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The Nappy That Fits Every Baby, even newborns as it is smaller than most one size nappies. Great Value Nappy that fits newborn until 2 yrs approx. We love the flexibility of having no built in fastening. FITS ALL BODY SHAPES. JUST ADD A SNAPPI AND A NAPPY COVER! Adjust the closure with a snap fastener in your favourite colour. 

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Mandy Mac Hemp MCN Cloth Nappy  REVIEWS BELOW!
Purchase a nappy cover for full waterproofing or use any ones you already have at home! Read on line reviews below or search yourself!
Imagine a nappy that fits every baby no matter how small or big they are? Most cloth nappies are great but once you try them, you find that certain fitted styles do not suit all leg and body shapes. The beauty of this design is that there is heaps of flexibility to ensure this cloth nappy will fit your baby, and your friends baby, and the next baby…every time!
Hemp is super absorbent which is a massive bonus. Little water is required to grow this ultimate eco friendly fibre.
Hemp gets softer and softer with washing and is super durable as a fabric. This is a great way to get started with MCN cloth nappies.
You need to purchase a snappi nappy fastener at the link above to close this nappy. 
Excellent ***** and Very good ****
The last review NO. 4 is really comprehensive and worth a read, Thanks for Rohini for this detailed report!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2010 

1 – Excellent *****We love our Mandy Mac nappies, they make up most of our stash. Snappi fastening is an advantage from my point of view because it means you can get a better fit than with nappies that have velcro or snap fastenings. These nappies are fantastic daytime nappies, especically using the booster they last for ages. Also they’re quicker drying than some other better-known brands of fitted nappies.

2 -Good ****A great budget OSFA nappy. only draw back is using a snappy to fasten it. I love the inbuilt liner.

3 -Excellent ***** I love the Mandy Mac nappies, they make up almost all of my nappy stash :)They have a good absorbancy and come with an extra booster. I love the fact that they do up with a snappi, it makes them a better fit. I could never see the point in paying for printed fitteds when they need a cover over the top anyway. These are plain, simple, don’t cost the earth and with the money I saved by choosing these I bought some funky covers with. They are a great workhorse nappy.

4 – Very good with only one drawback to be aware of: When I first saw this nappy it immediately looked simple! Bonus for tired parents!  Whilst it has all the benefits of being a fitted nappy, it also displays the simplicity of a basic cotton terry square. Being done up with a snappi makes it uber versatile size wise without dealing with endless poppers or noisy Velcro.

This was my go-to nappy when my bub was first born. I could just fold down the front portion and lay over the flaps for a snug fit and he was only 3.5kg then. Now he is 6kg I just pop it on without folding down the front and it still has masses of room for growth. As he has grown and has began to outwet the main nappy, I just added the extra booster and we are set. 

The material is a major attraction for me. It’s super absorbent yet dries really fast and is ethical and better for the environment. I find it to be way less bulky than other fitteds which is great for day wear under your bub’s cute outfits. The snappi attaches to the material really easily yet the material doesn’t catch or fray. 

The ruffled gussets are really effective at containing poo-splosions and the elastic is awesome and has kept its strength even through hot washes, sun drying and even multiple times in the dryer to soften the Nappy up! 

Although the whole nappy is absorbent, the main absorbency tongue is attached at one end and long. This means that you can fold over at the front for a boy or in the middle for a girl to tailor where the bulk of absorbency sits. It also means that when drying, you can lay the tongue out and it dries faster. 

I would say the only draw back with this Nappy is being mindful of either drying it in the shade or popping it in the dryer on ‘air’ to keep it soft as it can become quite scratchy if left in the sun. 

I would totally recommend this nappy for its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s completely, reasonably priced but invaluable as a staple in any cloth nappy stash. 

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