Cherub Baby Wide Neck Sippy Cup Adaptor


Turns any wide-neck glass bottle or straw bottle into a sippy cup

The adaptor pack transitions baby from bottle to sippy cup. If you have a cherub baby bottle or similar wide neck baby bottle then you simply remove the teat and replace it with this non-spill BPA-free Sippy Spout with handles.

Design recommended for 6 month+ babies.

Included in the box:

  • Silicone Sippy Spout
  • Ergonomic Handles

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Turns Cherub Baby and Avent wide-neck glass bottles into a or sippy cup

Start with a Cherub Baby Bottle and then add the adapter pack. This allows you to buy one bottle and just change the tops. This is the ultimate in eco-friendly and money-saving practicality.

  • Fits all Cherub Baby Wide-neck glass baby bottles and many other brand wide-neck bottles 
  • Safe: 100% BPA Free, handles and non-spill silicone teat
  • Design for 6 month+ babies

When you are looking to introduce your child to a cup after the breast or bottle, a sippy cup is fine for a short period but we would recommend going straight to a straw cup if you can. The occasional use of a sippy cup is nothing to worry about, but it’s easy to become dependent on anything that makes a parent’s life easier. Parenting experts say babies should not drink from a sippy cup frequently over a prolonged period but a few months is fine. This is another reason the sippy cup adapter pack is ideal for a short period of time.

Pediatrician Dr. Nimali Fernando, co-author of Raising a Healthy Happy Eater, says: “Sippy cups encourage babies to do just that, to sip. But constant sipping on anything but water isn’t good for the health of a baby’s new teeth. Acid from the drink may wear down the enamel and demineralize teeth, leading to tooth decay.  I highly recommend this article from the USA which covers off baby tooth decay, tongue position, swallowing patterns, speech, teeth and other important developmental milestones that can be affected by the choice of a sippy cup or straw cup for your toddler.

If you need to offer a sippy cup on occasion just for your sanity, it’s fine!  It is only repeated use that can create potential problems with their palette as the article explains.

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