Certified Organic Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile Tea is for more than drinking and  has so many health benefits for a mother and baby. If you don’t like the taste, don’t drink it but use it on the body.

Chamomile Tea is a calming herb to help and your baby relax and sleep. Used in conjunction with a clean diet free from caffeine and stimulants like sugar, your nervous system and body’s ability to sleep well is greatly enhanced. Our tea is certified organic to allow you access this herb in it’s purest form.

Ideal to use as a compress on  your baby or children. You do this by wrapping the tea in muslin and placing it on their belly once cooled.

The therapeutic benefits allow this herb to be better described as a baby and mothers tonic. If we just think of chamomile as a tea we like or not, we miss the other great benefits. Mix with another herb such as spearmint to enhance the flavour and still get the benefits if you want to drink this as a tea. Personally, I love it just on it’s own but I’m aware not everyone will.

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Chamomile is a calming herb and is often drunk as a tea to help you relax and sleep. This tea is certified organic – a natural and pure way to settle yourself and your baby.

Chamomile has many uses and many more benefits.

Here are just some of the great uses of chamomile tea:
Sip during pregnancy to calm anxiety and/or help you sleep better.

Ask your birth attendants to make a compress of chamomile tea. (Warm tea soaked into a cloth) Use this against your perineum during the last stages of childbirth to help soothe your skin.

Pour some warm chamomile tea into your baby’s bath calming bath tonic for your new baby before bedtime.

Make a luke warm tea for your baby to drink from 6mths onwards.
Drink regularly while breastfeeding to help settle your baby.

Make a compress and sit on your baby’s tummy from birth if any signs of colic. The chamomile will be absorbed through their skin into their stomach. May provide some relief. Equally beneficial to use the compress on their head. This tea is certified organic – a natural and pure way to settle yourself and your baby.

Settle yourself after a long day with some tea for timeout, you will sleep better than your baby!

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