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The Best Disposable Cloth Nappy Liners for Cloth Nappies

Nature’s Child Bioliners have two practical uses for every parents. One as a nappy liner and secondly as a home made baby wipe which is explained at this link 

PLA is made from Corn – 00% natural and renewable cornstarch. These liners can be composted or flushed if filled with poo. Roll of 200. Please scroll below for more detailed information on this product.

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Bio Liners – The Best Disposable Cloth Nappy Liners for Cloth Nappies

Our  bioliner measures 30cm wide and 16cm long and has two great uses. Firstly, as a Cloth Nappy Liner to catch poo solids and secondly, to make your own baby wipe by just adding water or any other recipe you prefer. Watch our You Tube Video Here so you  know why we think this is the best cloth nappy liners for cloth nappies.

. Reduce washing, stop smells, reduce rubbish and save money! Read more below.
**Not suitable for septic systems.

Why Use a Bio Liner?

Bio liners collect the poo to help prevent soiling of your cloth nappies and stop smelly bins when discarding disposable nappies. Simply lay a bio liner  inside your cloth or disposable nappy. Moisture passes through the bio liner to the nappy and solids remain on the bio liner. Use one bio liner at each nappy change. One size fits all babies.
Cleaning and Disposal
A bioliner puts human poo where it should be, flushed in the toilet, not the bin.
*Flushing this product is never suitable for septic toilet systems and we only recommend occasional, necessary flushing. Never put any extra’s down the toilet is common sense but the odd one full of poo is just fine. Just not more than one a day!
*Only flush liners in your toilet when necessary such as with wet poo.
*Compost or Bin Wet Liners
* PLA ingeo is a biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources – in this case corn.

Bioliners: our new nappy liners double up as baby wipes! Simply place the samples in a kitchen container and add approximately 20mls of water. You can adjust the amount of water to suit your desire for dry or wet wipes. This will give you one days supply of baby wipes to either use at home or carry out with you in your nappy bag. The beauty of this system is that they are made fresh in seconds daily and there are NO ingredients but you still get a biodegradable material to compost or bin as required!

Our Nappy Liners have been flushed for years in Australian Toilets with no complaints but in the light of the recent advertising on wet wipes clogging toilets, we are advising that all customers focus on the information that we have always provided which is Flush the poo ones –  wash or bin the wet ones.
This is our most popular item purchased at Nature’s Child due to its convenience and need for most parents. As we cannot always keep up with stock, we now offer 2 styles of nappy liners and one or both brands will always be in stock for you to choose from. Use with cloth or disposable nappies to make nappy cleaning easy.5 Great reasons to use a Bioliner with your nappy whether disposable or cloth!! 1 – No need to scrape poo off your cloth nappies anymore – simply place one of these nappy liners inside any cloth or disposable nappy and it will catch the poo before it gets into the nappy. 2 – You only have to wash a wet nappy, not a pooey one when you use a bioliner. We recommend you BIN wet liners to avoid unnecessary flushing. You can flush poo filled liners if they are messy but we recommend limiting flushing to avoid any system clogging.3 – Makes using cloth nappies easy when you are out of the house! Simply dispose of the poo in sanitary nappy bins and take home a wet nappy for washing. 4 – Our bioliners may assist in keeping your baby’s skin dry! 5 – Our bioliners can be cut in half for a newborn, potentially turning your roll of 200 into a lot more! Not suitable for septic systems.

1 – STOPS STINKY BINS. Place a bioliner in your disposable nappy to collect your child’s poo and throw it away. Enjoy the reduced stink! 2 – In a recent survey of 50 mums, 50% said it reduced their disposable nappy use on a daily basis. 25% said it reduced it by half with their newborn baby. Saving them hundreds of dollars in extra disposable nappies and reduced their rubbish. Newborn babies do lots of small poo’s without wetting a nappy.By using a bioliner, you can throw away the small poo and keep using the same nappy. Only if the nappy is not wet of course!! Bioliners are made from PLA, a biopolymer from cornstarch. These thin liners are a time saving and wash saving helper for any nappy system. Purchase a roll of 160 or 200 and enjoy the savings! Even better, purchase for a few friends and save on postage costs.

Pea pod Bamboo Liners
While we love our own brand of nappy liners, Nature’s Child Ingeo Liners – we understand you may like smaller bamboo ones so here is a LINK for pea pods if you want to trial them as well.

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