Paddlepants Reusable Baby Swim Nappies


Paddle Pants by Seedling Baby are beautiful one size baby swimmers

We love this gorgeous Aussie Animal Design. Paddle Pants are environmentally sustainable, simple to use and economically sound. They hold the accidents and keep pool and beach time as safe as possible. The Australian animal design will delight your toddler and your friends with it’s bright and bold fun characters. Designed by an Aussie Mum with 6 kids knows how to create reusable swim nappies. Grab a matching Aussie Beach Bag too!

The high rise in this designed has been welcomed by parents who love the great fit.

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Paddle Pants Reusable Baby Swim Nappies by Seedling Baby

Just the one swimmer will fit your baby from birth to toddler with these Paddlepants. A great way to save money, buy less while your toddler can paddle at the beach or pool. Parents love the convenience of  Paddle Pants reusable swimming nappies by Seedling Baby.

Fitting most babies from birth to 16 kg, are the result of 2 years of research, design, creation and modification. Built to contain any of those nasty surprises that tend to come at the most inconvenient times when you are trying to have a lovely day out in the water.

These swim nappies are great for the beach or pool and come in Super cute, specially designed custom prints. You can even use them in an emergency as a nappy cover over cloth nappies.

Paddle Pants reusable swim nappies are environmentally sustainable, simple to use and economically sound, which means now parents can enjoy paddling too.

Australian Owned Business

Made Ethically in China

Not sure these are for you and your baby swimming classes this summer? Read some parent reviews below or view our full range of baby swimmers here.

Let’s talk BABY SWIMMERS –🏊‍♂️ Are wondering if they’re worth the investment? Here’s the brief rundown on why they’re cheaper – cuter – better 🌏✔️

We sell 3 brands of swim nappies for you to choose from but we particularly love this inspiration from Seedling Baby.

Let’s say a one-size-fits-most reusable swim nappy (like seedling Paddle Pants) sets you back $25 and you go swimming with your bub once a week at the local swim centre, all year round. That’s 48 cents for each wear during the first 12 months.

Add to that the extra 18 months of weekly lessons you’ll get out of this swim nappy and the cost per wear comes down to 19 cents. Now that makes baby swim more affordable!

Add to that all the other times you go swimming with bub throughout the summer months and your cost per wear drops even further.

On the other hand, a disposable swim nappy will set you back around 1.37 every time. Over two and half years of weekly lessons, that’s $178. (Average price of premium brand disposable swim nappies across 3 sizes)

The difference between $25 and $178 is a delightful $153.

It is also the satisfaction of knowing you’ve saved over 130 single use products heading to landfill over the first two and half years of your child’s life.

Fresh stock of Paddlepants by Seedling Baby in Aussie icon prints hitting Nature’s Child now but you’ll have to be quick! Stock is very limited until more stock 🚢 arrives


Very impressed with the Paddle Pants. My daughter has worn it now for over 6 months. It is so fantastic that the nappy can be adjusted to fit her quickly growing body. The quality is fantastic and looks just as good now as it did brand new.

Hayley, Newcastle

I used the swim nappy (Paddle Pants) for the first time yesterday. My boy’s allergies have been playing up big time, so nappies have been a shocker, to the point I almost considered disposables! I had no idea he had a major poo until I took the swim nappy off. It wasn’t even on the gussets!

Shelley, Nowra

Mr 23 months is just off to the pool to show off his Paddle Pants again. Love, love, love them!

Lorna, Sydney


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