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China and USA demand Australian Organic Baby Products

Its like every other day, I come into work and am delighted by all my on line orders. But today, I am alerted to a different kind of order. A student needs 12 of our certified organic bottom balm overnight as they are flying out of Australia the next day. There is something else I recognize about the order, the name is Chinese. I immediately understand what is happening as we get these orders regularly. We ship the order express post. Mission accomplished before the flight leaves back to China.

You see, this order was not for the person who purchased it, it is one of the growing number of on line orders we get for students who are visiting Australia for as little as 7 days for a “shopping trip”. They have been paid by a number of Chinese families to pick up organic baby products specificially Made in Australia for their babies that they cannot get easily in China.

Another order comes from New York. I start a chat with this mother as I am intrigued about how she found out about us. I often like to create a conversation with overseas clients as it helps us prevent on line fraud. “I found out about you on instagram” she tells me. “we love the purity of Australian Products” Well there you go! It is very exciting shipping to New York, one of the fashion capitalis of the world and to know that a little bit of Nature’s Child and Byron Bay is being used on little American babies.

Just like China, Americans love Australian made products. China and the USA perceive Australia as having high-quality products and their massive populations create a massive opportunity.

Journalist Charis Chang has been following the shopping trends of the Chinese in Australia. She says that “Businesses are now waking up to the buying power of the Chinese, who tend to shop as a recreational activity and are willing to drop large amounts of money on luxury products”

According to the latest Australian Organic Market Report 2017 new organic categories are driving the 15%+ growth in the $1.72 billion organic industry. The industry was valued at $947 million in 2010

Chairman Andrew Monk says that “For the first time, we asked consumers their reasoning behind choosing organics with 49% of respondents claiming that they first purchased certified organics as they became aware of the impact food, fibre and cosmetics may have on their health. 16% began buying organic specifically because of a health crisis,”

With demand for organics outstripping supply by 40%, the Australian retail market for certified organic products is also expected to continue on this growth path with private label products, certified organic processed foods and greater affordability driving this trajectory.

Meanwhile, on line stores like Nature’s Child are attracting buyers from all Australian states as well as countries like the USA and China.

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Discover Nature Play in Australia

When I was pregnant with my first child, I imagined all the fun I would have with my children.

I had memories of not having much as a child and I wanted this to be different for my family. More toys, more opportunities, more time with me and more love.

By the time my son was 2 yrs old, I looked around the overcrowded room of toys one day and realised this image did not match my idea of life, not that I had articulated it to myself or anyone else very well previously, I just had one of those life changing moments. I did not want my children growing up thinking it was okay to have all this “stuff” It all had to go!

I organized a huge garage sale and it all went. Anything left over went to the charity shop.

Once it was all gone, the first thing I noticed is how light my head felt and how clear the room looked. Christian came out to play that day and looked around the room for his toys. They werent’ there but he did not cry or seemed concerned. He just looked around the room, touched all the furniture slowly, then went outside.

The next thing that happened was the affirmation I needed that I had done the right thing. He ran to the garden, picked up a small shovel that I had left in our small stash of outside toys, and started digging. I watched him come back in side, find a container from my cupboard and return the garden. The next few hours involved a lot of digging and dirt. There was water, sand, plants and dirt involved and it was the most peaceful playing session I had ever observed.

When we used to play inside with toys, his attention span was never more than 2 minutes. I would continually show him a new toy or game or song, expecting the initial delight to last and feeling disappointed that he did not like it more.

It turns out that I am not the only parent to have discovered this. I discovered a lot of parents talking about Nature Play and Minimalism.

I love this blog by Denhaye Barahona and encourage you to check out her writings.

Canberra is leading the way in Australia for Nature Play Spaces for kids which is so important for their nervous system in this world of high tech.

I love this one in Western Australia too I love this story of how this nature event was an explosive success. Called the Cubby Town event, the nature craft activities are inspirational. Katherine Healy says that they were “We were astounded at the amazing cubby creations we saw on display, from multi-dome buildings draped in netting to form a gauzy ceiling, to structures with rope roof “beams” strung between trees and branches laid along the sides to form a triangular tunnel dwelling, to hanging shades hovering three feet off the ground, suspended from overhead branches, it was a wonder to behold.

