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Modern Cloth Nappies Award Winning Baby Beehinds Bamboo & Organic Cotton Fitted Nappy

This nappy consistently wins awards and we have never had a return ever. When it comes to choosing a Modern Cloth Nappy, this is an absolute winner for everyone. The Baby Beehinds Bamboo and organic cotton nappy is one-size fits all, meaning you only need to purchase one nappy for the life of your baby! Super soft, durable, easy to wash and environmentally friendly! Keep scrolling for more features below. You will love these Modern Cloth Nappies at Affordable Prices with the option of bulk buy.

The design should fit most babies from BIRTH (approx 4kg) to TODDLER (approx 16kg). You will also be provided with instructions on how to adjust the nappy to different sizes and a care instructions sheet to make caring for your nappies simple!

Australian designed and manufactured in China to specific to Baby BeeHinds’ high standards of ethics and quality, we’ve had the finest bamboo fabric specially milled for us to provide the best quality available for you!

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Best Cloth Nappy Award Winning Baby Beehinds Bamboo Fitted Modern Cloth Nappies

Each Modern Cloth Nappy from baby beehinds you buy form us includes 2 inserts. 1 long & 1 short insert which are snapped into the front or back snaps. Both inserts can be used together or individually & gives you the ability to adjust absorbency of your cloth nappies as your babies needs change as they grow.

2018 Best One-Size Nappy – Cloth Nappy Awards (Bronze)
2018 Retailers Choice – Best One-Size Nappy (Runner Up)
2018 MyChild Excellence Awards – Best Reusable Nappy (Silver)
2017 Best Fitted Nappy – Cloth Nappy Awards (Gold)
2016 Best Fitted Nappy – Cloth Nappy Awards (Gold)

Modern Cloth Nappies. Our Extensive Range of Styles and Colours from Baby Beehinds means you have no FOLDING and No SOAKING.

Professionally made and fully customisable, these nappies are not only great during the day, but are great for use on heavy wetters and for times when the nappy will be on longer than usual (there are also specific, thicker night nappies available to cope with longer night use that we highly recommend). These unique nappies have an extra long snap-in folding insert, which means you can customise the absorbency to suit boys or girls. The nappy also comes with a matching ‘mini insert’, which adds that little bit of extra absorption for an older bub. In total (depending on how the long insert is folded), this nappy has a maximum of 14 layers of Bamboo Fleece in the Wet Zone. With elastic at the back and legs, this nappy will provide a lovely neat fit and help prevent blowouts. Snap closures are simple and secure to use.

Offered in Cream Colour with rainbow trim
What else you need? The second step you need is a nappy cover. We offer wool or PUL breathable nylon nappy covers on our nappy accessories page.

Take a look!Pul Covers: Our covers are made from PUL (which is basically polyester fabric coated with a water resistant layer of Polyurethane Laminate – breathable, yet still very effective). Our covers are sized small, medium and large to provide a precise fit over the nappies (see other page for PUL covers).

Paired with a BBH nappy, your bubba will be wearing the most leak-proof system around! Often, in summertime though, parents of toddlers will let their little ones wander around in just the fitted nappy (no cover on top) to allow for maximum airflow and breathability.

So … Is this the system for you?

The fitted + cover system offers …1) Excellent Absorbency. The ENTIRE nappy is absorbent. Not just the crotch area as with other types of nappies. Therefore this means that the nappy contains more fabric that will soak up more moisture. And since Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies are made from 2 of THE most absorbent fabrics available, you’d be hard pressed to find a more absorbent all-rounder nappy. 2) Ability to adjust absorbency.

Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies actually include 2 inserts as part of the design. These inserts are inter-changeable and adjustable meaning you can control the fit and absorbency of the nappy.3) Excellent value for money. Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies are ‘one-size-fits-most’. Do you have a toddler AND a newborn? Forget buying two different sizes …. our nappies actually adjust to fit both newborn and toddlers.

Having a decent stash of 15-20 nappies will ensure your modern cloth nappy stash will last through from when bub is born to when they toilet train. How much would a full-time set-up cost? Anywhere from approximately $600 – $900. And that’s it! Compare that to roughly $3000+ for disposables and the decision is easy.4) Natural fibres against skin.

Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies contain a minimum of 90% natural fibres and only natural fibres touch baby’s skin.5) Superior breathability. Natural fibres ‘breathe’ much more than synthetics. And if summertime is particularly hot in your area, you can’t beat the beauty of leaving the cover off for ultimate breathability. This allows for lots of airflow!6) Superior leak protection. A fitted + cover system = 2 layers of defence against leaks. For peace of mind this is a great choice.7) Proven worldwide popularity … it does the job!

Baby beehinds has been voted Australia’s favourite fitted nappy by customers year after year in design awards and on cloth nappy forums, you can check out the reviews on line everywhere.. The superior quality and professionalism of this company and the superior design makes baby beehinds nappy a stand out choice for your family. I have never had a complaint about this nappy in the 10 years we have been selling them.

The modern cloth nappy is fully customisable for any body shape and size of baby.
Style: Fitted nappy – requires a cover to be worn over the top to keep clothes dry.Sizing: One Size Fits Most design (approx 4-15kg) Closure: Snaps (resin)Composition: Made from 10% polyester (for fluff retention & fabric stabilisation)‚ 60% bamboo viscose(for absorbency) and 30% organic cotton fleece (for absorbency and quicker drying time)

Features:- Resin Snap Closure 2 snap-in boosters (one short‚ one long) to enable flexibility of absorbency and fit – inter-changeable and adjustable- Undyed fabric next to baby’s skin- Up to 11 layers of Bamboo Fleece in the wet zone with this modern cloth nappy.

Manufacturing Information:- Baby Beehinds is a 100% Australian owned business with products manufactured by a family owned business in China that is leading the way in providing ethically focussed manufacture.- All Baby Beehinds modern cloth nappy products are produced via fair trade means: workers are provided generous workplace benefits & higher than overage wages.- Fibres for the natural fabrics are grown without the use of pesticides‚ using renewable resources.

With elastic at the back and legs‚ this nappy will provide a lovely neat fit and help prevent blowouts.

For nights‚ add some extra boosting like the Baby Beehinds Bamboo Fold Up Booster – pop one in the nappy and then another in between the cover and the nappy if you have a heavy wetter.
Warranty: 6 months on all properly cared for products from the date of purchase: snap‚ elastic and fabric components.


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  1. Angie Ng

    i LOOKED on line at all the mcn reviews and only saw positive comments. I also noticed it had won a lot of nappy awards so this helped me make my decision. they are a little big in the first couple of weeks but after that, the value keeps growing. Very happy.

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