Tom Organic Maternity Pads Pkt 12

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Organic Cotton Maternity Pads offering Premium Comfort

Wow! The comfiest maternity pad ever! It feels like a cushion, very soft, just what a mother who has just given birth needs. Made from Organic Cotton, we are seriously impressed with this very practical and essential post partum requirement.

We recommend placing your Tom Organic Maternity Pads in the freezer for maximum comfort if you have had a tear after childbirth. It’s an extra luxurious feeling.

TOM Maternity Pads are hypoallergenic, breathable, and specially designed to offer maximum comfort in the days after giving birth. Extra long for maximum protection, and designed with contoured, form-fitting, wingless technology to prevent leakage, these organic cotton pads are luxuriously cushioned and soft.

100% Certified Organic biodegradable cotton, Not tested on animals, Cruelty Free, Vegan.

Made in the EU from 100% organic cotton topsheet, 100% organic cotton primary core, polyethylene barrier back sheet

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Tom Organic Maternity Pads Pkt 12

Described by new mothers as ‘like sitting on a cloud’, TOM Organic Maternity Pads are breathable, comfortable and ultra absorbent. Maternity Pads are one of those absolutely essential New Mother Needs. Get your Organic Maternity Pads and Organic Cotton Breast Pads here which are a must, not an option as a new mum.


Ideal for the first few days and weeks post birth, made with elasticised wingless technology for optimum comfort and performance. We recommend purchasing 2-3 packs of maternity pads and changing every 1-2 hours post birth.

Every new mother is different. A vaginal birth means organic maternity pads are essential but you can bleed for as little as a week and up to a few weeks. Your child health nurse, doula or midwife can help you understand what is normal. To start with, I would recommend 2 packets for every new mother. You bleeding may lessen after one week so standard period pads may be all you need in the second week. Get two packets of Tom Organic Maternity Pads to keep you going!

If you are really sore after childbirth, here is my old trick for comfort and relief. My naturopath recommended I get some witch hazel from the health food store. I poured this liquid on to the pads and then put my maternity pad in the freezer! As I had a summer baby, these cooling pads with healing witch hazel worked a treat in the first few days.


Our maternity pads are made from 100% organic cotton topsheet, 100% organic cotton primary core, polyethylene barrier backsheet

Made in the EU

Tom Organic Maternity Pads


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  1. Shawnee Watts

    I can’t say enough, just how good this brand is. I’m allergic to many things, sanitary pads and toilet paper to name a few but TOM organic are made so naturally that there is no irritation! On top of that they feel like the softest cushion, can barely tell I’m wearing anything. It’s breathable, soft, high quality is one I will never turn away from for all my period year to come. Faultless quality in my eyes!

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