Maybe you could consider a Nature Play Place for your town? Discover more at this link

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Why Are Adults Using our Organic Baby Products?

These 6 Best Sellers at Nature’s Child Organic Baby Range have huge adult followings!


As the only fully ACO Certified Organic Baby or Body Powder on the shelves right now for adults or babies, discerning customers are choosing the silky soft baby powder for themselves!

  • Powder is the ultimate body product to prevent chafing and reduce moisture fast so while it is ideal at nappy change time
  • Sports people, fitness instructors and even the local circus in my home town are using it and loving it to assist gripping.
  • Adults use baby powder after showering as part of a personal care routine so next time you are running low, grab a tube and discover how much softer this one is than most powders on the market. Our secret is the Tapioca which is so smooth it just feels lush to use.


Suitable to assist with all itching, rashes, dry skin, dry lips, dribble chins and burns.

  • Wonder Balm has become the staple in many family homes that need just one healing balm for the many skin incidents that happen in every family.
  • Ideal for cradle cap, baby scratches, rashes but the pure 100% Certified Organic Formula is a winner with more than babies.
  • Oncology patients are finding it helpful for lip sores and rough skin.
  • It is the perfect new baby gift for every bump and scratch that any family with a new baby and toddlers understands.
  • The biggest eye opener for me about this product was at a recent event where the irritation and sometimes bleeding that male athletes experience when running in some fabrics. Well that was news to me and our wonder balm is now solving this problem too.


The softness will blow you away. Made for fresh newborn skin, the soft toweling on one side and brushed flannel on the other has meant these are the most affordable and durable face washers on the market. At least this is how adults are adapting them. The Pkt 4 is ideal for your family. But again they were designed as reusable baby wipes which still makes them the most affordable and pure solution for wiping a fresh baby bottom.


It appears that many adults have sore bottoms too! A sore red bottom can need both relief from redness from scratching or just help to relieve an itch. Whether it is during a detox or just general worms or parasites. If your anus is itching regularly, see your naturopath as you may have a Gluten sensitivity or have fungus, worms or yeast allergy.


I should not have been surprised about this one because this is exactly what I use as my hand wash at my bathroom sink. Why would I use another product when I have made the purest and best. (proud and not shy of this!) I love the pump, it is easy to use and I love the silky feel that these simple 4 ingredients create. If you like smells, add 3 – 6 drops of your favourite essential oil to the bottle and shake. We don’t add any fragrance as this is for babies but you sure can.


This is a lovely moisturiser in cold, dry months. I find a quick rub on my arms and legs gets them soft quickly without the greasy feeling. If you feel greasy then you are using to much. Dry Shins and legs are common in adults who don’t have enough yummy fats in their bodies. Use Flaxseed or Hemp oil or Coconut Oil to moisturise yourself on the inside while using this in small amounts on the outside.

This 100% Organic Baby Skincare range which includes organic cotton necessities for new parents can be purchased at stockists around Australia and Internationally or right here at our on line store

Nature’s Child is a 100% ACO Certified Organic Baby Skincare range is the first of its kind in glass bottles and cardboard packaging for complete purity. Our ingredients and packaging meet our strict criteria of ZERO WASTE – ZERO HARM which is our vision for a better planet for our babies to inherit

“Our babies are born pure so it just makes sense to use the very best and very purest on their skin. All parents want this but many are hoodwinked by the green washing on fake organic products in our supermarkets. Discerning, educated customers know better and now trust platforms such as Inner Origin for real truth on labelling.”  Jannine Barron

Explore the Full Range of Organic Baby Products on our website including

1. The Ultimate Organic Gift Box – The ideal for baby shower or newborn gift as it includes most of the products below for both mum and baby
2. Organic Bottom Balm – 45g and 85g for the big fans
3. Organic Wonder Balm
4. Organic Baby Powder
5. Organic Baby Massage Oil
6. Organic Baby Wash
7. Organic cotton breast pads in 2 sizes Regular and Large
8. Organic Nipple Balm
9. Organic cotton baby wipes
10. Organic cotton face wipes
We know our babies are born pure which is why we buy them pure with certified organic baby products. Treat yourself as well!

