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Natural Baby Powder

Natural Baby Powder

Are you using baby powder as part of a daily routine? Parents are discovering this is a no-mess, and economical way to keep baby’s skin dry. Nature’s Child natural organic baby powder was designed to help at nappy change time which is where moisture can cause irritation issues for a baby. The purpose of using baby powder is to keep your babies bottom dry at nappy change time and is the perfect prevention in the heat to avoid skin irritations, which is why adults use it for themselves as well.

Nappy Rash and Skin Irritation

Your baby is unique, so not all babies will have the same risk of nappy rash. You may want to read our recent article on how to deal with nappy rash or just know that there are many factors affecting whether your baby will have a nappy rash.

The following factors can affect nappy rash. The season, the climate, diet, nappy fabrics, nappy wipes, how often you change your babies nappy and what stage of development your baby is at. Teething is common for when nappy rash and other skin irritations can flare-up.

Consider using a natural powder if you have trouble with moisture causing skin rashes or irritations. Baby powder is a simple, fuss-free way to prevent moisture and only takes seconds to use. You will go through periods where you don’t need it every day and others where you will use it daily.

When using baby powder on your baby, make sure not to let it build up between folds of skin and wipe away residue at your next nappy change. Remember that baby powder is more for prevention than treating a nappy rash. When an outbreak does occur switch to a nappy balm to soothe the skin. If it doesn’t go away in a few days, get it checked out by a doctor.

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Time-Saving to Help Prevent Nappy Rash

One of the most popular reasons to use baby powder is the application process, it’s just so simple! Just a quick shake of baby powder, which takes a few seconds which is simpler to use as a preventative than a nappy cream. This time-saving aspect is a big appeal. You simply shake out the perfect amount as needed. It is impossible to over-use, and we love to get messages from happy customers who comment how long this one container lasts! As far as we know, our natures child organic baby powder remains the only fully certified organic baby powder in its class, made right here in Australia.


Ingredients: Certified Organic Tapioca starch, Kaolin (Australian white clay), Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil.

The natural blend of tapioca and kaolin mineral powder in our organic baby powder is a winning combination. This blend provides effective moisture control with tapioca acting as a smoother alternative to the more popularly used corn starch. The addition of kaolin (white clay) helps the product glide even smoother against the skin. Lavender soothes and gives off a subtle, relaxing scent. Lavender is widely believed to be one of the safest essential oil for babies.

Easy to Use

Baby Powder was once considered a daily essential by our mothers until the habit seemed to skip a generation as part of a change in trend. Then the 2015 USA talcum powder lawsuit, demonstrated the link between talc and cancer. Parents rightly began to avoid baby powder. We want you to know that we had been aware of the Johnson and Johnson court case for many years before the court ruled that there was a direct link to cancer from talcum powder. Our choice of ingredients was to help parents who love baby powder have a safe, organic option.

Our founder loved using baby powder on her babies. She was amazed at how many people were not using powder due to safety issues, so she set out to create a beautiful organic talc-free baby powder that is also gluten-free and super easy to use.

When we researched potential ingredients for a natural baby powder, we found that the most commonly known and used starch-based powder is cornstarch. Most baby powders marked as natural on the market were using cornstarch, which kept the price under $10, but the price is never the main motivator at Nature’s Child and we were looking for a softer ingredient.

We are conscious of keeping prices, affordable for our customers. Nature’s Child is known as a brand that stands for the very best quality. Certified organic is the cornerstone of our brand.  We kept searching for better ingredients than cornstarch. Our customers trust us to use the best, chemical-free ingredients and always certified organic where available.

Tapioca not cornstarch

Some Baby Powders use a large percentage of mineral powder. Kaolin, also known as white clay, is very mild and silky as well as very effective at preventing friction and moisture. There are no major toxicity concerns, but it is not available in a certified organic form. We found a happy compromise by using kaolin in just 5% of our product, which allowed the application of our baby powder to be perfected without compromising the organic integrity.

The result is a baby product that is just gorgeously soft to use! Made with tapioca, the softest powder available with a gentle hint of lavender. Our formula is enhanced with a natural mineral powder to ensure it’s easy and economical to use.

Adults Love Baby Powder too

Adults also love our baby powder for a more comfortable body experience. Common areas that powder helps prevent sweat is under breasts or between thighs to prevent chaffing. Sportspeople love our baby powder. With so much sweat during a workout, it makes sense. A friend recently confided that shaking powder on his sweaty hands during a workout is vital to avoid slipping.

Where to buy Baby Powder

You can buy baby powder direct from Nature’s Child or at your local health food store and all good online baby stores.

Here are some of our favourite physical stores and  favourite online stores

Nature’s Child sells baby powder in a box of 6 at a discount price if you like bargains.

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Thanks to one of our favourite stores’ Milk and Love for this gorgeous photo. Owner Richard took this lovely snap of his daughter, Maya, loving our products.

Milk and Love Natures Child

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  1. With its delightful (and natural) French-lavender scent, this baby powder is designed to keep your babe’s sensitive skin rash-free. The highly absorbent blend of tapioca starch and kaolin clay will help keep your sweetie’s leg rolls moisture-free.

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