Hevea Baby Glass Bottle 240ml with Natural Rubber Teat – 2 Pack


Hevea Baby Glass Feeding Bottles 240ml are made from borosilicate glass, which is both heat and thermal shock resistant. The glass does not react with the content of the bottle, and no substances can get into the food. This means that after the bottle has been cleaned, the milk will not taste or smell of previous content. This Product is also available in the smaller 120ml Size which are more ideal for Newborn Babies

The bottles are 120 ml./4 oz. and come with a natural rubber teat/nipple, screw thread and a leakproof dust cover.

Benefits of the Hevea baby glass bottle:

  • 100% borosilicate glass bottle
  • Does not leach toxic chemicals
  • Highly hygienic, due to the smooth and non-porous surface
  • Taste and odour free, no substances can get into the food/liquid

Benefits of the Hevea natural rubber nipple: 

  • 100% Natural Rubber + Get Extra Teats HERE if  you need them.
  • BPA, Phthalates and PVC free
  • Cheery shaped teat – Anti-colic valve
  • Use: Milk and Water
  • One-piece moulded – highly hygienic
  • Soft and durable; resistant to teething/bites
  • Fits regular neck bottles


  • Glass bottle is heat resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Screw thread and cover is dishwasher safe if placed on top rack
  • Natural rubber teats should NOT be cleaned in a dishwasher or steamer – but sterilized in boiled water


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Why Buy Glass Baby Bottles instead of Plastic baby bottles?

Still not convinced that glass baby bottles are convenient ? Did you know that glass baby bottles are now less prone to breaking with shockproof designs made from borosilicate glass. Here are 8 Great Reasons to Choose Glass Baby Bottles

1. Taste.

Glass containers ensure you only taste the milk!  Purity of taste is a concern for mums and dads who love Natural Products only for our bubs. Glass baby bottles do not affect the taste of milk and preserves the natural flavour of infant milk formula or fresh milk expressed through breast pumps.

2. BPA-free.

A small amount of BPA has been shown to damage hormonal systems in males and females, contributing to reproductive diseases and cancer. Some studies show 90 percent of plastic baby bottles leach BPA. There is also BPS and other ingredients in plastic that mean it may be worth avoiding now instead of waiting for more research.  In 2012, the US FDA banned the use of bisphenol-A in the manufacture of baby bottles. There were concerns that the chemical in polycarbonate plastic could lead to certain cancers, changes in the brain and reproductive system, and early puberty. 

3. Durable.

4. Healthy option.

By nature, glass is free of BPA.Glass is also easy to clean, and glass bottles can be easily sterilized in boiling water, no chemical sterilisation required!  If you want a non-toxic baby bottle, you can’t go wrong with glass.

5. Environment-friendly.

Glass bottles are easily recycled compared to plastic baby bottles. It is also more energy efficient to process glass than plastic bottles. Among the eco-benefits is that a glass bottle can be recycled endlessly into other glass bottles without chemical processing compared to plastic. Once in the recycling bin, glass manufacturers can get it back to the consumer as another glass bottle in 30 days.

6. Hygienic.

Glass bottles are also easily cleaned by running them in soapy water or in the dishwasher without leaving the smell of milk clinging into the lining of the bottle ensuring that only freshly cleaned bottles are being used by your baby. Glass baby bottles also do not leach harmful substances and chemicals into the milk especially during heating and sterilizing.

7. Heating.

Place your Glass baby bottles in a standard and wide neck compatible electric or non-electric warmer. Or the old fashioned boiled water in a pot! Markings on glass bottles also do not chip easily compared to those placed in plastic bottles. Most warmers also do not overheat glass baby bottles but just to be sure. Use glass infant bottles that are made of tempered glass such as Hevea will not break easily.

8. Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is full of vitamins and nutrients. What you might not know is that the oxidation of your milk can compromise its nutritive properties. Luckily, you can prevent oxidation by disabling air from mixing with your baby’s milk. Glass infant bottles are proven to be more effective in preventing milk from oxidation. Popular brands such as Hevea Glass Baby Bottles have been proven to prevent leaks and oxidation.

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