Jannine Barron


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BREECH BIRTH – Safe Stories of Joy

BREECH BIRTH – Safe Stories of Joy

I also highly recommend the film made by our very own local Byron Bay Film Maker Karin Ecker

which you may find for sale at this link

or here

The Film is powerful because it shows the filmmakers journey when she wants to give birth to her breech baby in a hospital. The doctors tell her at first that she has to have a caesarean section. This is an inspiring documentary about her to attempt to birth naturally against all odds.

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The greenest stroller on Earth – the Greentom Upp

Loving the Eco Friendly Features of this pram, it was really helpful to come across this review on BABYOLOGY that helped us decide to stock it for its practical, lightweight and user friendly values as well.

By Anita Butterworth on 12th October 2015.This handsome stroller was once, among other things, soft drink bottles. Pretty amazing. It’s heralded as the greenest stroller on the planet, and it just happens to be superbly styled to boot. If you’re keen to reduce your environmental footprint while walking with your baby – this stroller has to be part of your plan.

Almost every household in Australia now has access to recycling bins, as part of kerbside rubbish collection. We fill it up, it’s taken away and we don’t think about it again. But innovative companies like Greentom are using our trash to make treasure.The Greentom Upp stroller’s frame is made using recycled plastic (polypropene), and it’s the fabric that is made from recycled soft drink bottles. But that doesn’t mean any compromise when it comes to form and function. The stroller is light (the frame weighs just six kilos) and strong, and Greentom’s new Upp Combination – which includes a Carry Cot, a Classic (forward-facing) and a Reversible seat – is now available in Australia, along with a host of accessories.

We’re well known for our love of clever Dutch design at Babyology, and the Greentom Upp is a shining example of how simple often equates to stylish.The range includes the Greentom Upp Combination, which costs $999. It’s basically a three-in-one stroller, with a Carrycot (bassinet), a Reversible seat and a Classic forward-facing option. The Carrycot is perfectly suited to newborns, right through to babies aged six months, then you can switch to the Reversible, which can be used up until about three years of age. The colour combinations reflect the minimalist Dutch styling, with mint, white, blue, black, sand and petrol shades all making an appearance.

The enviro-friendly components stretch beyond the frame and fabric, with the Carrycot bassinet housing a bio-degradable mattress. Made from fair trade cotton, Dutch flax and wool, it’s obvious that a huge amount of research and sustainable thinking has gone into every component of this stroller.

As well as being beautifully soft, all of the fabrics are washable. With the Carrycot attached, the Greentom Upp weighs around nine kilos – making it easy to manoeuvre and transport. There are also optional car seat adaptors available, to make this stroller an all-in-one travel system.

Once your baby is keen to explore the world beyond the stroller, you can switch to the Reversible seat – which can be forward or rearward facing. There are a multitude of reclining positions, so there’s lots of ways to get comfortable. With the Reversible seat attached, the stroller weighs in at a tiny eight and a half kilos.Greentom has also developed the Upp Classic, which retails for $549. Designed for children aged from six months to around four years, or 18 kilos, it also has a car seat adaptor – so with a capsule it can be used for newborns as well. This stroller weighs just over seven kilos, and has a really nifty feature: it can be folded into a freestanding position in just seconds, and the five-point-harness and belly bar ensure kids are kept safe and comfortable.

How about its environmental cred? The fabric for each stroller is made from 58 recycled PET bottles and the wheels are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic. They don’t have any screws or joins, making this stroller whisper quiet.The Upp Classic also offers a range of accessories including a rain cover made from high quality see-through plastic (TPU) and recycled soft drink bottles which is PVC free (making it the first green rain cover on the planet). The car seat adaptor brackets are compatible with Maxi Cosi and Nuna Pip car capsules and for the cooler months a warm and snug foot muff is also available.

And here’s the final word for the environment – many years down the track, when you no longer need your Greentom Upp – it can be recycled. It’s an environmental winner.

Article by Anita Butterworth
Anita lives in country Victoria and devotes her time to two beautiful, boisterous boys, writing for Babyology, working as a television journalist and possibly the best husband in the world (usually in that order). She can decipher the handwriting of a preschooler and stop brotherly brawls single-handedly, all while masterfully sipping freshly brewed Earl Grey.

