HugaBub Baby Carrier Organic Cotton with Pocket


Endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, this original wrap carrier invented in Byron Bay in 1998 was a revolution in baby carriers.  It has been copied by many brands since but the original is still the best in our view. The hugabub was quickly picked up by Midwives and professionals in preemie baby wards where they found amazing recovery and growth effects from babies being held close. They had tried other carriers but this was the first that allowed them to be fully hands free. This was the incredible development that the hugabub brought to baby wearing.

When you carry your new baby in the Hug-a-bub, they will settle faster and cry less allowing you to enjoy longer periods of calm and contentment. Using the hugabub is a way of life that will make your parenting and travel easier due to the hands free and massive comfort factor. Highly recommended for all new parents from our team here at Nature’s Child.

  • Self-storage pocket at front
  • Babywearing promotes infant health, and positive physical and emotional development
  • Lightweight cotton with maximum softness and ideal stretch for coolness, comfort and positioning
  • Multiple carrying positions
  • Winner of Kidspot awards 3 years running
  • Suitable for premature babies (seek medical advice if in any doubt)
  • Multiple Award Winner and Pioneer in Baby Carriers since 1998
  • Australian Design made from Organic Cotton in India

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Best Baby Carrier invented in Byron Bay Australia

The wrap carrier first appeared in Byron Bay in 1998 when two mums, Suzanne Shahar and Jannine Barron created the design. This design has now been replicated by many baby carrier brands world wide due to it’s unique supportive design making this a superior choice of baby sling for your new baby. A baby Carrier is truly a wonderful and helpful equipment, more than a pram in the early months of having baby.

Snuggle your baby close in the original Hug-a-Bub pocket wrap carrier, made from light, breathable 100% certified organic cotton.

Megan Gale says it the best when she describes her first experience of using the hugabub on her newborn baby below.

The 38-year-old model and first time mum shared a picture of herself on Instagram with newborn son River in a Hug-a-Bub®. She said trying out the Hug-a-Bub was “like learning how to do origami” but “once you have it on and bub inside OH MY GOD”. “Such a relief and a load off my shoulders, arms, and back. Also I have my hands freed up to get more stuff done #wishidtrieditearlier”. She said the Hug-a-Bub was “almost like having him in my tummy again”. She added that it was “the perfect way for busy mums to multi-task”.

The Hug-a-bub baby wrap in my view is an essential new baby purchase. Carrying your new baby in the Hug-a-bub will make the transition from birth to the world a peaceful one, while providing the much needed comfort and closeness required to promote a strong, healthy bond and attachment. The Hug-a-bub wrap carrier is very different to other carriers on the market. It offers supreme, flexible comfort and support to both wearer and baby by ‘wrapping’ the weight-load evenly, directionally inwards throughout your torso, without placing the baby in a load-bearing position. Unlike most upright positioned carriers, it also offers total head and neck support for small or sleeping babies. This is why so many childcare professionals, physiotherapists and midwives now favour the Hug-a-bub wrap carrier system. The pocketless hug-a-bub provides you with all the convenience and health giving natural benefits of baby wearing as with the original hug-a-bub wrap, at a price to delight the budget conscious.Don’t be fooled! It is an exceptionally easy system to master and comes with a clear and concise DVD. With 4 different carrying positions for Newborns to toddlers, the Hug-a-bub wrap will soon become one of the products you couldn’t live without.

Your new baby will settle faster, cry less and enjoy long periods of calm and contentment, whenever you need, without tying up your hands in the process.

Did you know that the power of touch affects newborn stability and the quality of mother-infant attachment? It just makes sense doesn’t it! For your baby, Smelling mother, feeling the touch of mother’s skin and hearing mother’s heartbeat all help to regulate your baby’s system, including temperature, heart and respiration rates. It always amazes me the science behind our most natural instincts!

Skin-to-skin contact increases oxytocin, that yummy hormone that gets released when we’re in love. And so babies who are carried are more content, less fussy and colicky, settle quicker and sleep more deeply. Yup! A baby carrier is not just to make you look good, its to make you feel good!

For the mother having baby against your body helps balance your hormones, making breastfeeding easier and post-natal depression less likely.

For the father, we always hear reports of how close it makes dads feel to their baby, the closest it gets to being pregnant some say. The warmth and closeness increases bonding with dads in a way you just can’t believe until you try the hugabub.

Have you got the idea that we are major fans of the hugabub yet? Lol…seriously, do yourself a favour and get a hugabub before a pram, it will save your day over and over again. Baby Carriers work. They are not a gimmick. The hugabub baby carrier is still popular almost 20 yrs for a good reason!

The colour you choose for your hugabub should reflect your personality and style. I love that the straps on the hugabub baby carrier are wide enough to tuck in all those flabby tummy bits after birth. The hugabub is stylish and practical and just beautiful.

Remember: Every Hug-a-Bub Plants a Tree!

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