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Here is a short guide to our online shopping features that make our website easy to use. Online baby shopping is a lot of fun and there are great bargains to be found.

Below you can read about:
How to navigate our site and enjoy online shopping
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The quickest way to shop is by using our search feature. If your item is not found, please check the spelling or try an associated term. Eg: Baby Wraps will show you all brands of baby wrap.

If you prefer to browse and see what categories of products are available, select a Major Category from the top navigation bar. Eg pregnancy, baby, tween etc. A list of sub categories will be displayed either in a drop down menu or in the sub menu once you have click on the above word.

You can scroll through all products from this page or refine your search further by click on the sub category again.

Once you have found the products you need, choose the quantity, size and colour of the item you like at the shop, then click the ‘add to cart’ button. The information will immediately display in the right hand navigation column so you can keep track of your items. Once you have finished shopping, simply click on the checkout’ button on the right hand navigation column.

Once you are at the checkout, you can choose to send your order to us with instant credit card or paypal. Alternatively, you can phone or direct debit your payment. If you have any questions when baby shopping at any time, please phone us or live chat during business hours 9 – 5, 6 days a week on 1300 555 632


Nature’s Child provides quality, eco-friendly products for natural pregnancy, babies and children. Our products are made from the heart, care for the earth and encourage individuality, self-esteem, trust and creativity. We sell consumables that are both convenient and earth-friendly. Our products contain ingredients and/or intentions that respect the above.

Products are also chosen personally by our owner as being useful and practical and SAFE for our babies. We seek out eco-friendly manufacturers of high quality and eco-friendly business principles. We look for eco-friendly products that can be reused and recycled by friends and relatives when the product is no longer useful to you. If there is any accidental fault with any product, please return it to Nature’s Child so we can replace the product. We send most of our parcels through Australia Post in non-city areas as they deliver to every town in Australia. We ship by courier where possible as this is quick, efficient and traceable. If your courier does not give you fast, efficient service, please let us know so we can talk to the company on your behalf. We are only interested in using friendly, quick delivering service providers. We appreciate feedback on delivery from our customers.


My Account is a convenient place where you can view new and old orders. Every order you place with Natures Child is stored in “My Account”. You can do the following with the “My Account” Feature.

Access and view your present and past orders with ease.
This is ideal if you order the same product regularly. Simply Click My orders to view orders and then click “Order Again” for the order you wish to repeat. You can still add other items to your shopping cart when using this feature.
You can set up multiple addresses and name them. Eg: mums house, work address
4.Personal Information:
You can update your own personal information. Moving house? New password or new email? Just click on personal details to update.

If you have a promo or Gift Voucher to use, simply click here to view
Set up one or multiple wishlists and access them anytime next time you visit Nature’s Child, simply log in to your account.


Our Bulk Buy category is a place where you can get permanent bargains and bundled packages from our suppliers. Please check this section regularly as it will change and short term offers will be available there.


We hope you are delighted with your purchase but if you are not, here’s what you can do…

Mistakes and faults…. Some things are our responsibility!

We check all of our goods before they leave our premises so faults and wrong items are unlikely to occur. However, due to natural error of human error sometimes mistakes are made. If we have made an error, please let us know so we can fix it. We can offer you a reply paid address so an exchange can happen at no cost to you. Please phone us on 1300 555 632 or text us on 0400 484 021 for this information.

Step 1: Please check your receipt and order carefully in case the error was at your end.

Step 2: Phone or email customer service on 1300 555 632 and orders@natureschild.com.au

If it is not our error, here are your refund and exchange options.:

Refund – 14 days from date of purchase

You can request a refund if you change your mind or receive an incorrect item.

Please return the unused, packaged goods in excellent condition for resale WITHIN 14 DAYS at your expense to the address below.

Goods received after 14 days of sale will not be eligible for a refund, but can be exchanged.

Goods not in resale condition will be partly refunded.

Faults – 3 months from date of purchase

Nature’s Child will happily assist you with a faulty product if the fault occurs within 3 months of purchase. Each manufacturer has their own guarantee system so please contact us BEFORE you return goods to us, as we may have to direct you to the manufacturer.

Nature’s Child will assist you at every stage to ensure satisfaction is promptly received with any product faults. We cannot assist you with any faults that occur 3 months after purchase but we can try if you feel you still wish to speak to us.

Please understand that Nature’s Child cannot be held responsible for every product fault, however, we shall always do our best to assess each situation and assist communication with the manufacturer.

Not all faults that occur within 3 months can be assisted, individual circumstances always apply but we can assure you will be go out of our way as much as possible to assist. We can only do our best!

Exchange A – 21 days. New condition only

1. Yes! You can change the size, colour, style or item. Our only condition is that you MUST return the unused, unwashed item in resale condition within 21 days of purchase. Packaging in good condition must also be returned. All exchanges are at your own expense unless it is a Nature’s Child processing error. An additional postal charge for the new item will be charged before being sent. Exchanges that meet the above conditions within 21 days of purchase will receive an exchange to the full amount of the cost of the original item, excluding postage.