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The day has come when your precious baby arrives…but hang on a second, what is that rash? What are
those pimples? What happened to the perfect idea of fresh unblemished skin on my newborn? Skin
conditions that are very common in newborn babies and in most case there is no need to worry. If you are
concerned, check with your baby health care nurse or doctor. For a quick reference guide, have a look at
this short list to allay any immediate concerns.

Keeping a jar of ORGANIC WONDER BALM handy will be a quick, natural and organic solution to most of these rashes.

NATURE as always builds in natural protection against most newborn baby rashes. It is called VERNIX and it is the gooey looking substance on a new babies skin when they are born. We recommend NOT wiping away your the vernix so quickly on your newborn baby. Vernix is your baby’s first beauty product! The thick substance acts as a sealant, shielding the baby’s skin from the drying effects of amniotic fluid. Without vernix, your precious newborn would look like a big ol’ wrinkled prune. Often a midwife will wipe this away so you can see your babies face once they are born, but if left on the skin, Vernix is nature’s protection. Because this is standard hospital practice  –  you need to mention this in your birth plan if you don’t want this to happen.

Baby Acne

Also known as ‘milk pimples’ which can last from as little as a few days to 5 weeks in some babies. Don’t use cleanser or any other adult techniques. It is perfectly normal for many babies to experience this and it generally does not irritate them. If your baby’s skin is dry and flaky alongside the pimples, then you can use a product such as organic wonder balm to reduce dryness and calm their skin.

Nappy Rash

Cradle cap can happen when there is baby’s scalp produce excess oil. When the dead skin cells fall off the baby’s skin, they stick to the oil and stay on the scalp. These oil secretions will normally clear up after the hormones normalise. You can read more about it here 

Heat Rash

Heat rash is common in the hottest months, or when a parent accidentally overdresses a baby they think is cold. The sweat glands in the skin can become blocked and swollen, causing some itchiness. It isn’t harmful and won’t cause too much discomfort for your baby. Check with a health professional if you are concerned.

Eczema – you are really going to need our wonder balm for this one!

It’s hard to know what might cause a baby to have eczema – there are so many possible causes that it is often hard to pinpoint what has caused your baby’s eczema. It could be a food allergy, a reaction to something that contacts the skin, and is often exacerbated by heat, and stress. Eczema sometimes goes away as your child grows up, but sometimes it is a lifelong condition.

Here is an excerpt from great article on bubhub about eczema and we recommend the article for more details on all 4 topics above if you need more details.


  • Itchy, dry, rough skin.
  • Most often on baby’s cheeks or in the creases of their joints.
  • Can have little bumps that ooze when scratched – and can become infected easily.
  • Excessive scratching can lead to scarring on the skin.

How to treat

  • Moisturise. Ask your doctor to recommend a good moisturiser.
  • Bath your baby in lukewarm water – too hot and it might irritate the baby’s skin.
  • Help them to not scratch – trim nails, or put mittens on their hands (socks work well too).
  • Only use mild, fragrance-free soaps, moisturisers, and washing detergents.
  • Only use soap where you baby is dirty – try to only use water otherwise.
  • Don’t over-dress them with clothes or blankets – the heat can cause a flare-up.


Article by Jannine Barron

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Q: A sheepskin for my baby?

Personally, I find “my sheepie” to be the most useful & versatile way to help me care for my baby when out and about! When I need a safe and familiar place to lay my son that is clean and smells familiar, whatever the surface, this is his movable home! It is light and easy to transport, does not need special cleaning or lugging about. It has no moving parts to break. There is no off gassing from cheap bassinet mattresses, it’s just natural and easy. Here are just a few places I use my sheepskin. In the cot, on our lounge floor, down the park, anywhere that I am visiting people, under his playgym, picnics with friends, in the backyard. I believe this is the most easy to care portable, safe and natural home for my baby.  Discover the benefits of Sheepskins here.  Makes a great baby gift! 

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Who are Nature’s Child?

Are you experiencing baby internet overwhelm?

Are you still looking for a baby information and shopping that aligns with your own values?

We are not your typical baby store. And Proud of it!

Welcome!! We are the shelter from the storm of internet overwhelm.

Take a breathe and start cutting back on your baby shopping research because there is so much out there to tease you about that you simply don’t need.

