentle smell of lavender and chamomile. Parents come to us after trying many different nappy rash creams.


With the constant questioning of ingredients, how can you know what you’re getting when you buy baby toiletries? We know you want the best for your baby and that you are concerned about product safety. There is only one way to measure the organic and natural status of ingredients without having to get out your smartphone to search the Web for the definition of every chemical name. Certification is the answer. Certification is the only independent measure of what ingredients are truly in a product.

Rather than looking up ingredients in the store yourself, look for this logo on the next baby product you pick up. It is often at the back of the product and sometimes on the front.

Natural Nipple Cream









So next time nappy rash strikes in the home of someone you love, just remember Nature’s Child Bottom Balm.

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