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Looking for a breathable Nappy Cover? 

The Baby Beehinds Nappy Cover is great for keeping any cloth nappy waterproof. They fit snugly over any Modern Cloth Nappy, pre-folds to keep those messy explosions in disposable nappies contained! They also make a great option for extra coverage at night time over any style of nappy. They are soft & stretchy, with generous sizing so the baby gets as much wear as possible from each particular size. Available in Newborn, Small, Med & Large sizes to get the perfect fit.



Voted Australia’s Best Nappy Cover two years in a row, Our very popular nappy covers are silky soft, stretchy & super cute! … These are a very versatile cover for use over any nappy (disposable or cloth)

2017 Best Nappy Cover – Cloth Nappy Awards
2016 Best Nappy Cover – Cloth Nappy Awards

These stretchy covers made for cloth nappies are made from a ‘breathable’ waterproof Polyurethane Laminate sandwiched between 2 layers of polyester knit fabric, for a soft, comfortable feel (and no laminate next to skin!). Oh so different to the ‘el cheapo’ plastic pants of old, this PUL nappy cover is incredibly popular as it allows moisture from within the nappy to evaporate, helping to keep baby cooler and drier!

Using this PUL NAPPY COVER is easy. Just adjust using high tech velcro, including long life loop and low linting hook. They also have ‘laundry tabs’ to prevent snagging on other items in the wash. Fully machine washable and suitable even for a tumble drier, these covers are made to last. How many Nappy Covers do you need? 8 is an ideal amount but many parents prefer more so they never run out. We recommend alternating between 2 PUL nappy covers during a day if possible, letting one air whilst the other is in use, and then swapping them at the next change. This will ensure your covers stay performing at their best! For newborns we recommend between 6 and 8 small nappy covers, then as baby grows you can move onto 6-8 medium covers and 6-8 large nappy covers. The final amount depends on how often you choose to wash them.

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Keep in Mind that Wool Nappy Covers are the most ideal as a night time and being a natural fibre, are the most breathable nappy cover that we offer. We recommend at least one wool nappy cover available in our cloth nappy shop. Wool Nappy Covers are also made by Baby Beehinds.

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