  • We don’t have hundreds of products for sale because, you simply don’t need them.
  • We believe that every decision we make every day impacts our planet – we are here for parents who choose to live simply.
  • We only make products that you and your baby NEED.
  • We verify all our claims of purity with certification.
  • We make it easy for you to use less products than your average parent with only the purest of organic and natural ingredients.
  • There is no chemical exposure or harm to any people or animals in our entire chain of growing, manufacturing or packaging.
  • The simple act of beautiful and 100% recyclable packaging reminds us that everything we buy is a gift and that the most important values we can pass on to our children are to live beautifully, simply and in harmony with our planet.
  • Stunning Packaging means the most practical is now the most perfect
    so you can share this message with your friends
  • We show you that living organically is completely achievable, realistic and easy when you are not wasting money on stuff you don’t need.

We know you don’t need much “stuff” so our goal is to inspire you to connect to your basic needs to care for you baby rather than getting caught up in expensive extras that come in cheap packaging. Are you always hearing how expensive it is to have a baby? Well, we are thrilled to let you know that this simply is not true! Empower yourself to get exactly what you need with the amount of resources you have. Are you thinking right now that you don’t have much to spend? Don’t worry, we also show you how to be resourceful and get exactly what you need for you and your baby with just the right amount of skill and communication with your friends and family. 

Because every decision we make every day impacts our planet we only make products that have the purest ingredients where there is no harm to the environment or any of the people in our entire chain of growing, manufacturing and packaging.

To verify this for you and for ourselves, we certify all our products with Peak Organic Industry Bodies that are recognised internationally including GOTS and Australian Certified Organic.

We believe this beautiful idea should then be reflected in our products and packaging . This simple act reminds us that everything we have is a gift and that the most important values that we can possible pass on to our children are living beautifully, simply and in harmony with our planet.

We know you don’t need much “stuff” We inspire you to connect to your basic needs to care for you baby rather than getting caught up in expensive extras that come in cheap packaging.

This is why our company is very different to any other baby company you will discover in your research journey. 


You can start looking at the simple things that you need by downloading your baby checklist here 

We are thrilled you found us today and hope we can serve you in the best way possible so you can grow your own natural and organic family and inspire others!

If you would like to register for our free sample program which arises from time to time, You can register your name here. 

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5 Easy Habits to Prevent Nappy Rash

Plus 3 bonus tips if your baby has nappy rash right now!
Have you come across those parents who say that their baby has never had nappy rash? Have you wondered how and why?

To avoid nappy rash, you need to keep babies bottoms dry and avoid friction that can cause a chafing rash around the bottom and leg area from skin and fabric rubbing together. This can happen in so many ways that you least expect. The good news is it is simple to avoid nappy rash if you know these tips.

We know lots of parents who say their baby never got nappy rash and this is what they did.

If your baby already has nappy rash while you are readying this, don’t worry, We also offer 3 BONUS tips below on what to do if your baby has Nappy Rash right now. Be sure to implement these Preventative tips strait away though as they are part of the solution as well.

Many parents rush to the chemist at the first sign of nappy rash but what’s in those creams? The complicated ingredient names is enough to put me off! We show you below how to avoid chemist products with just natural, old fashioned habits and cures.


This might sound obvious but using clean water or non-disposable baby wipes with no ingredients on them at all is the best way to keep your babies bottom clean. You can use a spray bottle of water to spray on a cloth wipe or you can use a good quality biodegradable disposable wipe as long as it has limited and only natural ingredients. If you have the opportunity to bathe your baby or put their sweet bottom under warm water then dry them with a fresh, organic cotton baby towel, this is the ultimate clean and it is ideal that this can happen at least once a day.


Powder quite simply absorbs moisture like sweat and urine and prevents further moisture build up. The Silkiness of a powder such as Tapioca also allows a cloth or disposable nappy to glide more effortlessly against the skin. Sot it ticks the boxes for reducing moisture and friction. It is also quick and easy to use and very inexpensive. Organic Baby Powder is a vital part of any nappy change routine in my book. Just sprinkle a bit direct on to babies bottom. It takes 2 seconds to shake it all over their bottom and provides great relief and dryness for your baby.

