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Our Wonderful Balms

Nature's Child Bottom Balm and Wonder Balm

One Balm for Baby & One Balm for the Entire Family.

At Nature’s Child, we invented Bottom Balm as the ULTIMATE nappy rash balm. This much loved bottom balm lives on nappy change tables all over the world to rave reviews from parents. It is the ultimate in purity and the incredible results speak for themselves. Our customers quickly found that it had other uses and word spread like wildfire how it was also good for cradle cap, rashes, itches, burns, cuts, grazes, dribble rash, newborn pimples and other endless uses.

It’s officially the first day of Winter here in Australia! If you’re looking for a balm for the entire family, Wonder Balm is your go-to! It’s suitable for all ages. We’ve been told new mums have used it for their haemorrhoids after birth, as a lip balm, rashes, dryness and even under their eyes for puffy eyes. Wonder Balm is guaranteed to become the family favourite balm to have handy for all ages to assist with skin irritations, bites, bumps, scratches that need a calming cream on hand. This is the optimal natural and organic replacement for Vaseline and Paw Paw ointment. Pop it in your medicine cabinet and grab it any time your skin has an annoying dryness or rash. You will love the fresh feeling and subtle smell of gentle formula of lavender and chamomile.

Where is Nature’s Child range made? 

Nature’s Child was created in Jannine’s kitchen in Byron Bay, Northern NSW but is now made in a certified organic facility on the Gold Coast which is just an hour up the road from us in QLD.

What are the main active ingredients that help sooth red bums?

Every single ingredient in Bottom Balm is a skin calming ingredient which is why it is so effective. There are no fillers at all. The most powerful herbs are the comfrey and calendula. These are anti-inflammatory and calming with a rich history of use in many cultures around the world. Olive Oil is packed with antioxidants and is highly hydrating and Sunflower Oil is loaded with essential fatty acids, including Omega-6, which have been shown to be effective in eliminating skin infections like dermatitis and sunburns. We use Vitamin E in its natural form known as Tocopheryl Acetate, which is highly moisturising properties for antioxidant protection and immunity. Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils are calming, both on the skin and nervous system, and they smell divine while being safe for newborns.

It is also important to note what WE DON’T include. Common nappy rash creams at the chemist are based on Petroleum, Alcohol and Lanolin formulas. They also contain active ingredients that are irritants and hormone disrupters such as fragrance or chemical compounds written in large capital letters on the front of tubs to indicate safety concerns.

While claims for a cure on skincare is regulated in Australia, ingredients are not so most people will be shocked to learn that what we assume is SAFE is not regulated at all. Only claims are. This is why we cannot say that our balm Cures anything, we can only let you know that it may assist.

What do you feel are the best ways to prevent nappy rash?

You need to remove excess moisture and avoid friction as a first step in avoiding nappy rash. Any severe rash that continues after these tips may need the help of a naturopath as it could be a gut issue with your bub. 99% of parents can prevent or stop nappy rash by

1 – Avoiding excess soap and chemical based creams that contain skin irritants

2 – Keep babies bottom clean with simple water, pat dry and give nappy free time to air their skin. No nappy time gives friction free skin time

3 – Use talc free baby powder at every nappy change to keep moisture off skin

4  – Use organic cotton and bamboo fabrics with nappies so only natural fibres against the skin

Here is a great resource from the Australian Nappy Association.

What is a good nappy change routine (literally when you’re at the change table)?  

The nappy change space has to be an area that is fun to visit as you will come here many times a day. It is also helpful if it is the most organised area of your home.  Ideally your table is a comfortable height for you so when you bend over there is no back strain. A comfortable mat means your baby is comfortable and happy. Take your time as babies love nappy-free time – many bonding moments are created during nappy changes. Treat it as a joy, not a chore and many delights and memories will be created at the change table. Have a toy or book handy for baby to enjoy. This is a lovely time to do some baby massage, especially if it’s close to bed time.  Have all your nappies folded and stacked for easy access, have access to clean water or have a spray bottle of water there to use, your baby powder, your bottom balm, your baby wipes, your baby wash, your baby massage oil, your nappy liners, nappy bucket, absolutely everything that you may need! Check supplies before you leave the area so you never get caught out.

1 – Remove nappy from your baby

2 – Remove the nappy liner and put aside for flushing if there is poo on the liners or compost or bin if its just a wee liners

3 – Check babies clothing for soiling or wetness and remove any wet or poo stained clothing, checking especially their back just above where the nappy ends,  which is where sneaky poo or wetness  sometimes is left!

4 – Place soiled nappy in nappy bucket

5 – Take a cloth nappy wipe and thoroughly wipe front, back and all creases to ensure there is absolutely no poo or urine residue on your babies skin. Once you are done, take one more clean cloth baby wipe and give one final wipe or check.

5 – If baby is not tired or hungry, allow them time to kick and be nappy free, enjoy a song or chat and take your time to enjoy these few minutes. This is an idea time to pick up your Nature’s Child Organic Baby Massage Oil

While baby is happy, check the area of accidental mess or poo or urine. There is nothing worse than a lovely fresh outfit on your baby getting accidentally soiled!

6 – If there is any sign of rash, use a small amount of Nature’s Child Organic Bottom Balm and spread liberally to both assist calming of the rash and as a barrier to more urine.

7 – If there is no sign of rash, just before you are ready for a new nappy, shake some natures child organic baby powder on their skin and rub lightly to spread powder over the area, this will ensure moisture protection and prevention.

8 – Using a spray bottle of water (if you don’t have a tap nearby) add a drop of Nature’s Child Organic Baby Wash to your hands, spray some water and, wash your own hands thoroughly.  Then wash your baby’s hands if they are a little older. It’s unnecessary for a newborn unless they have accidentally picked up some poo on their hands. Wipe hands clean and dry with a cloth baby wipe.

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