H20 Wipes – Refill Pack 100


we have plenty of packs of 40 even though the 100 packs are out of stock so head over HERE to get put 40.  H2o wipes are a compact pod that turns into a wipe when you ADD water. Great for out and about. Just place under tap for a few seconds and watch them expand. Shake and Use. Simple, Easy…a throw away wipe that will biodegrade and has no additives at all. Read more below.

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H2o Wipes offer you the perfect blend between a disposable and re-usable wipe with no chemicals.

This lightweight ‘pod’ transforms with just 10-15ml of liquid into a 26 x 20cm durable, all purpose, re-useable cloth! The economical refill pack can be used to top up the travel tube if you have one or you can just put a few in your bag or pocket. Easy to take anywhere and they don’t take up much room in your nappy bag. Popular for Bushwalkers and camping too.

A great parenting aid, you will use your H20 wipes for messy fingers, clothes and faces and of course nappy changes. Any Liquod will turn these pods into a wipe so if you prefer a antiseptic to swab wounds or toner to cleanse and remove make-up, then those liquids will work perfectly too.

H2o wipes are FREE of preservatives and alcohol and sulphates. Great for allergy sensativities, highly absorbant, soft and gentle on any skin type, reuseable and 100% bio-degradable!

H2o wipes are made from 100% regenerative resource plant material, very compact and convenient. They are 100% bio-degradable, so whether you dispose of them or re-use them, they can be thrown into your compost bin with your veggie scraps and they will break down like organic matter leaving no harmful residues or chemicals.

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