Tapioca starch is a widely acknowledged alternative to talc, as it is highly absorbent of natural oils and perspiration. Kaolin clay compliments Tapioca nicely as it is a smooth, natural mineral in powder form, and is particularly effective on sensitive skin.

My Gym Friends use it for the same reason. It is why Australia’s Greatest Ninja competitor and my friend Lisa Parkes loves Nature’s Child Baby Powder when she is training in her gym. It keeps the sweat away when she is training.

Adults buy our Organic Baby Powder for themselves as well as their babies to prevent chafing between the legs, under arms or under large breasts. Any creases where there is sweat and moisture that can become uncomfortable and itchy unless powder is used.

There are lots of lovely Organic and Natural Baby Powder Choices. Talc free baby powder is available for all of us so don’t let the billion dollar lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson put you off powder altogether. They used Talc for years in their baby powders and anyone living a natural lifestyle has known for years to avoid talc in any kind of body powder due to research revealing its potential links to cancer.


Spring and Summer are easy months to give our babies some nappy free time. Their skin will love having access to fresh air and sunshine. Babies need time to have no nappy or clothing below their waste to allow air flow to keep them dry and fresh. Not having a nappy reduces chafing or friction and gives times for baby’s skin to breathe.

If you have a newborn or young baby, we recommend using one or two Flat Towelling Nappies for baby to lie on. Use more than one if they are 3 months or older as their wee will be heavier than a newborn. This ensures any accidents from wee or poo can be caught quickly with the towel can absorb any mess with ease. Towelling Nappies are easy to wash. Just pop them in a nappy bucket to soak before your next wash.

Be sure to always be out of direct sunlight of course and use sunscreen if you are outside for any extended periods of time. Babies get sunburnt even easier than adults! Inside the house is ideal.

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it is particularly sensitive if you are a young baby so the first thing to keep in mind is the purity of any sunscreen product you use.

The main function of a nappy is to absorb the majority of moisture but there can be a residual amount remaining which sits against baby’s delicate skin and increases the chances of irritation. This is why we always give our babies nappy free time, even in a warm room on cool days.


If you’re not a fan of using powder, an alternative to try is a barrier balm which deters moisture and irritants from reaching the skin. Note the word balm instead of cream. Barrier “creams” tend to have non organic ingredients as the main component so are not as desirable.

Applying bottom balm hydrates the area whilst adding an additional barrier layer to avert the rash. Bottom Balm provides a protective layer and nourishes the skin. Using quality natural ingredients, a balm will form a mild protective barrier against moisture, while still allowing little skin to breathe. It’s also a great topical treatment to soothe and cool baby’s bottom when a rash is already present.

Your baby’s skin is so sensitive that it is important to choose a product made with high quality, natural or organic ingredients to minimise any risk of irritation.

5 – Nappy Liners

There are 2 types of nappy liners. Cloth and disposable.

The two major benefits of Cloth Nappy Liners are:

1. They keep your babies bottom dry if you use the right cloth fabric which is essential for heavy wetting babies like my son.

2. They collect the poo, making it easy to dispose and flush, leaving you to only be washing a wet cloth nappy. You then wash your dri liners and reuse them along with your nappies without creating waste all the time. They work well in conjunction with disposable nappy liners. We suggest 80% cloth and 20% disposable so you get the benefit of both. Our cloth nappy liners are called Dri Liners and our Disposable Nappy Liners are called Bio Liners.

Dri Liners or any other cloth nappy liners have the benefits of disposable nappy liners without the cost and waste of a throw away item. The EXTRA BONUS IS THAT THEY CAN HELP KEEP BABIES SKIN DRY IF WETNESS IS A BIG PROBLEM FOR YOU. You can use a variety of products such as silk, hemp, or fleece to create your own nappy liners. At Nature’s Child, we sell our own version called Dri Liners which are inspired by a very old fashioned products that were simply known as Nappy Liners by a company called Bo Babies back in the 80’s and 90’s which was the company name. The company closed down but everyone has been looking for this product ever since. They are so soft you will think they are cotton but they are actually made from the softest 100% polyester for cloth nappy babies. This is the only non-organic product we produce because it really works! I personally don’t know how I could have stayed using cloth nappies at all due to the heavy wee and poo that came from my son! He would have 3 hour sleeps and his cloth nappy would be soaking wet at the end of that time. I could literally ring it out! but his skin was dry as long as I had a dri liner on him. This makes them ideal for overnight as well.

