Cherub Baby Silicone & Glass Baby Food Storage 3pk 120ml


Are you looking for a chemical free solution to bake, freeze, microwave and serve your baby food all from the same container? Cherub Baby’s glass and silicone baby food storage containers are made from super light but high strength borosilicate glass that’s inert and won’t hold any odours. These glass containers are specifically designed for freezing, baking, storing, transporting, and serving meals to your baby and even the whole family.

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Borosilicate glass is a superior grade of glass that’s inert and will not hold any odours. It is scratch resistant and won’t stain or easily house any bacteria. Light yet tough, it has a thermal shock resistance so high you can confidently transfer these containers from your freezer to your oven.

These plastic free baby food containers are completely non toxic, BPA and phthalate free. They are made from glass and food grade silicone and nothing else!

They are ideal for your homemade baby purees, plus they also fit into lunchboxes. They are perfect for storing snacks, dips, yoghurt, sauces, berries, nuts (the list goes on) as well as baking single serve quiches, muffins, brownies and more! These versatile containers are designed and built for a long life, so you can safely reuse them time and time again.


• Containers are free from all nasty chemicals.
• No BPA, PVC, Phthalates. Non-toxic & environmentally friendly.
• Product exceeds European, US and Australian food contact testing standards.
• Made from pure crystal clear borosilicate glass that does not stain, and is non porous.
• Scratch and odour resistant.
• Pure LFGB food grade silicone lid and easy grip band.
• Watertight and airtight lid incorporates a sealable air vent for microwaving.
• Easy write on and wipe off name and date label on the lid.
• Non toxic marker included.
• Move from oven straight to fridge/freezer as the glass has a 400ºC thermal shock re-sistance.
• All parts are microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe.
• Each container is 6.5cm diameter x 5.3cm tall and weighs 99g.

What’s in the box?

• 3 x Borosilicate glass storage container.
• 3 x LFGB silicone lid and star vent top.
• 3 x Silicone easy grip band.
• 1 x Non-toxic marker.

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