7yrs+ Children and Adult Amber Necklace Cognac


You may find your child still wanting to wear their Amber Necklace once the baby years have passed. You may also have been admiring one for yourself! I personally like to recommend them for pregnancy and motherhood – after all, don’t we need calming as well!

This longer and larger bead size necklace is fit for a 7yr old or Adult. I wear one one around my neck and I double one over around my wrist as a lovely bracelet.

If you have tried looking in Jewellery stores for Amber you may be shocked by the prices so we are really thrilled to have secured this price and style for our Nature’s Child Babies as they grow up!

The beads are solid and significantly larger than a baby necklace. It’s a piece of solid jewellery that looks beautiful and makes you feel beautiful. Available in 2 colours – this one is cognac (dark honey) but you can also view the Mixed Colours which are super popular over here.

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Amber Necklace for Adults – Amber Baby Necklace & Amber Bracelets and Amber Necklace for Babies – all from Nature’s Child

Parents shouldn’t allow their child to chew or play with the their amber baby necklace. Amber bracelets and Amber Necklace for Babies are the ultimate eco statement in Natural Parenting Culture. Mothers are now wearing one while pregnant.

Never let a baby wear this size but it is ideal for older kids from 5 – 7 yrs depending on body shape and size. They are responsible enough by this age to wear an Amber Necklace. It is increasingly popular for children who are attached to still wearing the Amber Necklace to want one that fits now. This necklace is for adult wearing or older child wearing only – do not let a baby wear this size as it is too long and they could get themselves caught up in it or strangled.
At 50 – 55cm this amber necklace is suitable for a teenager or adult
Available in Cognac and Mixed Colours
Ideal for men or women

I found this great article on line about older children wearing amber. While is has been written in America so be aware that claims they make cannot be made in Australia but we do sell them here if your older child would like to continue wearing their  Amber jewellery

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