Jack n Jill Silicone Finger Toothbrush Pkt 2


THE PERFECT BABIES FIRST TOOTHBRUSH – Jack N Jill Kids Silicone Finger Toothbrush 

Babies First Toothbrush! Use from 6 months or as soon as you think it is necessary. Recommended by dentists as the perfect first toothbrush. Just like this photo, you sit baby on your lap with their back to your stomach and hold your arm and finger around them so you can both be comfortable while cleaning. Do this facing the mirror if possible so you have a clear view.  There are many baby toothbrush designs and the full system is explained very clearly below when you click on description for more information.

  • Gentle on gums made from Non-toxic and BPA Free, Plastic Free
  • Made from 100% medical/food grade silicone

See full details about this product and the full Jack n Jill Baby Toothbrush range with accessories here

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Jack n Jill Silicone Finger Brush Pkt 2 is babies perfect first toothbrush made from medical grade silicone for good oral hygiene for your baby

Babies first toothbrush is a big deal from what I can remember. We did not have anything as perfect as this Jack n Jill silicone finger toothbrush. This design is an excellent way to introduce a simple and effective start towards good oral hygiene. Very easy to use, gentle on gums, non-toxic and BPA free. Just pop baby on your lap facing out and effortless glide the brush into their mouth for soft easy brushing. Your baby will love it, especially if they are teething! It is a lovely gentle gum rub.

Many parents wonder when they should get their baby their  first toothbrush  Silicon is ideal for young babies as there are no bristles to chew on which can break off and be swallowed. Silicon is strong and safe for young teething babies.

Jack N’ Jill have given you 2 brushes per packet so you can replace the first brush easily and quickly if it has not already worn out in 6 weeks. The brush side is to clean teeth gently and the dimple side is for massaging teething gums, removing residue or milk or foods caught in babies gums and any teeth that have appeared. Always keep your Silicone Finger Brush clean by washing with warm water. It is safe to sterilise and should be stored in a clean container.

There should always be adult supervision when using the Silicone Fingerbrush on a baby/children. – The Silicone Fingerbrush is not a pacifier or teething device and is not designed for chewing.

Discard immediately if torn/damaged to avoid baby swallowing bits.

The Jack & Jill Toothbrush System for Kids Explained

The Jack n Jill Baby Toothbrush system starts with silicon toothbrush and moves up to soft bristles and then an electric toothbrush when they are older. Compliment the toothbrush with your favourite flavour toothpaste. Start with silicon as this is softer on the gums

Baby Toothbrush with nylons bristles and characters can be selected from 3yrs if you are comfortable with your child having nylon bristles. We recommend a good swish and spit in case kids don’t like brushing and one of the Rinse Cups are ideal for that. They also make a great toothbrush holder and teach kids to be organised with their brushing, keeping their brush and cup in one place. Great Dental Hygiene starts from toddler years and habits are easily formed so set your kids up with an easy system that will becomes a lifetime habit. There are 4 Designs in the Rinse Cups.

  • Bunny Brush and Matching Rinse Cup
  • Dinosaur Brush and Matching Rinse Cup
  • Koala Brush and Matching Rinse Cup
  • Hippo Brush and Matching Rinse Cup

The last stage which can last as long as they love the Buzzy Sound is the Electric Buzzy Brush. Children have to be old enough to understand this cannot be thrown in water and must be turned on and off after use. See full details about this product and the full Jack n Jill Baby Toothbrush range with accessories here

Jack n Jill Baby Toothbrushes – 4 styles for 0 – 7 yrs ~ Soft Silicone Bristles Gentle ideal for baby teeth and sensitive gums 100% Medical/Food Grade Silicone

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