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Zkin Skincare for Pregnancy and Sensitive Skin

Zkin Skincare for Pregnancy and Sensitive Skin

Zkin Skincare for Pregnancy and Sensitive Skin. It’s Vegan and Certified Organic.

Dry or itchy skin can show  up in pregnancy  for the first time in your life which can be a shock. If you have experienced skin inflammation when you were young, it can occur again in pregnancy even when you have not experienced this for years. Your skin, like the rest of your body changes during pregnancy. We have selected 3 items in the ZKin range to offer you here at Nature’s Child. A simple cleansing and moisturising routine with their sensitive skin range that is ideal for pregnancy. Let’s face it, who has time or energy for more than that while you are pregnant!

Zkin Skincare for Sensitive Skin is ideal for pregnancy as it contains no essential oils or known irritants. The COSMOS logo means every aspect of Zkin products has been scrutinised as complying with stringent organic and quality standards. In particular, every farmer supplying ingredients to Zkin must also be certified organic. There is no green-washing so we call this honest beauty.

It is always worth  checking with your practitioner if this is normal pregnancy skin or another issue that needs addressing.

You can follow the full Zkin story at their company website and may find their  ageing and oily skincare is ideal for you as well or you can view the ZKIN Certified Organic Skincare Range that is suitable for pregnancy and new mums here at Nature’s Child.


Sensitive skin can occur at any age or stage of life. The main skin concerns that pregnancy  women sometimes report are stinging, burning, redness or tightness after contact with an irritant. You may notice that your usual brand is not feeling as good or suddenly gives you a reaction you don’t normally have with that brand. You may experience inflammations such as dry, flaky or itchy skin.

Using an honest, certified organic skincare range avoids these concerns as organic crops are able to replenish and treat skin of a sensitive nature free from irritation as they are pesticide–free.

You may like to refer to this comprehensive article about ingredients to avoid in pregnancy here.

The excitement of preparing for baby can sometimes mean your own needs get forgotten! It’s just like the flight attendant says, put your own mask on first! This means looking after your skin, getting clothes that are comfy and allow you to breast feed easily.

Our Top 5 New Mum Must Have are
1 – Breast Pads
2 – Nipple Balm
3 – Zkin Moisturiser
4 – Breastfeeding Tea

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