Organic Cotton Monkey Teething Baby Rattle


Monkey Teething Baby Rattle

These adorable knitted teether rattles are the perfect shape for babies little hands to hold with ease from about 3 months onwards. The very gentle and delightful rattle sound is soft and subtle to soothe baby.

Made with an organic cotton velour and knitted cotton on the outside and filled with recycled PET.  The fabrics means they are easy for parents to wash and not too hard but just the right amount of relief for teething gums without losing shape when you wash the toy.

  • The Premium quality organic cotton fabric is a combination of a knit and velour
  • Low-impact eco dyes
  • Machine washable
  • PET filling

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Organic Cotton Monkey Teething Ring – Baby Rattle

Looking for a baby rattle? Our organic Natural Teething Rings will delight you.. Give your baby the care they deserve with purely organic baby toys.

Non-toxic and chemical free has to be the bottom line for our babies when it comes to teething toys to suck on. The My Natural knitted Monkey teething toy is Hypoallergenic, eco friendly and natural. We love the packaging too as this makes the Monkey Rattle a gorgeous gift. View all our ORGANIC & NATURAL Baby Toys HERE

Buying Cute toys is such a fun part of parenting. A baby rattle is a timeless toy but it’s not just for fun! Teething is serious business for babies so a gentle baby rattle and safe teething ring are essentials, not optional in most households. This may be one of your first excursions as a parent into the world of Toy Shopping. It is quite shocking how much rubbish is out there so never buy on price. One or Two toys are all your need. Keep focused on the fact that you are looking for something safe to go in your baby’s mouth.

Like all baby products here at Nature’ child. We select safe teething toys to support your baby’s immunity by reducing exposure to toxins. View our Full Teething Toys range here. We don’t overwhelm you with lots of brands, we select a few styles that include all the natural and organic options like wood, natural rubber and organic cotton. Just choose the best option for your baby. If you are not sure, we suggest one of each as your baby will be seeking soft or hard at different stages of teething.

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When to use a Teething Toy?

-baby teething –  sore gums, – baby crying – a baby rattle and teething toys help with mild soothing pain relief and distraction.


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