Merino Kids Cocooi Babywrap/Swaddle

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The Cocooi™ newborn blanket is pre shaped to allow you to easily adjust the size to fit snug around your baby’s body. Crafted from 100% natural luxuriously soft allergy-safe merino wool
Merino stretches to your baby’s body shape and holds firmly in place. Read Below for more info.


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Cocooi™ breathes, ­absorbing and r­eleasing moisture away from your baby in warm conditions and insulating through cooler times. Babies swaddled in merino are less likely to suffer overheating. The Cocooi™ wrap is made with superfine, bleach free, fire retardant merino.

World’s first merino baby swaddle, crafted from 100% natural luxuriously soft allergy-safe merino wool
All season versatility. Merino regulates body temperature so baby won’t overheat or wake up cold
Award-winning diagonal-wing design lets you swaddle baby gently and securely in three quick easy steps
Baby has freedom to move naturally for comfort and brain development without scratching or startling
Convenient safety belt aperture for car seat and stroller use. Includes cute matching 100% merino beanie (hat)

A unique feature of merino is thatit absorbs perspiration from theskin and releases it into the air. This means your child will never feel clammy since humidity between skin and garment is lowered.
IT CONTROLS TEMPERATUREBabies can lose heat rapidly, as much as four times more quickly than adults. Babies under 12 months have dif culty regulating theirown temperature, even in a warm environment. When temperature is regulated and maintained a baby will become more relaxed, gain weight and sleep longer.
Merino is unlike traditional woolin that each bre has a silky outer layer, creating an extremely soft, ne texture. Super ne merino fabric is comfortable to wear without itch, and safe to use for babies with eczema, allergies and sensitive skin. It forms a natural micro-climate around your baby’s body, keeping them at an ideal temperature in all climates and conditions and keeping their skin dry and less prone to eczema. It’s also lightweight and odour resistant.
Medical studies have proven that merino improves the sleep patterns of babies and infants. At the Cambridge Maternity Hospital in 1979, Scott and Richards revealed that babies sleeping on merino settled more quickly, cried less, fed better and gained weight faster.

These unique ­features of Merino Wool create its own microclimate around your baby, ­regulating his ­temperature. In essence, your child becomes perfectly adapted to his sleeping ­environment.

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2 reviews for Merino Kids Cocooi Babywrap/Swaddle

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is a top seller due to the superb quality and fine nature of this silky wool fabric. Accidents don’t wet through, prams and car seats are protected,baby is kept warm and cool with temperature regulating with this fabric. Customers come back for more than one!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely stunning product. The best wrap I have purchased. Absorbs wet much better than any other wrap I have had.

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