I am natures child Organic Baby Singlets

When I got this photo today from Karen, one of our eco-friendly customers who we know via facebook, My heart melted. When I see a baby wearing the Nature’s Child Organic Cotton Baby Singlet, it makes my world sing. I want every baby to be a Natures Child. Not because i want business world domination, but because every baby born as the right to clean air, clean water, clean chemical free clothing and to live in a fair trade world. It really does not seem like a lot to ask?

So to all you wonderful parents that keep natures child ticking along, thank you. You are doing more for our world and more for our children than you can possibly know. Every purchase you make at Nature’s Child has a direct impact on a farmer and producer in the world who can conduct a chemical free safe business for their own families. I love this natures child singlet, because of images like these and because of the amazing fact that there is one organic manufacturing facility in Sydney and we can make these beautiful singlets there for you. Thank you everyone. Thank you beautiful babies.