Certified Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea


Naturopath’s recommend Raspberry Leaf Tea during the last 8 weeks of pregnancy & the first 8 weeks of motherhood to support and strengthen uterine health.

For it to be effective during pregnancy it is not about how high the dose, but that it is taken in its natural form. Taking too higher dose during pregnancy is potentially harmful, this is why it is best to avoid tablets and have the tea in its natural form.

Benefits Include

  • Natural Tonic for the reproductive system
  • Helps restore uterus health and harmonises the hormones
  • wonderful nutritive properties that are also important not only when conceiving, but through out the entire pregnancy
  • Certified organic and grown in Australia
  • 2 heaped teaspoons to a medium pot of water, brew for 10-15 minutes and drink through out the day.
  • In summer, you can make this a refreshing cold tea to drink throughout the day

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