Baby Beehinds Magic Multi-Fit pocket (one size)


Australia’s Best Pocket Nappy, this is one of the most versatile cloth nappies you will find. Suitable to use on babies from 4kg through to toilet training, you simply adjust the rise snaps on the front of the nappy to adjust the size. It’s too big for a newborn but it’s ideal from 2-3 months onwards depending on your baby’s growth. Ideal fit until the end of their cloth nappy life then.


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Suitable to use on babies from 4kg through to toilet training, you simply adjust the rise snaps on the front of the nappy to adjust the size. Some may find it a bit big for the first 2 months, others love it from Day 1.

  • One-Size sizing – you can use this nappy from newborn to toddler by adjusting the front snaps
  • Pocket style nappy with generous absorbency & easy access – the pocket style is explained in our Ultimate Nappy Guide if you are new to cloth nappies
  • Includes two bamboo fleece inserts for adjustable absorbency which give you up to 9 layers in the wet-zone.
  • Stay dry layer of buttery soft suede cloth to keep baby feeling dry
  • Quick dry fabrics so versatile all year round!
  • Wide coverage across the bum to keep messes contained inside!
  • Wide waist elastics for secure & reliable fitting & elastics won’t cut into your little one’s delicate skin!
  • High Rise for maximum absorbency front & back!

Encased Elastic on legs and waist for extreme comfort. Bamboo Flip Out Insert has great absorbency but quicker drying with this design you can choose to use it inside like a pocket nappy or flip it out on the top. We love that there are options with this nappy!

Also and excellent night nappy for medium wetting babies or if you like to change nappies during the night
If you have tried a BABY BEEHINDS Minke Nappy in the past, you will be impressed how this is a super slim line version of that nappy without any compromise on the quality. This is a Great new 2015 Design here!

NO COVER NEEDED…this is an ALL IN ONE MODERN CLOTH NAPPY  It does not require a cover and the plush minkee outer is waterproof, soft and funky. Available in Small, Medium and Large Sizes.
I love that this can be used with organic inserts or as a straight pocket nappy. We love that the bamboo/organic cotton insert can be placed either next to baby’s skin or in the pocket.
Most parents using modern cloth nappies from a second child onwards really love to buy sized nappies as they do give a nice, huggy fit.

If placed against your baby’s skin, then you have the option of the purity of organic cotton against their skin. The non-pill suede cloth inner and sewn-in soaker pad of 4 layers of microfibre terry-cloth facilitate very quick and easy nappy changes!

The sizing is quite generous, which allows the baby to get maximum wear from each size and that means best value for your purchase.

Magic-Alls also have a pocket opening sewn into the back of the nappy, so whilst you can use this as an AIO nappy, you’ll also have the ability to customise the absorbency to suit the baby’s own needs at times when extra absorbency might be needed.

If baby is a heavy wetter or the nappy will need to be worn for an extended period, such as during nap-time, simply insert a bamboo ‘Boost-It’ (included in the price) and the absorbency of the nappy is immediately doubled!

Features and useful info:
All-In-One design (no cover required) with pocket opening to allow extra inserts to be inserted if required has 1 bamboo insert included with each nappy –  Outer Made from 100% polyester (free insert made from 60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester)
Resin snap closure.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

Coral, Ice Blue, White


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