Pandas by Luvme Disposable Nappies pck 14 – Pull Ups 12-24 kgs


Comfort & nurture your baby with eco bamboo. Pandas Pull Ups by Luvme are super absorbent and have no harsh chemicals. This product is great for toilet training! They are so soft they almost feel like a cloth nappy. Bamboo is hypoallergenic so perfect on bub’s sensitive skin and will assist to minimise any rash. Remember, our planet is left to our babies!

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Product Features of Pull Up Nappies

  • Triple Strength Tab
  • Super Absorbent
  • Aloe Liner for Sensitive Skin
  • UNISEX & One Size Fits All
  • Weight Range: 12-24kg
  • Elastic Waist Band
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Bamboo Cloth-like Fabric
  • 100% Chlorine FREE
  • No Perfumes or Moisturising Lotions
  • No Latex, PVC, TBT, or Antioxidants
  • FREE from Phthalates
  • No Alcohol or Preservatives

Product Ingredients

  • Bamboo fiber non-woven
  • ADL = acquisition diversion layer is non-woven fibre to distribute the urine faster
  • Absorbent Layer (Fluff pulp & SAP)
  • Full Frontal Tape
  • Aloe Essence
  • Elastic Waist Band
  • Velcro Tape
  • Packaging is earth-friendly LDPE Fill


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