Newborn Nappy Bulk Pack


4 nappies in this bulk pack – all white so it's a lovely neutral beginning to life, allowing you to buy in advance while pregnant.  We recommend 2 packs of these combined with flat nappies in the first weeks and months for your babies life for a stress free, low cost start to your cloth nappy adventure.

A cloth nappy that is specifically designed for a newborn baby is the best way for you to gain confidence with cloth nappies as this is the easiest one ever to use – easy to clean – easy to change – fits all bodies for  0 – 8 weeks. Less for some babies that grow fast! Once you have the confidence with using cloth nappies from the start, it's impossible to go back. So give yourself this gift.

A common misconception is that they are expensive for such a short period of time. Buying 2 packs of these is the same cost at disposable nappies in this period so you are on par cost wise. Cloth nappies get ridiculously cheaper after this newborn period as you can move on to one size that will fit for the rest of their days in cloth nappies.

Buying a trial pack or starter pack of cloth nappies is a great way to save even more on your nappies which is why we have created this pack for you.

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