Disposable Nappy Liners. Depending on the brand you use, they don’t always contribute to dryness but they will make removing poo easy, allowing you to wash your cloth nappies easily, especially if you are using a dry bucket system with no soaking. Be sensible and only flush wet poo nappy liners in the toilet. Never overload your system and ideally flush nappy liners no more than once or twice a day maximum. Our bioliners when wet are great in your compost as the will biodegrade if you have an efficient aerated composting system. They can go in recycling if you hang them to dry first.

3 BONUS TIPS for you if Nappy Rash Right Now!

1 – Eliminate the basic causes by following all 4 steps above.

2 – If rash still persists, you need to experiment by eliminating each of the following until you get a rash free result.

  • Change your laundry powder to a Natural Brand
  • Change your disposable nappy brand or stop using them for a few days to see if the rash goes
  • Use Cloth Nappies only while you don’t use disposables
  • Done all of the above? Maybe it’s the cloth nappy fabric, check you are using a reputable brand and focus on hemp or organic cotton for a few days to see if it’s the fabric

3 – If you have done all of the above, then its time to see a doctor or naturopath that has a good understanding of gut health. It could be an issue in your babies stomach.

If your babies nappy rash is blistering or has broken skin. Do not use any products as this will create potential pain for your baby. Stop using all nappies and use fresh air and clean water only, no baby wipes, no ingredients and start from scratch.

Always seek medical advice if you are concerned.

EXTRA NAPPY CHANGING TIPS –nappy-change hacks all new parents need to know

As mentioned before, I have always found the nappy change table to be a place of delight, communication and joy with my baby. Most parents agree with this. So I was shocked when I found this article on line recently. I only agreed with 2 of the 10 tips! One being to keep your nails trimmed so you don’t accidentally scratch baby and the second was to roll up your sleeves. The other “hacks” as they called it seem extremely impersonal to me. Have a quick look and I would love to know if you find this useful or if you agree with me.

Here are my 3 NAPPY CHANGE HACKS that may resonate more with natural parenting.

Firstly, you may wish to read my article THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CLOTH NAPPIES where cloth nappies and modern cloth nappies (MCNs) are explained. There are loads of tips in that article which explain the basics of using cloth nappies in a health way.

1. Create a change table area that is easy to use, at the right height for your body so you don’t get back ache and that you basically enjoy going to! After all, you will be there multiple times a day so organise it how you like, make it look how you like and make it easy to access water and all the other practical things you will need. Many new parents have a nappy change area in the bathroom for this reason.

2. A beautiful play gym or toy nearby is ideal for a baby that is 4 months or older. They may start to move around which can make the nappy change challenging so a toy will keep them distracted long enough for you to change and clean them with ease.

3. Take your time! Your baby will LOVE having no nappy on and will enjoy your direct eye contact, singing, talking. It is a time of joy and there is no need to rush as this is a a special time to connect with your baby. If they are really happy lying on the nappy change table for a while, use this time to fold their nappies, check the supplies in your change area like nappy rash cream, nappy wipes, clean nappies folded. When you blend parenting and chores with joy, life gets a lot simpler and you can enjoy the job of nappy chasing instead off thinking of it as a chore.

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Certified Organic Baby Skincare

We have been nominated as a finalist in the Australian Certified Organic Awards and we have just launched a fully certified organic baby range. Its amazing! There are lots of brands that are registered as organic, or use organic ingredients, but I don’t know of a brand that has achieved this 100%.

Sixteen years ago I started a beautiful retail business in Byron Bay, Australia’s first organic baby store. Seven years ago, we started making our own branded product which we have been successfully selling but I held out on one more goal….to create a beautiful, affordable, baby skincare range that is ACO Certified Organic 100%!! It was not viable to put out a range without a baby wash, this was the sticking point all these years.

I was so strict about ingredients that I said I would never launch a baby range until it was over 95% and preferably 100%. We have one at 95% and the rest at 99 – 100% !!! My vision was clear, it had to be possible one day and I waited 7rs to ensure it happened.

