SAVE over $10 with this Baby Beehinds Trial Pack


Baby Beehinds Cloth Nappy Trial Pack

Get 3 nappies and 1 PUL cover to trial these nappies. This is the bargain way to experience these nappies on your baby. Winner multiple times over for the best cloth nappy we can’t recommend this cloth nappy highly enough.

Baby Beehinds Bamboo & Organic Cotton one size nappies are super soft, durable, easy to wash. The nappy is adjustable to all ages, preventing you from having to buy many sizes. We recommend one PUL nappy cover to every nappy of this style that you own is usually sufficient.

Trial the practical, fashionable and organic and natural bamboo Baby Beehinds cloth nappies. These award-winning nappies are loved universally and the trial pack is a great way to get cloth nappies. The colour of the PUL cover we send you is usually white but always a neutral colour based on what we have in stock.

Individual Value $112  YOUR TRIAL PACK PRICE only $99

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Baby Beehinds Cloth Nappies Trial Pack

This great trial pack consists of: 3 x Baby Beehinds Bamboo and Organic Cotton Nappies – One Size Fits All and 1 x Baby Beehinds PUL cover so that is $112 of value for only $99 when you purchase a trial pack of natural organic and bamboo nappies

Baby Beehinds is an Multiple Award Winning Australian brand

Please select the right cloth nappy size to fit your baby: Newborn 3.5 – 5 kg Small 4 – 6 kg Medium 6 – 12 kg Large 12 – 16 kg

Please see related products for more information on each of the Baby Beehinds Bamboo and Organic Cotton Nappies – One size fits all and Baby Beehinds PUL cover.


  • Pre Wash 3-4 times (no detergent) prior to using to open up the bamboo fibres. No need to dry between cycles.
  • They will reach best absorbency after 8 + washes
  • Remove solids from nappy & place in nappy bucket (dry pail method, no soaking)
  • Wash nappies every second day to prevent mould.
  • See our Washing Advice for recommendations.
  • Line Dry or tumble dry on LOW but minimise drying to prolong nappy life
  • Natural fibres allow better breathability, so in summer or hot climates leave a cover off for ultimate breathability for bubs skin!
  • Super absorbent means they take longer to dry than other styles, however if you have a minimum of 24-26 nappies for full time use, you will have plenty of options whilst your fitteds are drying!
Night Nappy Option: They offer fantastic absorbency for day-time use, and can successfully be used overnight on average-heavy wetters when teamed with a night booster (or 2 if required) and Wool nappy cover.
If line-drying, after some time they may feel ‘stiff’ when you bring them in off the clothesline. We compare them to the feeling of a pair of denim jeans that has been line dried. A short tumble in the drier to finish off, or a manual scrunch by hand will soften them up before baby wears them, and of course, baby’s own body heat will also soften the nappies whilst being worn. It is normal for natural fibres to dry somewhat stiffer than pure synthetic fibres when line-dried.
Boys & tummy sleepers need more absorbency at the front. These examples are to use the nappy on the full size setting. Snap the long insert into the snaps at the front of the nappy .Fold the long insert in 3, and place so the 3 layers are sitting from the middle to front of the nappy. If you want additional boosting, snap the shorter booster into the back of the nappy & lay it over or under the 3 layers at the front.


This is using the  nappy on the full size setting. Snap the long insert into the back snaps. Bring the long insert forward to the front snaps, then fold it back so the end of the insert sits in line with the back snaps. For additional boosting snap the short insert into the front snaps and lay over (or under the long insert).

*** Please keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to fold the inserts. Try a few different combination to see what works for your baby. You can use both or just one insert, two long, two short for example.

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