Nature’s Child Organic Cotton Reusable Breast Pads Pkt 6

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Organic Reusable Breast Pads and Nursing Pads

Natural Breast pads for breastfeeding is the purest and most organic experience a mother can give a baby, so an organic cotton breast pad that feels soft and absorbent against mum’s skin is the best accessory for all mums. Organic Cotton is soft, pure and gentle on your nipple.


Light & Discreet Best used in pregnancy or end of breastfeeding as these are designed for light leakage only. Sore Nipples in Pregnancy can make it difficult to wear a bra so these silky-soft cotton light layers in a bra can be a lifesaver! Not suitable for usual leaks, good buffer for light leakage.
Daytime/Regular 10cm diameter. A-D cup. Very absorbent and our most popular breast pad size. Suits most mums but if you are a D cup or plus, the next Large Size will be more suitable.
Night/Large Larger and thicker to see you through the night. Choose this size for 24-hour use if you wear a D cup plus bra or have heavy leakage.  Our Most absorbent breast pad.

Check out the Certified Organic Nipple Balm.  



Gentle Organic Cotton Nursing Pads Soothe Sore Breasts

An upper layer of jersey cotton sits against your maternity bra. 100% Certified Organic Cotton. There is no waterproof layer ensuring there is 100% breathability for total comfort. The cotton is thick enough to protect your clothing, simply change them as they get wet. Washable breast pads are an essential item for all new mothers to keep clothing and bedding dry during the natural process of milk leakage.

Reusable Organic Cotton Breast Pads

The only washable organic cotton breast pad for new mums was created in Byron Bay of course!  Local Mum Jannine Barron started Australia’s First Organic Cotton Baby Brand in 2000 and has proudly supplied this unique, supersoft, reusable breast pad to a lot of happy mums over the years.
Nature’s Child Breast pads are 100% Pure Organic Cotton.  This ensures there are no nasty chemicals, paper or tastes for a baby when feeding. Just pure organic nature which is the best possible offering for our newborns.

Available in 3 sizes:
Light & Discreet 10cm diameter. For light leakage. Best used in pregnancy or end of breastfeeding. They are not super absorbent so not suitable for usual leaks, but provide a buffer for light leakage.
Daytime/Regular 10cm diameter. A-D cup. Very absorbent.
Night/Large 12cm diameter and thicker D cup Plus and night time all sizes. Suit Mother’s D cup plus during day and all cup sizes during the night. Superabsorbent.

How to Choose the Correct Size Breast Pad:
To be completely prepared, we recommend 1 pack of regular for daytime and 1 pack of large for night time. You will only need light and discreet as your milk flow begins to lessen. All women breastfeeding will have some milk leakage. The amount varies for each individual. Some women leak for 1 month, while others up to 12 months. Either way, be prepared! This is an essential item for your baby bag.

Day Time Use: Simply position them inside your maternity bra for a snug fit. Change as necessary. You can put used ones in the wash or just wash them under the tap so you can use them again in a few hours once they are dry again. Cotton dry’s quickly, unlike bamboo.

Night Time Use: It is essential to use breast pads at night or your bedding will become soaked. Position your large breast pad inside a soft crop top for night sleeping.

Washing Instructions: There are no special washing instructions.  You can even rinse them under the tap instead of waiting for a wash cycle. Warm or cold wash preferred. No bleaching. Tumble dry okay. Your breast pads will increase in absorbency after 8 washes.

Top Tips: Simply rinse your soiled breast pads under the laundry tap instead of putting them through a full wash cycle every time to ensure supply.

Organic Cotton breast pads can also assist your nipple sensitivity and soreness when you heat or cool before use. We also recommend Nature’s Child Certified Organic Nipple Balm for soreness. The financial benefits of washing and reusing breast pads are huge! Which is an added bonus.

Disposable breast pads will cost between 8 – 12 dollars per week depending on the qty and brand.

Will you be one of the 80% that buys disposable breast pads or will you help build awareness of how beautiful it is to be reusing soft breast pads that save you a small fortune?

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2 reviews for Nature’s Child Organic Cotton Reusable Breast Pads Pkt 6

  1. Brad Mack

    I am writing to thank you for your recent help with these breast pads. I purchased the light and discreet, not realising they were for the light days at the end of breast feeding so I thought they were not working! You kindly showed me that regular was better for my flow and they have worked a treat! I will keep my light and discreet breast pads for the end of my breastfeeding days. The customer service was kind and you sent me the second set with free shipping so I appreciated that, even though it was my mistake with the first set of breast pads I purchased.

  2. Bridget Coyne

    These are so easy to use and save a lot of money and unnecessary waste. Soft, comfortable and they work!

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