Tri Nature ALPHA PLUS Laundry Powder 2kg


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This bulk buy will lasts 4-6 months depending on the size of your family. The First time you purchase this item you select the bucket. For future shops, you only need select the refill. You can start with the refill pack strait away if you have another bucket at home you can use. My bucket has lasted me 15yrs! Details Below or View the full Range here 


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Eco-Friendly, Award Winning, Australian Made. Great Results with this high quality detergent. Because of the low salt content, this product is suitable for grey water. 
Both the Tri Nature 2kg bucket and 2kg refill packet will last you on average 4 months for a family of 4 who wash daily! So adapt this to the amount of people in your family. This means on average 50 less pieces of packaging as well as a huge financial saving. 
Did we mention time saving, less energy used, less transport costs and shopping?
Available Sizes:
Bucket (includes a scoop) $49.95
Refill Pkt $45.00
Sample 50ml $3.00
Purchase the bucket first time around. Save your bucket and purchase the refill pack, save money and packaging!
Environmental and ethical consideration: Contains no polluting phosphates or nutrients to disturb the ecological balance. Not tested on animals.Features & Benefits:
Ideal for hot or cold washing
Safe for septic tanks.
Vegetable based surfactant that delivers powerful, heavy duty performance on grease and grime
Non-toxic to the eco-system
Readily biodegradable and ecologically compatible
Carbohydrates (starch), coconut and palm oil, sugar esters and corn, wheat and maize derivatives create a truly ‘close to nature’ product
Mint Balm and Burdock assist bacteriological control with natural antiseptic and rinsing properties
Natural olive and caster oils extend performance in greasy loads
Petrochemical-free laundry concentrate
No ethylene oxide or other associated materials are used in manufacture
Low alkalinity formula
No caustic substances, phosphates, heavy alkalies or inorganic salts 2. Gentle on fabrics – tough on grime
Efficient, grey-water friendly formula
Mild PH level and grey-water compatible ingredients creates minimal impact on effluent and water recycling systems
Water from wash can be used for grey water with minimum treatment 3. Low-foaming formula ensures suitability for all types of machine 4. Solubility in water is immediate and complete

Directions for use:
Light soiling/Front Loader: 15 – 25gm Heavy soiling/Top Loader: 25 – 50gm 1 scoop = 25gm.Ingredients:Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Citrate, Capryl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside, Sodium Gluconate, EDDS, Optical Brightener, Sodium Polyacrylate, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Extract of Soapwort, Extract of Devil’s Bit, Fragrance.Note: Reduce usage quantity by up to 50% in soft water areas.

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