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Q: A sheepskin for my baby?

Personally, I find “my sheepie” to be the most useful & versatile way to help me care for my baby when out and about! When I need a safe and familiar place to lay my son that is clean and smells familiar, whatever the surface, this is his movable home! It is light and easy to transport, does not need special cleaning or lugging about. It has no moving parts to break. There is no off gassing from cheap bassinet mattresses, it’s just natural and easy. Here are just a few places I use my sheepskin. In the cot, on our lounge floor, down the park, anywhere that I am visiting people, under his playgym, picnics with friends, in the backyard. I believe this is the most easy to care portable, safe and natural home for my baby.  Discover the benefits of Sheepskins here.  Makes a great baby gift! 

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