Exchange B – Extended Limit – 6 months. New condition only

2. We understand that some items are purchased during your pregnancy and may be unsuitable once your baby arrives. Please check your date of purchase carefully before contacting us because we do not exchange at all after 6 months from date of purchase.

3. Proof of purchase is essential for any goods to be exchanged. All your invoices are stored in your “My Account” section on line so can be easily found.

4. If you return goods without packaging, that have been used or marked in storage, we trust you understand that a full credit will not be possible. Items which have been used or laundered cannot be refunded in full. A resale value price will be offered to you in the instance. THIS OFFER ONLY APPLIES T0 GOODS PURCHASED WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF RETURN. We regret we are unable to assist you after this time.

PLEASE PHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE ON 1300 555 632 for assistance with all returns and exchanges. Returned items of any standard may not be eligible for echange without prior communication.


Australian Postage Charges FLAT RATES from Nature’s Child

$9.95 Flat Rate
$14.95 Express Delivery (SA, WA)
Free Shipping over $99 Australia wide.
Within Australia you can select from standard postage – up to 7 days or express postage – 1-2 days delivery. Express Post to SA and WA can take 5 days as we are posting from a Regional Area. Please choose the best option for you at the check out.

International Orders

International Orders
Most products will be shipped within 48 hours of receiving your order in Australia. This means you will receive your parcel within 7-15 working days, depending on where you live. If there is any reason your parcel cannot leave promptly, we will contact you via phone or email immediately to explain why. All international orders are shipped by aus post and charged by weight and your delivery location.


We appreciate you choosing Nature’s Child as your preferred online baby shopping site so we love to say thank you with reward points. We reward you for every dollar you spend with us. 1 Reward Point is applied for every $25 spent with us. Each Reward Point is worth $1. Reward Points can only be redeemed with on-line orders only. Reward Points are applied within 24 hours of your successful payment on-line, and will then be ready to redeem. Let them bank up or use them as you go.


We understand that baby shopping requires research so we encourage you to consider your purchases carefully which is why we have created a wishlist.

You need to create an account to use your wishlist. Do this by simply clicking the word Wishlist and this will take you to a page to register.

Once you are registered, you will be taken to the My Account Page where you will see My Wishlist on the left side. Take note of your password as you will use this every time you shop with us.
It is very easy to add and remove items from your wishlist at any time. This is a private list that you can refer back to from time to time until you are ready to order or share with friends.


We respect your privacy and hold your personal information confidentially. We do not sell, rent or exchange our customer’s names. Your account and sales history can only be accessed by yourself or any family you give your online password to.




On-line Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology ensures information is safely encrypted (or scrambled). This means SSL encrypts your order including your credit card number prior to sending them to the online retailer. This sophisticated encryption process ensures that prying eyes are unable to decode your personal data when it travels from your computer to us and ensures your privacy & the integrity of your order. SSL is the system that is used by all reputable online retailers. It is compatible with all internet browsers. Check the Top Left of the screen to ensure you see the padlock symbol with Secure beside it, this guarantees SSL shopping on any website.


The most cost efficient way to ship is in satchels provided by Australia Post and Courier Companies. These companies now use. Number 4 Plastic which can be recycled by most councils. Please check your council recycle guide to ensure you can discard this plastic in your recycling.

If you order a bottle or Jar from us, our first choice at Nature’s Child will be to pack it in shredded paper in a box. If you receive it in Plastic bubble wrap instead, it will be because someone has sent me bubble wrap and I prefer to recycle it instead of throw it away. Please do the same. Please re-use any other packaging that arrives to you from us.

If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our packaging to be more earth-friendly, we would love to hear from you. And I know that some of my manufactures are struggling to come up with more sustainable ideas for their product packaging and would love to hear from you too! That goes for any suggestions you can help us with to make us honourably earth-friendly!

Meeting consumer demands of packaging and quality control is still challenging for some manufacturers of eco-friendly products. Some products are still arriving to us in plastic packaging because they see little alternative at the present for protecting their product in the post or for merchandising at present. In such cases, they have made efforts to use bags that can be recycled – so if you receive a product in a plastic bag, please recycle by re-using these bags for as long as possible.


You will be offered the option to select gift wrapping at our check out at the small cost of $3.95. It’s that simple. And remember, if you can’t decide what to buy, choose a gift voucher.


Please visit our contact us page

We want to know what you think! Please send any comments, ideas for products we should add or suggestions for improvements: orders@natureschild.com.au

Thank You!

We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with the best selection of natural and organic baby products on the Internet.

Nature’s Child copyright @ 2019 10 Bridge Street Rydalmere NSW 2116 Australia 1300 555 632

“One purchase cannot change the world’s environmental crisis, but one purchase can influence human behaviour enough to impact a series of events that can. For our future survival, we must seek and offer sustainable solutions, the heart of which involves re-cycling more, eliminating chemical use and wasting less.” Jannine Barron, Founder: Nature’s Child

Thank you for baby shopping with Nature’s Child online organic baby store.