I just could not stand behind my brand name without it being pure and verified as such by ACO. I have watched competitors grow with skincare that was up to 70% organic which sometimes felt defeated but I had a standard that I would not lower. Turns out, it was worth the wait!

In recent years, the importance of a Gluten Free Diet has become high on the health agenda so I added this to my list of goals, gluten free and certified organic for skincare. Our Skin is the largest organic in our body so it can absorb gluten through the skin if applied. Added to this, I insisted on no plastic so we have strong amber glass bottles to hold our lovely range.

The biggest sticking point in developing a baby range is the BABY WASH! Companies have tried over the years to develop a 100% organic baby wash but the major barriers have been – too many ingredients, too expensive, not enough foaming, not gentle enough, wrong PH. So additives prevented certification. Most “organic” baby washes in the market have between 20 – 70% organic ingredients, a significant portion is still using known harmful additives in the belief that this is the best that could be done.

In January 2016, I made a phone call to someone who I had met the Organic Industry Dinner 5 yrs earlier. At that time, I told him my goal and expressed that I felt his company had the ingredients that could help me. He said to me it would be possible. That person was Andreas from NUI. He had been working on a saponification formula with 4 simple ingredients to create a lush and moisturizing soap formula. They had achieved the outcome I was looking for and had been sitting on it with hardly anyone knowing about it. He remembered me immediately and a wonderful, short and successful phone call meant I could now reach my goal of a pure baby wash, 100% certified organic. He wanted to sell the raws and they would happily sell it to me! ( happy dance )

Andreas had little desire to market skincare, he just wanted to create the good stuff and work with farmers! He was sitting on this amazing product that had taken years of perfection of their secret recipe. He had even certified the product but it was not out there in the market. He was relieved that someone like us would create products with it!

While NUI has organic food and skincare products in the market, their true passion and achievement has been working on establishing sustainable farming and certifying farmers as organic in the south pacific. A whole other amazing story. So the fair trade component of this story was the perfect outcome for us.

So for the past 9 months ( just like a gestating woman! ) , we have been through the process of funding, partnerships, design, marketing, certification and finally manufacturing. What a wonderful natural cycle for our baby skincare to be born.

In May 2016 we took the sample range to the Naturally Good Expo to get retailer input. We found ourselves flooded with excitement and have been dealing with their excited enquiries every month since waiting for our birth! We picked up the range last week in its complete form, just in time to snap a photos and enter these awards…phew!

We have a huge demand and even new distributers on board already, major international interest and we are just overwhelmed in the best way possible about our achievement.

Three of our existing products have been best selling to rave reviews in major baby and health food stores over the last 7 yrs. They are:

Certified Organic Bottom Balm in two sizes. 45g and 85g

Certified Organic Wonder Balm 45g

Certified Organic Nipple Balm 10g

Here are the final 3 items including the unique offering of an ACO certified baby wash. Please excuse the photo, we are getting professional shots next Tuesday.

Baby Wash

Baby Powder

Baby Massage Oil

My biggest learning from this experience is to hold on to big, ambitious visions. Do not compromise, even when a goal does not appear to be achievable and the obstacles are high. Even when I it feels like a failure, keep believing success is possible because purity is worth it. Keep talking to people about it, network in the industry, remind others of my goals and network every chance you get. Take the risks to contact people who might be able to help.

Ultimately, I believe that nature does provide us with what we need and when we work with nature, not against it, we both have a greater chance of survival.

As a result of this project and vision I have had for so long, I attracted interest from a existing certified organic cosmetic business who wanted to make my products so we now employ them as producers for our Made in Australia Baby Skincare Products. Now the financial and well as the ethical rewards will be high.

Nature’s Child Skincare is Manufactured on the Gold Coast in Australia in a certified organic facility. We have our own ACO certification for our brand as well.

Nature’s Child has been a strong brand in the organic baby market for 15 years in Australia but we have never been as excited about a product launch like this one. Thank you for the opportunity to consider us in your prestigious awards. You can read what others have to say about the product launch here with this lovely article by Baylee Wood.

Best Certified Organic Product of the Year (Cosmetic) finalist at ACO Awards 2016

Nature’s Child Organic Baby Range – Launch Oct 1 , 2016

100% Gluten Free, 100% ACO Certified Organic 12013