Baby Beehind Wool Nappy Cover


Baby Beehind Wool Nappy Covers

A Pull-on style wool nappy cover. No clips. No velcro. Just slips on like a pair of undies! This is an absolute favourite with us and our customers. Wool is AMAZING if you have not discovered it already as a nappy cover. Costs a little more but you need less covers as it does not need as much washing. Read all about them below! Made from 100% Australian Wool

These really are the ultimate nappy cover for your night nappy due to its.


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Wool Nappy Covers – a great cloth nappy cover – this wool cover is made by baby beehinds

Some parents call this the ultimate cover for your night nappy but I love it 24/7. Wool is the perfect material for a cloth nappy cover due to its ablity to hold wetness without feeling wet, and it’s superior breathability. Use this with your Nature’s Child Organic Cotton Towelling Nappies or Baby Beehind MCN nappies.Three sizes suit most babies. Choose Small, Medium & Large. These pull on style covers are a stretchy, generous fit to ensure your baby’s whole nappy is covered. This is a pull-up or pull-on style cover, which we know will become a valuable part of your cloth nappy and nappy cover system.

Why Wool?
Wool Nappy Covers are an ideal choice for use over any nappy but particularly at night time, long sleeps or heavy wetting babies. Perfect for when you know that your little one will be in their nappy for longer than normal (ie. long day sleepers, or a big car trip).

Baby Beehind Wool Nappy Covers are made from 100% Aussie wool interlock and have an amazing stretch so that they will fit over even the bulkiest night nappy.
Wool is highly absorbent, breathable and keeps temperatures fairly consistent. Wool can absorb liquid up to 40% of its weight without feeling wet and is breathable even when damp, allowing air to circulate and prevent baby’s bum from getting damp. The perfect qualities for a nappy cover!

Caring for your Baby Beehind Wool Nappy Covers
Wool covers require some extra care, but don’t worry, it’s not difficult!
BeeHinds wool covers only need washing every few weeks! (Providing they are not soiled and have been lanolised well enough).

When you change your baby’s nappy, hang the wool cover to air dry until you next need to use it again (it is best to alternate between covers when using wool). The lanolin in the wool neutralizes the urine, meaning your cover self-cleaning.

You only need to wash your cover if it becomes soiled, stinky or dirty, or when it requires re-lanolising. If your baby is a heavy wetter with very strong urine, you will probably need to lanolise more regularly. We’d recommend lanolising about once per fortnight.

Baby BeeHinds wool covers can be machine washed, on the gentle cycle, inside a laundry or delicates bag. We recommend two products and one bottle of each may be enough for the full life cycle of your nappy. Select

1 x Wool Care 300ml

1 x Sonett Washing Liquid for Wool and Silk

1 x Tri Nature Gentle Wash for your other nappies

1 x Pre Wash Soaker if you like to wet pail soak  your nappies

The above washing products can be found at THIS  LINK

Make sure you only wash in cold water using a gentle wool wash.
If you prefer, you may choose to wash by hand in cool water using soap flakes or wool wash (ideal). These are nice and gentle on the natural fibers of the wool.

Once clean, rinse well under cool water, lanolise, and then hang in the shade to dry.

Do not soak your wool covers in whitening or soaking solutions
Do not tumble dry


In order for your wool cover to perform its best, it needs to be ‘lanolised’ about once a month. Some parents leave it for longer, you will know when its needed as it will stop seeming so waterproof. The wool needs to have this lanolin replenished every couple of weeks to maintain its leak proof abilities

Lanolin is the natural oil found in wool that helps to keep sheep dry in the rain. . Don’t stress, lanolising is pretty simple and only needs to be done once a month.

The best product to use is Sonnet Wool Care which is sold here at Nature’s Child Organic Baby Store. Just type Sonnet into the search field on our website. Instructions are on the bottle and its super easy! Contact us if you get stuck though.

You can also use lanisoh from the chemist if you have some handy already.

Simply fill a bucket or sink with about 5cm of very hot water, than add a pea-sized amount of pure lanolin and mix to melt and disperse.

Once the lanolin is melted and evenly dispersed throughout the hot water, add enough cold water to make it cool – Submerge your cover into the solution and squeeze the cover to distribute the lanolin into the fibres, then leave to soak for a couple of hours or overnight.
When you are ready to remove the cover, do not rinse it, just squeeze out the excess water by hand.
Roll your cover up in a towel to remove as much moisture as possible, and then lay flat in the shade to dry.
Re-lanolise every 4 weeks, or when the cover starts to get a bit stinky!

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