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These short pile Extra Large size fine quality sheepskin rugs are environmentally friendly made exclusively from New Zealand sheep. A sheepskin has multiple uses for a family and new baby: you will just love it and use it daily. Read how below! No tanning with harsh chemicals. Size approx. 30″ x 20″ or 50cm x 76cm  Scroll down to read more.


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The sheepskins are expertly trimmed, machined and washed and left to dry in the sun.The tanned fleece is then combed over and over by hand and finally polished to enhance the natural lustre of the sheep’s wool. The finished rug takes over 25 stages, expertly carried out by skilled hands. A lovely sheepskin rug for your baby.

What is a baby care sheepskin?
A sheepskin rug is easy to use and wash with no fuss. It has always been my go to baby item for comfort and cleanliness as bub and I move around visiting friends and family. The machine washable baby sheepskin has no joins or backing, just soft hide leather on the reverse of the wool.
There is lots of research showing how babies settle into the warmth and comfort of wool, crying less and sleeping more. Have a look around the internet for more on this topic.

Why short pile?
Our preference is for short wool fibers so this is all we sell. Short fibers support babies better and are a little easier to keep clean and remove any concerns about a baby’s face getting lost in the fibers.
Where Should I use my sheepskin?
In the cot, on our lounge floor, down the park, anywhere that I am visiting people, under his play gym, picnics with friends, in the backyard. I believe this is the easiest to care, portable, safe, and natural home for my baby.

Why do parents love a sheepskin for baby?
Personally, I find “my sheepie” to be the most useful & versatile way to help me care for my baby when out and about! When I need a safe and familiar place to lay my son that is clean and smells familiar, whatever the surface, this is his movable home! It is light and easy to transport, does not need special cleaning or lugging about. It has no moving parts to break. There is no off-gassing from cheap bassinet mattresses, it’s just natural and easy. Here are just a few places I use my sheepskin.

Is Washing easy?
You will be able to enjoy your Sheepskin for many years, provided you follow the care instructions detailed below.

When you first open your sheepskin, the wool may appear flattened from being packaged. Wool fibres are very resilient and will bounce back to their original springy appearance soon.
A vigorous shake will also help restore the soft, fluffy appearance of the wool. Any fold marks from packaging will disappear once the skin has been removed from the package for a few days. I love putting mine in the sun to keep it fresh and get a good “sun clean” as well.
Storage Should you wish to store your Sheepskin at any time, place it in a cool airy place avoiding direct sunlight. Packaging in plastic bags for an extended period of time is not recommended as the Sheepskin fibres will not breathe and condensation may occur in warm conditions.
Washing Our unique tanning process enables your Sheepskin to be easily hand or machine washed. It is important not to use hot water when washing Sheepskins as this may damage the pelt of the Sheepskin.

Hand Washing Use a mild liquid household detergent in cold or warm water (max 40degreesC/105degreesF). Do not use soap or washing powders containing enzymes or bleach, or which are alkaline. Do not use fabric softeners. Rinse thoroughly in warm water. Hand squeeze as much water from the Sheepskin as possible or spin in the washing machine. We recommend biodegradable soaps and Lanolin based wash products.
Finest quality pure sheepbskin, soft and gentle on the skin. Warm in winter, cool in summer, these sheepskin baby rugs make wonderful natural comforters for you and your baby to enjoy.
They can absorb up to 30 percent of their own weight of moisture without feeling cold or clammy, creating a natural dry zone around your baby.

Size approx. 50cm x 76cm / 20″ x 30″. Trimmed short wool (pile 2cm or 1.25″) or natural length long wool (pile 5cm or 2″). Machine washable.This nursery rug is our best seller and makes a perfect gift.
Ecowool’s natural baby care sheepskin rugs are tanned to New Zealand Wool Board specifications for infant use. The Guidelines include the following instructions:
Nursery rugs are completely free from vegetable or other foreign material. Fibre loss must be minimal. Mean staple length of sheepskin to be between 1″ and 3″. Mean fibre diameter to be no more than 30 microns. Must be unbleached or a pastel shade. Must be effectively sterilised.

Ecowool baby rugs are sterilised using the trademarked ‘Sanitise’ method.
Ecowool baby sheepskin rugs are environmentally friendly and natural and are made exclusively from NZ sheepskins. Unlike some sheepskins made elsewhere in the world they’re not tanned using harsh chemicals like arsenic and formaldehyde.

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